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Canopus Zelkova - The Definitive Boutique Snare Drum

Canopus Zelkova - The Definitive Boutique Snare Drum


At the Drum Center of Portsmouth, we carry the finest selection of snare drums anywhere. With hundreds of snare drums in stock, it takes a very special drum to stand out amongst the crowd. The Canopus Zelkova is one such drum. Snare drums come in many different shell types. The most common snare drums are made from wood plies or metal. Slightly less common are snare drums constructed from wood staves or a single-ply of steam bent wood. Then, there’s the flagship of Canopus Drums - The Zelkova.

Canopus Zelkova 14x8

This magnificent snare drum is equal parts genius, eccentricity, opulence and madness. Each Zelkova shell is HOLLOWED FROM A STUMP of precious 200 year old Zelkova wood, also called Akagi or "red wood." The wood is then seasoned naturally for 3 YEARS and treated to reduce the moisture content down to 9 percent. Canopus has perfected this process, and the result is nothing short of miraculous.

Another unique characteristic of the Zelkova is its shape. Canopus modeled the shell design after Japanese Taiko drums, which have a bulbous profile. This serves 2 functions: it adds rigidity and resonance due to the way the drumhead sits on the slightly undersized bearing edge. As a result, the tone of this marvelous drum shares as many similarities to a cast metal snare as a wooden one. The Canopus Zelkova projects extreme volume while maintaining extraordinary sensitivity.

Canopus Zelkova Shell


The Canopus Zelkova snare drum is available in 3 sizes: 14x5, 14x6.5 and 14x8. We’re proud to point out that the 14x8 model was a Drum Center of Portsmouth concept. After a night of dinner and sake with the fine folks from Canopus at the NAMM show, we pitched the idea. About 18 months later, the first ever 14x8 Zelkova landed in Portsmouth, NH, and it’s been wildly popular ever since. We can’t recommend this drum enough if you’re looking for the ultimate in function AND flex!

Nobody is a bigger champion of the Canopus brand than Drum Center of Portsmouth. EVERYTHING this small, boutique manufacturer puts out is made with extreme care and thought - from the best maple snare drum in the business (The Maple), to the incredibly useful Bolt Tight leather washers, Canopus continues to push the envelope when it comes to R&D - and more importantly - SOUND. Get your next Canopus from the pros who know them best, The Drum Center of Portsmouth.

4 months ago