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7 Best Hi-Hat Stands in 2023 Reviewed

Hi-hat stands are one of the most overlooked parts of the drum set. They provide reliable, comfortable, and solid performance, allowing you to play confidently on stage or in the studio. 

Before you begin banging away on your drum set, you want to ensure you’ve got some durable hi-hat stands to support your playing style. 

With so many hi-hats stands on the market, it’s easy for beginners to get confused. Even the pros might get mixed up with all the choices. Fortunately, we’ve tested hundreds of stands and are providing the seven best hi-stands in 2022. Whether you’re a beginner learning the ropes or an advanced touring drummer, we’ve got the perfect stand for you. 

7 Best Hi-Hat Stands Reviewed

The best hi-hat stands have the optimal number of legs, bracing, and adjustment options. Discover the best hi-hat stands in 2022 and learn about the features that make them stand out. 

1. Best for Live Performers — Tama Speed Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat Stand

Tama Speed Cobra Lever Glide Hi Hat Stand

The Tama Speed Cobra lever glide hi-hat stand features six-way tension adjustments and dual-leg construction so you can easily configure the stand to any desired position. Its tension adjustments offer setup flexibility in tight spaces, which is excellent for small rooms or stages. 

Thanks to its quick-set clutch, you simply have to pull a lever, and you can easily attach and remove the cymbals, allowing for a fast setup. The clutch helps gig performers get in and out of stages quickly. 

For even more exceptional performance, a Hinge Guard Block on the footboard firmly holds the bearing, providing the ultimate stability and smoothness when playing. It helps to shift the balance of the stance toward the drummer, giving you a more comfortable playing experience. 



  • Brand: Tama 
  • Series: Speed Cobra 
  • Feature 1: Quick-Set Hi-Hat clutch 
  • Feature 2: Spring Seat 
  • Feature 3: 6-way Tension Adjustment 


  • Highly adjustable by height and tension 
  • Sprint seat for comfortable playing 
  • Quick-set hi-hat clutch helps you set up your cymbals quickly 


  • A higher price means it may not work well for a beginner kit

Who’s This For?

  • Drummers who frequently play live performances will appreciate the quick-set clutch.

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2. Best for Drummers Looking for a Lightweight Solution — Yamaha Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Hi-Hat Stand

Yamaha HHS-3 Advanced Lightweight Hardware Hihat Stand

Touring hardware cross-country or even across town can be a massive hassle for a gigging drummer. It can be awkward to lug around heavy stands before and after your gig. It’s often difficult to find hi-hat stands made for professionals with high-quality durability while still offering lightweight construction. 

Fortunately, the Yamaha Crosstown advanced lightweight hi-hat stand is the perfect choice for traveling drummers. It has a unique tripod construction for ultra stability and weighs just a few pounds! With its aluminum construction and durable channel-tracked legs, this stand folds up for easy transportation. 

Don’t let the lightweight fool you. This stand is remarkably stable due to its aluminum pedal frame, meaning it’s strong enough to hold even the heaviest of cymbals. 



  • Brand: Yamaha 
  • Series: Advanced Lightweight 
  • Feature 1: Lightweight Aluminum Stand with Tripod Adjustability 
  • Feature 2: Matte Finish Fittings 


  • Quite affordable without sacrificing quality 
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Tripod legs with aluminum pedal frame for rock-solid stability ;


  • Three legs take up more space in your drum setup. 
  • The legs do not swivel, so those with a double bass drum pedal may find that cumbersome.

Who’s This For?

  • Performing musicians who need a lightweight, sturdy, and portable hi-hat stand will rejoice with the Yamaha Crosstown.

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3. Best for Studio Use — DW DWCP9500TB 9000 Series Hi-Hat Stand

DW DWCP9500TB 9000 Series Hi Hat Stand

The DW 9000 Series hi-hat stand is the ultimate choice for professionals on the market. It offers a uniquely responsive feel and fast adjustment unmatched by most hi-hat stands. 

It’s incredibly heavy and sturdy, meaning it will last many years of service. While it carries a premium price tag, it’s built like a tank, boasts an incredible design, and feels effortless to play. 

The DW 9000 Series features its signature Double Eccentric Cam, which makes it highly responsive and fast to play. It boasts a heightened sensitivity on the footboard in relation to its cymbal movement, providing a distinctive playing experience. 

There’s also an Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension, allowing for precise adjustment so you can adjust the stand exactly how you see fit. 

Its uni-body folding footboard, lateral cymbal seat, and heavy-gauge tubing make it a popular choice for drummers in the recording studio for all genres of music. 



  • Brand: DW
  • Series: DW 9000
  • Feature 1: Double Eccentric Cam 
  • Feature 2: Infinitely Adjustable Locking Spring Tension


  • Double Eccentric Cam for fast and responsive play 
  • Infinitely Adjustable Locking System helps you customize the height of the stand 
  • Heavy-duty build for long-lasting durability 


  • More expensive than most hi-hat stands 

Who’s This For?

  • Great for studio drummers who want a reliable and sturdy hi-hat stand

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4. Best for Metal Drummers — Yamaha 1200 Series Direct Drive Two-Leg Hi-Hat Stand

Yamaha 1200 Series Direct Drive Two-Leg Hi Hat Stand

Yamaha is among the biggest drum manufacturers in the world, along with Tama, DW, and Pearl. With the Yamaha 1200 Series two-legged hi-hat stand, they’ve stepped it up a notch, creating solid hardware made to last for decades. 

The two-leg hi-hat stand from the 1200 series comes with a double-braced direct drive with a locking clutch. Its double-braced construction allows for greater stability and lock-in to prevent the positioning from moving. The direct drive pedal means that the pedal connects directly to the cam and footboard. 

These features make it much more responsive and great for fast playing. A direct drive is perfect for metal drums that need to play at high tempos. However, you do sacrifice some power compared to chain drive pedals. 



  • Brand: Yamaha 
  • Series: Yamaha 1200
  • Feature 1: Direct Pull Drive 
  • Feature 2: Locking Clutch 


  • Plenty of adjustments for customized setup
  • The two-legged hi-hat stand makes it easy to fit multiple pedals 
  • Great for fast-tempo music 


  • Two-legged construction may sacrifice stability if used with extremely heavy cymbals. 

Who’s This For?

  • Metal and rock drummers who require high-tempo playing will find this the ideal setup.

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5. Best for Beginners (or Pros!) — Yamaha 700 Series Single-Braced Hi-Hat Stand

Yamaha 700 Series Single-Braced Hi Hat Stand

The Yamaha 700 Series single-braced hi-hat stand is a medium stand that features rotating legs and an 11-step adjustable tension. With its tension-adjustable chain-drive pedal, you can dial in the optimal tension for your playing style. Plus, with its rotating legs, you’ll easily find a comfortable position to play. 

Unlike the direct drive pedal, which is connected directly to the football, the chain drive has a single chain that connects to the footboard. The chain drive can deliver greater power and is more durable under high usage. However, the added chain means there is some lag time, meaning it’s not best suited for fast-playing genres. 



  • Brand: Yamaha 
  • Series: Yamaha 700
  • Feature 1: Tension-Adjustable Chain-Drive Pedal 
  • Feature 2: Rotating Legs 


  • Plenty of tension adjustments to help you dial in the right feel for your pedal 
  • The chain drive delivers excellent power. 
  • Rotating legs allow for enhanced flexibility in your setup 


  • It’s not the “sexiest” hi hat stand: it does the job, and it does very well. 

Who’s This For?

  • Great for any drummer looking for a simple setup and an affordable hi-hat stand

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6. Best for Drummers on a Budget — DW 3000 Series CP3500A 3-Leg Stand

DW 3000 Series CP3500A 3-leg Hi-Hat Stand

The DW 3000 Series three-legged hi-hat stand offers terrific value for your money, with plenty of high-end features at a low price point. Its three-legged construction delivers enhanced stability to hold even the heaviest of cymbals. 

The DW 3000 features a fixed steel baseplate, allowing for maximum sturdiness. Additionally, its footboard boasts durable construction for improved stability. 

With built-in tube joints and integrated memory locks, you won’t have to fiddle with adjustments every time you play. It has a 379 locking clutch that holds your position and makes for an easy setup. 

The seat is highly adjustable, so you can get into the perfect playing position before swinging away. 



  • Brand: DW
  • Series: DW 3000
  • Feature 1: 3-Legged Hi-Hat Stand
  • Feature 2: Integrated Memory Locks 


  • A three-legged hi-hat stand can help support the weight and maintain stability for heavy cymbals. 
  • Integrated memory locks keep your positioning in place 
  • Plenty of adjustments available for comfortable playing 


  • A three-legged stand means there is less space to use multiple pedals. 

Who’s This For?

  • Any budget-conscious drummer who wants to get the most value for their money

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7. Best for All-Around Performance — DW 5000 Series Delta II 2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand

DW 5000 Series Delta II 2-Leg Hi Hat Stand

The DW 500 Series Delta II two-legged hi-stand provides the optimal balance between durability, weight, performance, and portability. It's made with top-quality design and construction, ensuring that the stand lasts for decades. 

It features a uni-body folding footboard, which saves a lot of space when tearing down. Additionally, it has a unique bearing link connector that delivers a precise playing response from its pedal mechanism. 

The footboard and baseplate are crucial components of the stand that ensure that the stand doesn’t wobble, even with heavy cymbals. Its mechanisms allow for extreme responsiveness to even the slightest nuances when playing. 

Its two-legged design is conducive to playing with double bass pedals. The legs fold outward, giving you more space for an additional pedal. 

These two-legged hi-hat stands let you adjust the angle of the cymbals, which is essential for playing comfortably. Professional drummers can effectively use advanced hi-hat techniques for efficient playing. 



  • Brand: DW
  • Series: DW 5000
  • Feature 1: Double-Braced 2-Leg Hi-Hat Stand
  • Feature 2: Lateral Cymbal Seat Adjustment 


  • Seat adjustment to suit your needs 
  • Two-legged stand for space-saving design 
  • Uni-body folding footboard for easy transportation 


  • All these outstanding features mean a hefty price tag

Who’s This For?

  • Perfect for all-around performance that delivers an excellent balance of durability, performance, and weight

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What to Look For in a Good Hi-Hat Stand

While hi-hat stands aren’t the most lavish and exciting part of your drum kit, that doesn’t diminish their importance. Investing in a quality hi-hat stand provides rock-solid stability and phenomenal responsiveness. Quality construction is essential to withstand frequent use while touring, playing on stage, and in the studio. Here are the most critical factors when shopping for a good hi-hat stand. 

Number of Legs 

All hi-hat stands come with two or three-legged models. The number of legs varies depending on the type of drum kit setup you own. 

Two-legged stands are ideal when you have other pedals next to the hi-hat pedal, like a double bass drum pedal connecting to the bass drum, or an additional pedal connecting to a  percussion instrument. They’re ideal for drummers that use a double bass drum pedal. 

Two legs provide a lot of space for the pedal, improving your drumset ergonomics. Two-legged stands also offer better transportability since they’re lighter. However, they’re not as sturdy as three-legged stands. With fewer legs, the two-legged model also is more freely adjustable. 

Most drummers with a single bass drum pedal use the three-legged hi-stand stand since it provides additional stability while playing. However, the three-legged options aren’t best suited for double bass pedal setups because they offer little space. 


The weight of a stand is one of the most critical elements to consider. When deciding whether you’d like a lighter or heavier stand, you want to consider the weight of your cymbals, how often you transport your drum kit, and the musical genre you play. 

For example, if you play heavy rock or metal, you’ll want to choose a heavier and more robust model. If you play jazz music, lightweight stands are more than enough. 

Drum kits that sit inside a practice room or studio on most days mean you won’t have to worry about transportation. For recording sessions, investing in a heavy-study stand that is more durable would be the best option. 

Always balance the trade-off between a heavy-duty and lightweight stand. Heavy-duty stands are more durable and stable; however, they are more expensive and bulky. Lightweight stands are easy to transport but can break down faster. 

Single and Double-Braced Legs 

The purpose of hi-hat stands is to hold your hi-hat and offer stability, allowing for comfortable playing. You’ll want to consider single or double-braced legs depending on your needs. 

If you want a light stand for travel purposes or a more affordable option, the single-braced legs are the better option. However, double-braced legs offer greater stability and sturdiness, so you feel more comfortable playing on the hi-hats. 


Every hi-hat stand comes with a clutch, which affixes the top hi-hat cymbal firmly on the rod of the stand. The clutch is one of the most overlooked small components of a drum set. 

It’s common to find quick-release functionality on the clutch to save time when setting up or breaking down the drum set. Quick-release clutches are ideal for live performance gigs where fast setups are needed. 

Drop clutches are another option. They allow you to press a lever, setting the hi-hat into a closed position. Pressing the lever again converts the top hat back to its original position. They enable you to have a closed hi-hat when playing double-pedal patterns or switch your leg to a slave pedal. Drop clutches are great for double bass drum pedals. 

Adjustment Options 

The height of your hi-stand stand is vital to your playing experience. Adjustable height is paramount for sound quality and comfort. Most hi-hat stands feature durable tubing with memory locks, so you won’t have to re-adjust your hi-hat stand every time. 

Look for a hi-hat stand with a wide adjustable range since it determines how low or high you can adjust it. A good stand must accommodate drummers with different heights and playing styles. 

In addition, you want to look at the tilting range, which determines how far the top hat can tilt in either direction. The tilt is crucial when finding a comfortable playing position. 

Base Plate 

The base plate is a piece of metal positioned under the hi-hat pedal to add sturdiness and stability. It ensures the pedal doesn’t feel like it’s moving around when playing. 

A base plate is great because it adds to the stability and feel of playing the hi-hat cymbals. The downside is that it’ll add a lot of weight to your stand, which can affect its portability. 

Also, the base plate may feel awkward if the stand rests on an uneven surface, whereas stands without them adapt much more easily. 

Need a New High-Hat? Shop DCP!

The best hi-hat stand offers the ideal setup with the clutch, weight, number of legs, and more. For most players, the two-legged hi-hat stands are the better option since they fold out of the way to support the hi-hat frame from behind. However, three-legged options offer more stability and durability. 

If you’re ready to find your new hi-hat stand, Drum Center of Portsmouth has you covered. We offer an extensive inventory of hi-hat stands from many of the best manufacturers worldwide. Our staff offers expert advice for choosing a stand based on your playing style, experience, and genre. Shop DCP today for the best drums, stands, and accessories!

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