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4 Best Electronic Drum Sets for 2022 Reviewed

4 Best Electronic Drum Sets for 2022 Reviewed

Looking to invest in an electronic drum set? With so many options available on the market, we know how overwhelming it can be to choose to the right one. Here at Drum Center of Portsmouth, we know a thing or two about drum sets. That's why we've set out to create the ultimate buyer's guide for our top 4 drum sets. For each set, we break down some of the product specifications, provide a pros and cons list, and describe why we love and recommend the set. In addition to reviewing some of our best drum sets, we also tell you everything you need to know about buying an electric drum set in our buyer’s guide.

Reviews at a Glance


Who It’s Great For

Why We Love It


Available Online?

Roland TD-17KVX-S V-Compact Drum Set

The Beginner Drummer

- Affordable

- Improves drumming skills



Yamaha DTX720K Electronic Drum Set

The Drummer on a Budget

- Low cost for high quality

- Effectively mimics acoustic sets



ATV aDrums artist Standard Set aD5

The Home Recording Artist

- Produces great recordings



Roland TD-50KVX-S V-Drums Set

The Tech Lover

- Many fancy tech features included



Every drummer is different, so we’ve considered your different wants and needs when creating our guide. If you’re a new drummer, the Roland TD-17KVX-S V-Compact Drum Set is the way to go. Drummers on a small budget will appreciate the Yamaha DTX720K Electronic Drum Set. Drummers looking for a drum for recording purposes will love the ATV aDrums artist Standard Set aD5, and tech lovers will go crazy for the Roland TD-50KVX-S V-Drums Set. Read on to learn more about the best drum kits on the market and how to go about choosing the one that’s right for you.

1 The Best Electric Drum Set for Beginners: Roland TD-17KVX-S V-Compact Drum Set



  • Amazing sound for a great price
  • Built in a way that accommodates beginners
  • Features allow beginners to improve skills
  • Great for practicing at home
  • Built to last


  • Not ideal for gigging/use outside of your home
  • Pedal and Hi-Hat stand are not included
  • Felt beaters might quickly wear down the mesh kick drum pad

Everyone has to start playing somewhere, so why not go with one of the best electric drum sets for beginners? The Roland TD-17KVX-S V-Compact Drum Set is perfect for those who are new to drumming or still looking to refine their skills. The parts were designed to make it easy for beginners to improve their playing. The VH-10 Hi-Hat is thin enough to allow for controlled footwork, and the PDX-12 Snare Drum Pad is appropriately sized. The KD-10 Drum Pad minimizes noise through its soft rubber coating.

Product Features

Aside from being quiet, the Roland TD-17KVX-S V-Compact Drum Set is ideal for at-home practice because of its many built-in features. This drum set comes with everything you need to improve your skills and become the best drummer you can be. Some of these cool features include:

  • Coach mode. This feature is like having your own personalized trainer for drumming. It’ll encourage you to practice every day and complete your warm-ups properly. Additionally, coach mode will monitor your techniques, track your progress, and motivate you to get better.
  • Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect headphones/monitors and your smartphone via Bluetooth to the drum’s system. This way, you can easily watch and listen to a video lesson while being able to hear yourself play.
  • Built-in recording system. Simply hit the record button, play, and hear what you just played. Listening to what you actually played is a great way to improve your skills rather than relying on what you THINK you played.

Where to Buy

The Roland TD-17KVX-S V-Compact Drum Set comes in at $1,699.99. Considering its great sound and many cool features, this drum set is reasonably priced for those new to the drumming world. It’s available for online purchase, so be sure to consider getting one if you’re a beginner looking for a reliable drum set.

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2 The Best Electric Drum Set for a Small Budget: Yamaha DTX720K Electronic Drum Set



  • Great quality for an affordable price
  • Components give the set a very natural feel
  • Effectively mimics an acoustic drum
  • Ideal for both at-home use and gigging purposes


  • Kick pedal is not included
  • Relatively low memory space (64 MB)

Who says that you have to break the bank for a quality electric drum set? The Yamaha DTX720K Electronic Drum Set is a great purchase for drummers on a budget. For starters, the sound quality is fantastic. The DTX700 module works with the DTX-PADs to deliver expressive, realistic beats. The set’s DTX-PADs effectively mimic the experience of playing regular acoustic drums. Additionally, they are constructed in a way that allows for quiet practice sessions at home. Product Features

  • Hi-Hat and cymbals. The complete Hi-Hat system comes with a pad set onto an included stand. It can play both open and closed sounds and is even capable of authentic foot splashes. The Hi-Hat’s 2-zone design further adds realism to playing because of its edge and bow sections.
  • Three-zoned cymbal pads. The three-zone cymbal pads are of a professional grade. The bow, cup, and edge zones are capable of expressing different sounds and have good stick feel. The cymbals’ natural swaying motion and “mute” and “choke functions” also allow them to sound very similar to that of a traditional cymbal.
  • Sound effects. The system comes with almost 1,400 sounds spanning instruments, percussion, and other sound effects. It also includes many sounds from Yamaha’s renowned MOTIF XF synthesizer. The sounds are of high quality, and there’s even room for your own. One of our favorite parts about this drum set is its use of the free DTX700 Touch app. With the app, you can easily customize your set to make it sound exactly how you want it to!
  • Built-in sequencer. With the Yamaha DTX720K Electronic Drum Set’s built-in sequencer, you can easily start and stop band sequences. So along with being a great at-home practice set, this sequencing feature also makes it practical for gigging if needed.

Where to Buy

The Yamaha DTX720K Electronic Drum Set is available online for just $1,999.99. This is a great price as far as electric drum sets go, especially considering all the features it has. Less expensive electric sets tend to be geared towards beginners, but this is a great kit even for more advanced drummers. Here at Drum Center of Portsmouth, we definitely recommend this set for any drummer on a budget.

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3 The Best Electric Drum Set for the Home Recording Artist: ATV aDrums artist Standard Set aD5



  • Great for recording music at home
  • Plenty of storage (32 GB)
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Components tailored to an authentic acoustic drumming experience


  • Slightly on the pricier side
  • L/R only outputs (no separate channels)

If you’re looking to take your at-home recording more seriously, the ATV aDrums artist Standard Set aD5 is the way to go.

Product Features

aDrums uses only the best materials that allow their sets to look great while lasting as long as they should. Some of the best features of this particular set are:

  • Attractive wooden appearance. This set, like their other ones, comes with an authentic birch wood shell with a solid black lacquer finish. The set’s attractive visuals and relatively compact size make it the perfect addition to any home studio.
  • No-contact sensor. The cymbals and Hi-Hat included feature a timeless design that eliminates incidental frills so that your playing can be as accurate as possible. In particular, the Hi-Hat’s non-contact sensor (which works effectively even when the pedal is closed and opened rapidly) also allows for a playing experience similar to that of an acoustic set.
  • Easy recording features. When it comes to recording, you’ll not only be able to play accurately but also get the best sound possible. The USB port supports computer and MIDI connectivity, allowing you to easily record your beats. The module inputs and outputs allow for a reliable connection, and the SD card reader allows you to upload and store high-quality sounds. There’s even a mini aux input for audio and MP3 playback.

Where to Buy

Online, the ATV aDrums artist Standard Set aD5 is priced at $3,499.00. This might be a bit pricey for drummers who just need a practice set, but if you want to start recording high-quality tracks, definitely consider getting the ATV aDrums artist Standard Set aD5.

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4 The Best Electric Drum Set for Tech Lovers: Roland TD-50KVX-S V-Drums Set



  • Amazing tech features that allow for realistic playing and sound
  • Awesome recording abilities


  • One of the more expensive electric drum sets on the market
  • Slightly cumbersome

Like with our first recommended drum set, this last recommendation also comes from Roland. The company is recognized for its quality electric drums, and the Roland TD-50KVX-S V-Drums Set is no exception.

Product Features:

This set takes electric drumming to a whole new level. It is packed full of a variety of neat features that any tech lover will go crazy for, such as:

  • TD-50 Drum Sound Module. Thanks to this, the sound is as realistic as it can get. The high-resolution elements result in vivid, bold performances.
  • Prismatic Sound Modeling. The sound is also very dynamic because of the use of Roland’s original “Prismatic Sound Modeling.” The V-Drums advanced trigger-sensing technology is cleverly integrated for a kit that faithfully responds to how the drummer actually plays. In short, this set’s tech will allow you to play with realistic clarity, resonance, and dynamic expressiveness.
  • Personal practice assistance. This might seem like a feature found on a beginner drum set, but even the professionals can benefit from a reliable practice system. The innovative system allows you to easily practice and develop your internal clock. 

Where to Buy

The Roland TD-50KVX-S V-Drums Set is available for purchase online for $7,999.99. It’s one of the more expensive electric available but know that you are getting so many cool tech features with it. Here at Drum Center of Portsmouth, we can certainly appreciate a technologically advanced electric drum set and know you will, too.

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Buyer’s Guide: What to Consider When Buying an Electric Drum Set

Our reviews give you a good overview of each recommended drum set and who they are best suited for. Each drummer, however, is unique in their needs and skill level. Keep in mind the following factors when making your decision:


As seen with the less expensive Roland TD-17KVX-S V-Compact and Yamaha DTX720K Electronic Drum Sets, you don’t have to spend a lot to get a quality drum set. However, you should take into account your budget and playing experience. If you have been playing for a while and feel that it’s time to upgrade, it might be worth getting a more expensive and higher quality electric drum set.


The material your electric drum set is made of can make a huge difference. Rubber on the drum pads, for instance, can allow for a quieter practice session. Different materials, however, might be more ideal for a more realistic feel. Be sure to do your research to determine what material will best fit the sound you’re going for. Also, make sure that whatever set you end up going with is made with high-quality material. You’ll want one that not only sounds and plays great but will also last you a while. Be sure to consider any warranties that might come with the product you choose.


It is amazing how many great features are built into today’s electric drum sets. Many sets have some of the same features, but make sure the one you go with has features you will actually use. If you’re a beginner, go with one where the features help you improve your playing. If you’re a more advanced drummer, you might want a set with great recording abilities for production purposes.

Your Needs

Are you looking for something to practice with at home? Do you need a new set to gig with? Electric drum sets can be a big investment, so look for one that will accommodate you


How do electric drum sets work?

Without knowing how an electric drum set works, owning one might seem intimidating. Their mechanisms, however, are actually quite simple. Sensors are located underneath the rubber or mesh pad, and when the pad is hit, the sensor sends a voltage value to the “brain” (sound module). The sound module then converts that value to trigger a certain sound based on the set up of the sound module. The module is also able to make sounds louder or quieter based on the velocity of the strike. Some pads come with two or even three sensors under the pad. This allows a single pad to produce multiple sounds, again depending on the set up of the sound module.

What’s the transition from an acoustic drum set to an electric drum set like?

Depending on their skill level and personal preferences, drummers might find the transition from traditional acoustic sets to electric ones difficult. Elements such as pad sensitivity, latency, and distant sound all affect the playing experience. Many electric sets do a great job at mimicking the feel of acoustic ones, so be sure to keep that in mind when searching for the right set.

How do I know I'm ready to buy an electronic drum set?

Beginners can take advantage of electric sets as many of them come with programs that facilitate learning. If you are a more advanced drummer, an electric set might benefit you in terms of live gigging or recording. If you have access to a friend’s or one at a music store, it might be worth testing out an electric drum set. This way, you’ll know exactly how it feels different from an acoustic one and if it’s something you feel ready to start playing on your own.

How much should I expect to spend on an electric drum set?

As previously stated, this is going to depend on the kind you get. Typically, electric drum sets can be anywhere from $500-$10,000.

Bottom Line

In short, these are our recommendations here at Drum Center of Portsmouth for the beginner drummer, drummer on a budget, the home recording artist, and the tech lover. Take into account our expert reviews along with the other mentioned considerations to choose the one that is right for you!


3 years ago