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5 Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $1000 in 2023 Reviewed

Electronic drum sets have quickly expanded into the drumming market, not least of all because they let drummers improve their skills and adjust their performance to suit their environments. They may never replace acoustic kits, but they are gaining new fans every day. 

There are so many electronic drum sets on the market it's tough to know where to start. Not only that, but you want to keep your costs to a minimum. 

That's why we've researched for you! No need to scour the internet looking for the information you need. You can find it all in one place, conveniently right here. An electronic drum set is a perfect answer to noisy acoustic alternatives. Housemates don't love you practicing at 2 am? We don't blame them. 

An electronic drum set will allow you to play at your pleasure without disrupting the rest of your household. 

5 Best Electronic Drum Sets Under $1000 Reviewed

1. Best for Budding Songwriters — Yamaha DTX6K-X Electronic Drum Set

If you're looking for an electronic kit that works to sound just like the real thing, you're in the right place. The Yamaha DTX6k-X is a set that can take a hit and produce the whole gamut of drum sounds from acoustic to electronic tones. Welcome ambiance, compression, and effect, your three key components. 

With a simple turn of a knob, you can switch between built-in settings ranging from authentic drum kit to uniquely engineered tones, just like in the studio. The Kit Modifier by Yamaha makes it easier for budding songwriters to create unique sounds. You can craft realistic music because Yamaha records their sound with actual kit pieces in the studio or create something funky and utterly new. 

This electronic kit keeps it modern with advanced USB streaming software and MIDI info. Current software like this means connecting multiple devices without needing a ton of extra input kit. Stream and record easily using a hybrid setup, or adjust your current one by expanding the equipment with additional pads. 



  • Three-zone pads for the snare and ride
  • Kit Modifier - Ambience, Compression, Effect
  • 400 voices, 200 user kits, and 40 preset kits


  • Able to create authentic sound by reproducing natural sound recorded in the studio
  • Achieve a versatile and true-to-life performance with the head-on snare and open and closed-rim options
  • A sensitive ride cymbal allows for dynamic playing ability and interacts like an acoustic kit as you choke and mute the cymbal. 


  • Small and compact
  • No kick pedal included

Who’s This For?

  • Budding songwriters looking to create a distinct drumming style
  • Creatives wanting a range of sounds


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2. Best for Home Players — Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design TD-07KVX Drum Set

Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design TD-07KVX Drum Set

Play with ease across Roland's to TD-07 range. Their floating VH-10 hi-hat boasts an acoustic feel with pads that go on your regular hi hat stand. 

They may take up more room, but larger cymbals help you learn. Roland's kit shows you that sensitivity and accuracy are equally crucial. 

Their three-zone ride allows you to play with maximum expression. Whether you hit the bow, bell, or edge matters and will produce unique tones akin to an acoustic set. 



  • Three-zone ride
  • Enlarged cymbals
  • Floating VH-10 hi-hat 


  • Floating hi-hat and large cymbals offer an authentic experience, making it easier to transfer skills to an acoustic setting if necessary.
  • Three-zone ride makes your strike zone matter, improving power and accuracy in your playing.


  • Large cymbals take up space
  • Other Roland models have improved strike accuracy

Who's This For?

  • Home players who can keep their set at home.
  • Casual players who are still learning drumming fundamentals


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3. Best for Improving Skills — Kat KT-300 Electronic Drums w/Remo Mesh Heads, Tennis Beater and Kick Pedal

Kat KT-300 Electronic Drum Kit w/Remo Mesh Heads, Kick Pedal & Tennis Beater

The Kat KT-300 promises to improve your skills in no time with unrivaled hit sensitivity. Training on the Kat electronic kit with Remo mesh heads provides an experience akin to playing the real thing. You can develop strong skills here before transferring to an acoustic set.

Their unique feature is the ‘Coach Function,’ with four varying practice modes. This drum kit will keep you on time, hone your strike rhythm, measure your speed and keep you on your toes as the last function changes tempo and note while you have to follow. 

Kat kits are versatile and will suit a range of players. It's great for playing at home, in the studio, and on stage. It's ideal for someone wanting to invest in gear to hone their skills and planning on landing on the gigging scene in the future.  

Remo's heads are ultra-sensitive, providing a large velocity curve, so your kit knows precisely how hard you've hit it. This committed brand has performed trials and tested the gear with over a million strokes, so you know they're heavy-duty and sensitive. 

KT-300 celebrates their larger hi-hat than competitors' gear and their large cymbal and tom size. Such features make this perfect for someone looking for more playing space. As expected, it includes MIDI tech through USB. 



  • Hi-hat and two 12” crash cymbals
  • 14” Ride
  • All cymbals are full-surface E-Cymbals made with rubber throughout
  • 30 presets and 18 user kits
  • One knob function to switch between editable overdrive, compressor, reverb, and tune


  • Full-surface E-Cymbals provide a truly authentic experience, sensitive to the softest and hardest touch.
  • Editable functions for players seeking control and creative flair
  • Coach function offers dynamic training and warm-up sessions suiting a variety of players' skill-levels


  • Larger cymbals take up more space which may not suit everyone

Who's This For?

  • Players committed to improving their skills
  • Giggers and invested learners
  • Those with more room to play


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4. Best for Mid-Level Players — Roland TD-07KV V-Drums Drum Set

Roland TD-07KV V-Drums Drum Set

The second Roland addition to our list just had to be included. This kit is an advancement in electronic drum sets and perfect for drummers who’ve mastered the basics and are already to level up. 

The best electric drums will sound close to their acoustic counterparts. The Roland V-Drum executes this goal perfectly. Its expressive gear sits at the top of the TD-07 range. 

You'll find a floating VH-10 hi-hat along with large V-cymbals. Your hi-hat mounts conveniently onto a mount on the rack which provides an authentic feel. It’s an affordable kit that lets you play with a complete array of cymbals like a standard 5-piece. The Roland V-Drums are bound to feel extraordinarily reminiscent of the real deal, but you've got the bonus of added Bluetooth and MIDI tech. 

Playing is made easy with the enlarged V-Cymbals, making your cymbal a target that's impossible to miss. There's a certain satisfaction to your swing as you strike, and where you hit matters too. Their precision sensors detect every hit with supreme accuracy, right down to choking your cymbal for an organic experience. 


  • Tunable mesh snare and tom heads
  • Standard 5-piece kit
  • Bluetooth and MIDI technology included


  • The tunable kit allows you to personalize your sound completely
  • Hits are quiet, making it perfect for playing at home
  • Enlarged V-Cymbal with ultra sensitivity for further dynamic playing ease


  • Overly high-tech for beginners, yet too standard for expert playing levels

Who’s This For?

  • Mid-range level players ready for more complex settings
  • Home players with space for a five-piece kit


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5. Best for Quiet Spaces — Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design TD-07DMK Drum Set

Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design TD-07DMK Drum Set

Completing the Roland electronic drum kit range is the entry-level TD-07DMK. It’s an affordable choice that still offers plenty of playing bonuses. 

You'll find a compact setup perfect for bedrooms and smaller spaces. The pad layout is neat, and your featured, slim kick pad conveniently attaches to the drum stand. It's easy to configure your setup and move it around the room if needed. 

It's an ideal choice for space-saving and quiet playing. Transport is simple in the home or studio, and disruption to neighbors is minimal. The set is full-sized, but you will need to purchase an additional kick pedal and drum monitor if you're a serious player. 



  • Four post frame
  • Drums: kick drum, snare, ride, crash, top pad, hi-hat, and stand
  • 53.7lbs
  • Attached kick pad for the drum stand


  • Space-saving makes this kit super portable and space efficient 
  • Nice and quiet while playing due to dual-ply mesh constructed pads 


  • Features 15 audio packages, but other options far exceed this number of presets

Who's This For?

  • People at home or in the studio looking for a quiet session


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What to Look for in an Electronic Drum Set under $1000?

Electronic drum kits work great for many players, whether you're learning or super skillful. Harvard educators have shown how digital devices hone student learning, and similar benefits apply to electronic drums. But what makes a set of electronic drums suitable for a student will differ drastically for a professional. Here’s what to look for in electronic drum sets for under $1000 that are helpful metrics for drummers of all skill levels. 


We know, of course, that an electronic drum set doesn't feel the same as an acoustic version, which is the downside. But it doesn't have to be so different; the best electronic collections bridge that gap. 

If an electronic kit is merely your practice set, and you use the real deal in the studio or a group setting, you want to look for collections that mimic the resistance of a standard kit. Along with resistance, you're looking for kits that promote accuracy and sensitivity to touch. 


Like a typical drum kit, your design and layout matter. The number of pieces in the ensemble will either limit or expand the range of sounds you can produce. If you use a standard drum kit in the studio, look for an electronic alternative that echoes the layout you already use.  

The bigger the variety you include in your ensemble, the more comprehensive the range of sounds you have to utilize. But every piece adds to the cost and could put you well over the $1000 budget. 

One cost-saving measure is to opt for a brand with additional drum kit pieces you can buy afterward from the original kit, just in case you want to modify your design. 

Trigger Zones

Electronic drums have one advantage over acoustic sets: trigger zones. A trigger zone refers to the area on a pad that produces distinct sounds. A one-zone pad can produce a single sound, while dual-zone or triple-zone pads can produce two or three sounds.

Whether more zones are better for you depends on what type of sounds you want and how you intend to use the kit. A three-zone pad will be more useful if you’re performing as a one-person act covering multiple instruments. But if a natural acoustic feel is your priority, the trigger zones won’t matter as much.


The brand isn't everything, but it's still quite significant. Especially if you're a learner, you'll want to stick with a famous brand like the ones featured in this list. The more popular the brand, the more beginner content and video tutorials you'll find online. 

Mesh Heads vs. Rubber Pads

The first drum pads began as rubber and foam, but now mesh heads are much more popular. They aren't limited to expensive sets like initially, and they make a difference to your playing quality. They ultimately absorb the sound of your strike, making your playing quieter.  Are they better?  That’s a matter of opinion.  Our opinion is that rubber pads from the major brands feel great, and some prefer them over mesh heads. 

It's extra excellent if you can tighten and loosen the tension of the mesh head. Changes impact the bounce created when you strike its surface, and you'll be able to produce an excellent range of sound. 

Acoustic mesh has powerful noise-absorbing properties. For drummers, that’s useful if you need to practice in spaces where noise is an issue. 

MIDI Technology

A MIDI interface communicates the data to your computer so that you can record, edit, and sample sounds. 

MIDI is most useful if you’re planning on recording your drum sessions. If you’re only using the e-kit for practicing, MIDI won’t be as helpful as it is for the professional drummer looking to record tracks.

Cymbal Choking

As you would with the real deal, it's great to grab a kit that recognizes cymbal choking. Holding the cymbal should be recognized as a cue to cut the sound. 

Frame Sturdiness 

Most frames and tubes will consist of metal, with the joints made of plastic. Always double-check the materials, as this dramatically impacts the sturdiness of the kit. You'll want the most robust frame if you're usually a heavy hitter when you play.

Searching for the Best Electronic Drum Set for Under $1000? Shop DCP!

Electronic drums let drummers learn at their own pace and expand the range of sounds they can get from a single kit. 

Whatever your reasoning for wanting electronic drums, you're in the right place. Drum Center of Portsmouth has everything you need to obtain an electronic drum set for under $1000. Shop DCP today!

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