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4 Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $2000 in 2022 Reviewed

Electronic drum sets have changed the game for drummers. They offer the feel and response of an acoustic drum kit with the versatility and sounds of electronics. 

They’re suitable for a beginner starting their musical journey, an intermediate player hoping to expand their percussive horizons, or a pro drummer needing a portable recording setup. Electronic drums have plenty to offer drummers of any skill level or playing style.

Whether you’re new to electronic drum sets or want to upgrade your existing kit, we’ve got you covered. 

Our drum experts have compiled the four best electronic drum sets for under $2000, saving you hours from watching endless review videos or scouring the interwebs. 

4 Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $2000 Reviewed

There are many electronic drum sets on the market. Fortunately, we’ve distilled it down to only the best models. 

Without further adieu, let’s dive into our picks for the best electronic drum kits. You’ll learn about their features and what drummers like and dislike about them. 

1. Yamaha DTX6K3-X Electronic Drum Set

Yamaha DTX6K3-X Electronic Drum Set

The Yamaha DTX6K3-X electronic drum is the perfect mid-level kit featuring killer drum sounds and enhanced pad sensitivity for a realistic playing experience. It has a sturdy kick drum pad and a full-sized hi-hat stand, which are excellent additions. 

The DTX6 Series comprises three different configurations that serve players at every level with a professional-quality instrument for recording, rehearsal, performance, or quiet practice. You can have a blast developing your own sounds by cranking the effects knobs on the module. 

It also comes loaded with natural drum sounds, including acoustic samples recorded by world-class drummers. These samples contain 40 presets ranging from highly processed electronics to perfectly mixed acoustic sets. 

The DTX module allows for lots of processing. The kit modifier allows you to manipulate and apply sounds in real time. 

Yamaha’s DTX6K3-X ticks all the boxes for anyone looking for a setup with plenty of editing options and excellent sounds. 



  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Inclusions: Drum Set (3 Toms, 4 Cymbals), Module, RS6 Rack, Pad Set, Kick Tower Pad
  • Presets: Yes
  • Port: USB and MIDI
  • Features: Kit Modifier, 40 Preset Kits, 200 User Kits, and 400 Voices


  • Increased pad sensitivity for realistic play 
  • Kit modifier with knobs to explore different sounds 
  • 40 built-in presets to play along full tracks 
  • Three-zone cymbals for realistic sounds 


  • No independent snare stand
  • Toms are rubber pads, so somewhat louder

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2. Roland TD-17KVX V-Compact Drum Set

Roland TD-17KVX V-Compact Drum Set

If you’re in the market for an electronic drum set that accommodates your skills as an intermediate player, the Roland TD-17KVX V-Compact kit is an outstanding choice. It has impressive pro-level features without the pro price. 

The V-compact drum set features dual-zone drum pads on both the toms and snare pads. Dual-zone pads allow you to perform rim shots, rim clicks, and customization of multiple sounds on the pad. 

Furthermore, the V-cymbal ride features three trigger points, letting you play on the bow, edge, and bell of each cymbal. 

The TD-17 packs a ton of features into its drum module. Included are 100 instruments with an array of built-in effects and 50 preset drum kits. Easily switch through presets with its rotary knob located on the drum module. 

The Roland TD-17KVX is hands down one of the best electronic drum kits at this affordable price point. It gives you an authentic-sounding drum set with a realistic feel. 



  • Brand: Roland
  • Inclusions: TD-17, One PDX-12, One VH-10, Three PDX-8, One CY-13R, One MDS-4KVS, One KD-10, Two CY-12C, Two Pad Mounts, One Hi-Hat Arm, Cable Set, One Module Mount, and Two Cymbal Mounts 
  • Presets: 50 presets and 100 instruments 
  • Port: USB
  • Features: Prismatic Sound Modeling Technology, Coach Mode


  • Roland is a trusted brand name 
  • Stream songs with Bluetooth 
  • Authentic sounds and a realistic playing experience let you forget it’s electronic
  • Three trigger zone snare for dynamic sounds 


  • Pedal and hi-hat stand not included 
  • Tom pads are a little small

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3. Yamaha DTX6K2-X Electronic Drum Set

Yamaha DTX6K2-X Electronic Drum Set

Yamaha’s latest electronic drum kit is the DTX6K2-X, powered by their top-of-the-line Pro module, three-zone snare pads, and ride cymbal. The DTX6K2-X is loaded with an array of performance and practice features to level up your studio or stage skills. 

Inside, there are 40 preset kits in a state-of-the-art studio environment. Its Kit Modifiers let you quickly spruce up any e-kit with compression, room reverb, and stylistic genre effects with a simple dial. 

One of the highlights of the kit is its eight-inch XP80 snare pad. It has a unique TCS textured silicone surface, which intuitively responds to cross-sticks, rimshots, and backbeats while feeling great on the joints. 

Other prominent inclusions are a thick steel rack stand for outstanding durability and a three-zone chokeable ride cymbal. 



  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Inclusions: Electronic drum set, DTX-Pro Module, RS6 Rack, Pad Set with XP80, KP90 Kick Tower Pad
  • Presets: 40 Presets 
  • Port: USB and MIDI
  • Features: Kit Modifier, 40 Preset Kits, 200 User Kits, and 400 Voices 


  • 40 presets for learning and playing along to improve technique
  • Three knob effects to create your own sound 
  • XP80 snare pad responds intuitively 


  • It can be a steep price for beginners.

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4. Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design TD-07KVX Drum Set

Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design TD-07KVX Drum Set

The Roland TD-07KVX drum set is the most affordable electronic drum set among our selections and their newly expanded collection. However, don’t let the price fool you. The TD-07 module still offers super practical Bluetooth functionality and in-depth editing features. 

With their double-ply mesh heads, it’s evident that Roland primarily focused on playability and feel. The mesh heads mimic real drum heads while also providing the ability to adjust their tension with a drum key. That means you can customize the stick response and feel to your liking. 

The TD-07KVK is a powerful, compact electronic drum kit for beginners and intermediate drummers. With its bass drum pad and smaller CY-5 cymbal pads, this drumset is the perfect kit to fit your small studio space or bedroom. 

Additionally, Roland has equipped the module with powerful learning tools like Coach mode and onboarding. The Coach mode evaluates your accuracy and timing with specific exercises ranging from easy to hard to suit your skill set. Of course, there’s a handy built-in metronome to keep your rhythm in check. 



  • Brand: Roland
  • Inclusions: Electronic Drum Kit, VH-10 Hi Hat, V-Cymbals
  • Presets: N/A
  • Port: N/A
  • Features: Three-Zone Ride Cymbal Design


  • Mesh toms and snare feels natural and smooth 
  • A compact setup is perfect for small spaces 
  • Affordable price range for beginner and intermediate players


  • Smaller pads than the TD-17KVX

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What to Look for in a Good Electronic Drum Set

Electronic drum sets help you learn how to play drums faster and explore new sounds. Thanks to the versatile design, you can easily add sound effects, reverb, and delays to any performance. 

High-Quality Module 

Electronic drums feature a sound module that produces synthesized sounds triggered by pads with sensors. The sound from the module transmits through headphones or an amplifier speaker. Most modules have built-in sounds letting you explore different drumming styles and sounds with a touch of a button. 

The sound module acts as the brain of the electronic drum set. Quality modules provide fast-trigger responses that mimic the feedback given from traditional drum sets. That means the module responds to the slightest nuances in the drummer’s technique and imitates their playing. 

When shopping for a new electronic drum set, look for a module with a high user rating. The module should accurately respond to where the drummer is playing on the snares or cymbals. State-of-the-art models can reproduce a drummer’s playing dynamics. 

Many modules allow you to create a custom kit by choosing a variety of kick drums, cymbals, toms, and snares in the unit. They often feature a variety of instrument options and special effects so that you can simulate the exact playing style and musical genre. 

Some are equipped with volume levels for each trigger, allowing you to build a live mix or custom studio.

Versatility and Sound Options 

Editing your performance should be a breeze. An electronic drum set should feature a sound library that lets you adjust the timing and sound to match any track. You can record your performance with MIDI data, so editing your music takes only a few minutes. 

Premium modules feature percussion instruments, blocks, bells, wood, and non-percussion instruments. Whether jazz or rock, you can create and edit your sounds to adapt the drum set to your playing style. 

Drum Pad 

The tone and feel of your drum set are essential criteria when finding the perfect electronic kit. Strike each drum pad from every angle to get a feel for its firmness. The hardware should keep up with your expressive and nuanced play so that the tone feels authentic. 

Mesh heads feature a tightly woven surface and feel more like a traditional acoustic drum head. Their heightened responsiveness and sensitivity make them a preferable option. Furthermore, the mesh head lets you adjust its tension to match your preference. 

If you want to avoid aggravating your neighbors, the best solution is the find pads with noise-reducing qualities that let you achieve quiet practice. Mesh pads are also quieter than ones made from layered rubber. 

Rubbered pads can be the better choice for triggering loops or sustaining tones. However, they are much less responsive, which is less practical for advanced drummers that play with subtleties and precision. You’ll typically find rubber pads on cheaper drum sets. 

Cymbal Pads

Many electronic drums feature cymbals shaped like traditional cymbals. They may offer the capability to choke the cymbal or feature a type of swinging motion. 

If you’re searching for electronic drum sets with a more realistic sound, look for two or three-zone cymbals. This style gives you multiple playing surfaces suitable for different playing techniques. 

Even better if the hit-hats have a multi-zone design. It offers a more realistic sound and allows for improved range. 

Coach Functions and Metronome

Electronic drums are ideal for beginners looking to learn how to play the drums or improve their chops. Most kits have a coach function and metronome to help you learn basic drumming skills. It saves extra bucks you would’ve paid for coaching and lets you comfortably learn at your own pace.  

Look for electronic drum sets that feature built-in preset drum patterns, guiding you on how to play. Beginners can play along this pattern to help build coordination and muscle memory. These presets and play-along tracks can be valuable learning tools and serve as inspiration for developing your unique drum parts. 

Certain drum modules offer metronome functions and specific learning tools. These help new drummers maintain a groove and develop their timing. 

Additionally, drum modules should feature a wide range of drum patterns that are two-bar patterns or short drum parts relating to specific music genres. These patterns are critical learning tools that help drummers perfect their playing style, timing, and groove. 

USB and Aux Inputs 

A USB connection or an auxiliary input built into the sound module lets you connect external music players, computers, and iOS and android devices. As a result, you can play alongside your favorite artists and songs and edit sound using external apps and software.

An electronic module with outputs lets you send your recorded session to a mixer and a recorder, which can be vital in a studio setting. 

Make sure that the module has outputs compatible with your amp system. 

Buying an Electronic Drum Set? Shop DCP!

Few musicians would argue that electronic drum sets will replace traditional acoustic drums. However, their portability, customization, recording functionality, learning capabilities, and many other benefits ensure they’re here to stay. 

We hope we’ve helped you find the right electronic drum set or given you the information you need to understand this instrument's ins and outs. If you’re looking for state-of-the-art electronic drum sets, Drum Center of Portsmouth has everything you need. Our drum experts can help answer your questions and recommend the best electronic kit for your playing style.

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