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The Best Electronic Drum Set Under $500 Reviewed for 2020 - Ultimate Guide

Cutting corners when buying musical equipment can come back to haunt you once you begin recording and taking things more seriously. Do you want to produce the highest quality percussion music for under $500? Read on for our full review of our favorite electronic drum set of the year - the Yamaha DTX402K.

What to Consider When Buying Electronic Drum Sets


  • Great for beginners
  • Easily connectable to multiple audio outputs
  • A large array of sounds
  • Free training videos and apps
  • Improved pads for realistic play
  • Easy setup


  • Basic drum set
  • Additional app download

With so many affordable drum kits available, the most important part of researching which kit to buy on a budget is to ensure you are getting the highest quality for your money. You want to look for quality of the set, as well as how many capabilities it will provide you with when recording your own music.

When considering the best electronic drum set under $500 the only option should be the Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit. Buying this kit will leave you with any possible combination of drums and prerecorded sounds to elevate your musical experience. With the ability to improve using recordings and training modules, this drum set is great for learning the basics of drumming and percussion. In addition to its use for beginners, this drum set has such a variety of percussion sounds to choose from that it can be great for an advanced musician attempting to have more creative freedom with how they create and record.

Product specs:

  • Built-in training modules
  • iOS and Android apps
  • 415 drum and percussion sounds
  • 10 included songs
  • 10 drum kits
  • 10 unique training functions
  • USB ports for audio

Product Description and Review

The DTX402K electronic drum set is the perfect kit for any beginner. Whether you want to add new ways to improve your drumming, or if you are a complete beginner and want to get off on the right foot, this product has what you need. With over 400 unique percussion sounds, there's no end to what you can learn and create.

The training functionality on this drum kit is unmatched. With 10 built-in training functions, there are a multitude of ways you can learn to drum. The recording function alone gives you full capability to listen back to what you have just played and improve on yourself. This, in addition to functions like Pad Gate, Rhythm Gate, and Fast Blast, shows this kit is built to give people the opportunity to learn their way.

In addition to the training functions that come with the drums, the DTX402 has free to download apps that can accompany the training. With apps for both Android and Apple devices, the accessibility of the app is what's important. Once downloaded, there are a number of ways this app can help improve your drumming skills. Having a large selection of genres of music, you can start to develop rhythm and pacing for your future jam sessions.

One of the key features that makes this set great for anyone starting to learn is that its electronic pads dampen the sound of any practice. This makes it practical for any living situation. Have no fear when practicing early in the morning or late into the night: this kit will keep you allow you to drum to your hearts desire without disrupting the people around you.

Another feature that sets this kit apart is its ability to be connected to any number of audio devices. With a host port that can transmits audio and MIDI information to multiple devices. This is perfect if you want to edit your music on the computer or just download all your recordings to your tablet, laptop, or phone.

The final reason this electronic drum set in particular is a unique product is its sizable collection of different percussion sounds available to the user. With 415 different sounds to choose from and 10 different drum kits, this product is one of the easiest drum sets to customization. Giving the preference to the user and allowing them to easily access all the capabilities.

Who's it for?

  • Beginners
  • Urban musicians
  • Unique artists


Is This The Best Deal?

The Yamaha DTX402K is the best electronic drum set under $500. Considering it has a compact build while still maintaining a high quality of material, this drum set is a great deal. Although you can not put a cost on improving your musical ability, for under $500, this product will be a great purchase for anyone looking to upgrade.

You can purchase your Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Set at Drum Center for only $499.99.


Why We Love It

One of the reasons we love this set is because it is the perfect fit for any and all beginners. While there are many kinds of starter kits for learning to drum, this one consistently proves itself to be the best on the market. This electronic set provides so many options depending on how you wait to train. In any situation or at any skill level, the DTX402 will give a comfortable and easy to use experience.



How much does the set weigh?

The product only weighs 25 pounds.


Does this set include kick towers?

No, this set only includes the pedal.


What are the best headphones to use with this kit?

This kit works best with any headphone with a USB connection. In addition to this, you can purchase an adapter to make the set compatible with any headphones you already have.


How hard can I hit the pads?

The DTX402 is designed to be sturdy and durable. These newly designed rubber and silicone drum pads will take a beating and remain in place.


Bottom Line

This drum set will change how you practice and play. Staying quite enough to perfect your drumming at any hour of the day as well as providing you with an endless supply of musical combinations, this deal can not be beat. If you want the highest quality electric drum set for under $500, the Yamaha DTX402 is your one.