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5 Best Remo Bass Drum Heads in 2023 Reviewed

Your drum heads take a beating, it only makes sense that you’d need to swap them out once in a while. New heads keep your drums sounding and resonating as you want them. 

Even if you're a lighter player, drum heads eventually wear out, even the good ones. 

Because Remo is one of the best in the business, we've put together a quick shopping guide for their top bass drum heads: 2022 edition.

5 Best Remo Bass Drum Heads Reviewed

Remo drum heads are used by more DCP employees than any other brand, and there is a reason for that, sound! Drum heads are a personal preference, and Remo tends to give us the sound we are looking for. 

Here are some of our favorites, or go to bass drum heads from Remo!

1. Remo Powerstroke P3 Clear 22 Inch Drum Head w/2.5 Impact Patch

Remo Clear Powerstroke P3 22 Inch Drum Head w/2.5 Impact Patch

The Powerstroke P3 22-inch drum head is beautifully built and easy to get a great sound out of. The thick layer around the head dampens the sound, and the thinner ply offers beautiful sensitivity for even those low-volume performances.

These are more or less a cheat code to a great, punchy and powerful bass drum sound. This clear and crisp sound will sail through any environment, even the airiest live-playing space.



  • Ply: Single, 10-mil clear film
  • 3-mil inlay ring for snares and toms
  • 10-mil inlay ring for bass 
  • Available in sizes 6" - 36"
  • Finish: Clear
  • Size: 22


  • The response and tone control are perfectly balanced
  • The mid to low range of tones is focused and warm
  • The most “universal” drum head on the list, suitable for all styles and playing abilities


  • Single ply construction means you should reinforce the area where the beater hits the head for added durability

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2. Remo Powerstroke P3 Coated 22 Inch Drum Head w/2.5 Impact Patch

Remo Coated Powerstroke P3 22 Inch Drum Head w/2.5 Impact Patch

A coated alternative to the brighter sounding clear version, the Coated Powerstroke P3 has a warmer, more “thuddy” sound. All the power and punch of its clear sibling, but the coating on this drumhead gives you even more control.



  • Ply: Single, 10-mil coated film
  • 3-mil inlay ring for toms/snares
  • 10-mil inlay ring for bass drum
  • Finish: Coated
  • Size: 22


  • Good overtone control, thanks to muffle ring
  • Included patch allows for more attack and durability
  • Punchy response great for funk, rock, R&B, country, and more


  • Coating gives it less attack than the clear finish

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3. Remo Clear Powerstroke P4 22 Inch Bass Drum Head: With Impact Patch

Remo Clear Powerstroke P4 22 Inch Bass Drum Head : With Impact Patch

The Powerstroke P4 drum head delivers low tones and a strong attack. You can keep those overtones controlled, thanks to the inlay ring.

You can have it all with this drum head, which works just as well for funk, jazz, and hip-hop as it does for rock and metal. 

The punchy tones don't come at a price, and the impact patch will help you achieve a resonant low-end warmth. The Powerstroke 4 is a 2-ply version of Remo's Powerstroke 3 1-ply heads, which means more attack and control for your playing.



  • Ply: Double, 7-mil clear film
  • 3-mil inlay ring
  • Available in sizes 8" - 28"
  • Finish: Clear
  • Size: 22


  • The focused low-end tones bring controlled sustain to your playing
  • Increased durability over the single-ply Powerstroke 3
  • Reduced overtones thanks to inlay ring
  • Ideal for hard-hitting applications or where minimal sustain is desired


  • 2-ply construction is not as sensitive to a light touch or quieter playing

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4. Remo Powerstroke P3 Clear 22 Inch Bass Drum Head: Black Dot w/ No Stripe

Remo Clear Powerstroke P3 22 Inch Bass Drum Head : Black Dot w/ No Stripe

Many drummers find that they can't go back once they go black dot. The durability, control, and focus that dot gives your attack is something else. The dot will help focus your drums and make them more durable at once.

Remo added the black dot to the Powerstroke, inspired by the legendary style of the drummer Steve Smith of Journey. They leveled up what was already a great series of drum heads. It provides more strengthening, but it is a heavily damped head.

These drum heads give you a great attack. Hard hitters will appreciate the loud crack and shorter sustain. There's no substitute for the towering sound you can produce if you fit your drums with these Powerstroke P3 heads.



  • Ply: Single, 10-mil clear film
  • 10-mil inlay ring 
  • Black dot
  • Available in sizes 18" - 26"
  • Finish: Clear
  • Size: 22


  • Softens harsh overtones, creating a subtle and balanced response.
  • Black dot makes this drum head supremely durable with excellent overtone control
  • Great articulation from the softest to the gnarliest of playing styles


  • The black dot isn’t for everyone, especially drummers who want less attack or more a more open sound

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5. Remo Clear Powersonic 22 Inch Bass Drum Head

Remo Clear Powersonic 22 Inch Bass Drum Head

These are the best heads on this list for dampening. You retain the sustain and reduce overtones with the subsonic dampening rings pre-built onto the Remo Powersonic 22". Create a solid thud without any extraneous overtones.

The punch and depth are perfect for rock and metal drummers, and if you're looking for something even more controlled, that added versatility the external snap on dampening system gives you is killer.



  • Ply: 2-plies 7-mil and 5-mil Clear film
  • Available in sizes 18" - 24"
  • Specifically placed subsonic dampening rings
  • External snap on dampening system
  • Finish: Clear
  • Size: 22


  • External snap on the dampening system gives you added versatility
  • Tight and deep sound 
  • Complex tone and depth considerably reduced overtones


  • The amount of dampening that this head offers is extreme and may not be for everyone

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How to Decide Which Remo Bass Drum Head Is Right For You

With many variations of similar heads from the same manufacturer, think about these qualities when shopping.

The Sound

First, you have to decide what kind of sound you are looking for. Do you want a controlled punch? Something open and musical? A balance of both? Know the sound you want before you buy will make it a lot easier to make the right decision.

How Many Plies

The ply refers to the number of layers of film used in manufacturing. You've got single or double-ply, and they have different strengths. 

1-ply heads have more character and are a more open sound, better for quieter music like jazz and acoustic rock. 2-ply heads cut through sound with a sharp, loud attack,  and increased durability making them better for metal and more hard-hitting styles.

Clear or Coated

Coated drum heads have a thin coating applied over the ply, which dampens the sound and warms it up. Clear drum heads are brighter and more open.

Searching for the Best Remo Bass Drum Heads? Shop DCP!

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