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Canopus Snare Drum Showcase

Our #1 Selling Snare Drum Brand

When a customer visits Drum Center of Portsmouth and is searching for the best sounding snare drum, we invite them to try out all the major manufacturers. Eventually, we'll invite them to take a Canopus Snare drum for a spin.  7/10 times, they will walk out of our shop with a Canopus.  So, what exactly is it about Canopus snare drums that make them sound so good?

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

Canopus snare drums are made by a small group of master craftsman in Japan.  Every component on their drums has been R&D'd with the sole purpose of creating the best possible sound.

Canopus Snare Drums feature SOLID brass lugs

Their single point solid brass lugs are designed to sympathetically resonate with the shell, unlike Zinc lugs.  The tuning rods are held firmly in place with their "Bolt Tight" washers.  Canopus Bolt Tight Washers are made from premium leather, and reduce unwanted overtones due to loose rods.  Canopus typically favors 8 lugs as opposed to 10 on their snare drums to promote a more open tone.

Canopus Bolt Tight Washers

Canopus snare wires are also the best wires in the business, as far as we're concerned.  They manufacture a variety of snare wires from dry vintage to fat backbeat.  Each model provides incredible sensitivity and excellent dynamic range.  Add all of these components together and you end up with the premium sound that is unmistakably Canopus.

Canopus Snare Wires - 30 Strand

The Shells

Canopus shells are designed and handcrafted in-house.  The variety of materials and composition are seemingly endless.  Each shell provides a unique sound that offers something for every style of drummer.

Canopus Bubinga Ply Shell

Canopus is perhaps most well-known for their Zelkova snare drum, which is made from a hollowed out tree-trunk.  While this is an extreme example of their creativity, they also make what we consider to be the industry standard maple snare, simply named "The Maple."  Canopus also offers everything between these 2 extremes, including carbon fiber, stave bubinga, birch, steel, brass and much more!

Canopus Custom NAMM Showcase Snare Drums

For our latest video, we are featuring ten 1 of a kind snare drums featured at the 2019 NAMM show.  These magnificent instruments showcase a variety of exotic materials including beech, bubinga, chestnut, Birdseye maple, Olive Ash and more!

Canopus One Of A Kind Beech Snare Drum 14x6 Gloss Walnut Burl

Each one of these unique Canopus snare drums sounds absolutely KILLER, and would make an excellent workhorse (and conversation piece) for some lucky drummer!

DCP Knows Canopus Drums

We carry more Canopus drums than anyone else, and our staff can help you find the perfect Canopus snare or to inspire your creativity. Give a call or send us an email to get started on your Canopus journey today!