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4 Best Electronic Drum Amps & Monitors in 2022 Reviewed

The right amp for your drum can completely change the way you perform and the sound you produce. Even the best drummers require extra help now and again, especially when isolating the right tones and playing to the back of the room. Sometimes, a drum kit alone just isn't enough!

How do you know which amp to go for, though? There are many on the market, and they all have unique qualities. Well, luckily for you, we're here to help.

This guide will take you through our top four recommendations for electronic drum amps and monitors in 2022, spelling out their features and why we think you'll love them. Let's jump in!

4 Best Electronic Drum Amps & Monitors in 2022

1. Alesis Strike Amp 8

First on our list of recommendations is the Strike Amp 8 from renowned brand Alesis. This electronic amp has everything you need to ensure the clearest sound every time. You will find no audio distortion here. Every ounce of effort you have put into perfecting your performance will be rewarded with the accurate and resonant feedback it deserves. This amp truly delivers.

Part of this is the astonishing 2000 watts that power it. No matter what space you use it in or how large, this amp will carry your sound right to the back of the room. The 8-inch low-frequency woofer puts the ‘kick’ in kick drum, while the high-frequency compression driver keeps your snare drums and cymbals sharp. 

In addition to all that power and precision, this amp comes loaded with exciting features. It can operate either vertically or horizontally, making it versatile enough to fit any stage setup. Perhaps most interestingly, the Contour EQ control gives you complete customization over the kind of tone you want to produce. 

Are you looking for an amp to elevate your play style? Look no further. 



  • Wattage: 2000 watts
  • Driver: 8” woofer (low frequencies) and high-frequency compression
  • Input: XLR/TRS ¼” combo X 2
  • Output: XLR output
  • Cabinet design: Tilt-back, flexible
  • Controls: Contour EQ
  • Additional features: Noise-eliminating ground-lift switch


  • Powerful—2000 watts of power keep this amp producing the kind of booming sound you need to elevate your performance in any room, no matter how big
  • Pure sound—ground-lift switch allows you to eliminate unwanted sound that could interfere with your play
  • Full spectrum sound—8-inch low frequency and high-frequency compression driver covers the entire spectrum of your performance
  • Versatile set-up—can be used vertically or horizontally to suit whatever available space you have


  • Advanced amplifying technology—potentially unsuitable for absolute beginners

Who's This For?

The Alesis Strike series is for experienced players that want to take their performance to the next level. This amp isn't necessarily for beginners due to its many features, so the inexperienced may feel a little overwhelmed. Don't let that put you off, however, as regardless of skill level, this product remains a high-quality addition to any drummer's kit.

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2. Alesis Strike Amp 12

If you were impressed by the Strike Amp 8 from Alesis but wanted something even louder, the Strike Amp 12 is it

The Strike 12 bears many similarities to the Strike Amp 8, such as the 2000-watt power rating and heavy-duty low-frequency driver, but some new and exciting features set this amp apart.

The 12'' woofer paired with the 2000W keeps this amp loud enough throughout your entire performance. It’s powerful enough to meet the demands of almost any venue. The XLR ¼'' inputs also make staying connected easier, while the independent volume controls and clip indicator put you in total control. 

The versatility of this amp is virtually limitless. No matter what genre your play style belongs to, you'll find the support you need with this device. In addition to performing so well, this amp is sleek in design, with a refined appearance wrapped in a lightweight body. 

It's portable, efficient, and a great addition to any drum kit, no matter how you like to play. 



  • Wattage: 2000 watts
  • Driver: 12” woofer (low frequencies) and computer-optimized waveguide high-frequency compression
  • Input: XLR/TRS ¼” combo X 2
  • Output: XLR output
  • Cabinet design: Tilt-back, flexible
  • Controls: Contour EQ
  • Additional features: Independent volume controls and clip indicator


  • Suped up—everything you loved about the Strike Amp 8 but leveled up thanks to the 12” woofer and computer-optimized frequency control
  • Sound customization—you have total control over the volume and tone via the control panel, inputs with independent volume control, and clip indicator
  • Road-ready—lightweight, sleek design for maximum portability


  • Professional grade—higher price point than the Strike Amp 8, which may be out of budget for some drummers but great for professional musicians

Who's This For?

Anyone who was a fan of the previous Alesis model, the Strike Amp 8, and wanted a little bit of an upgrade will fall in love all over again with the Strike 12. This amp features all the power and strengths of the amp 8, just with some higher quality materials and performance features. You can only truly appreciate it if you try it for yourself. As for us, we consider this amp a winner.

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3. Roland PM-100 Personal Drum Monitor - 80 Watts

Moving away from Alesis models now, we have the Roland PM-100 Personal Drum Monitor. This amp is designed to work with Roland V drum kits but is versatile enough to work with just about any set. It's a high-quality app made from excellent, durable materials to endure continued use, giving you the best performance possible every time.

The custom-made 10'' speaker ensures you will be heard right at the back of the room, with each drum strike sounding full and resonant. You can also rely on the distinct crispness of your cymbals to carry through, as this amp has the drivers necessary to amplify high and low frequencies accurately.

In terms of design, we are big fans of the sloping angled edge this amp takes. It makes it ideal for seated performances, projecting the audio into the room with minimal disruption. The mixer features independent volume settings and global EQ, so you can stay completely in control from start to finish. You can even connect your MP3 or smartphone device to sync with your favorite songs, making this a perfect amp for hobbyists and professionals alike. 



  • Wattage: 80 watts
  • Driver: 10” woofer (low frequencies) + 2” tweeter (high frequencies)
  • Input: V-drums jack (1), ¼” line input (1), ⅛” stereo line jack (1)
  • Output: N/A
  • Cabinet design: Angled
  • Controls: global EQ 
  • Additional features: Integrated mixer with independent volume control 


  • Electronic-drum ready—especially designed for use with electronic percussion products
  • Multiple inputs—¼'' and ⅛” line inputs so you can connect to electronic percussion pads, music plays, and smartphones alike
  • Small but mighty—despite being a persona monitor, the high and low-frequency drivers capture the full range of expressive sound 
  • Portable—weighs in at just thirty pounds with a full-width bar handle for easy carry


  • Brand-specific—works best with Roland's V-Drums 

Who's This For?

If you own any of Roland's V-Drum range and are looking for a new amp, you can't get much better than this. The electronic drum maker has made this amp for your drum kit, meaning it will be the perfect fit. However, if you don't use V-Drums, don't let this put you off entirely! It's still a highly versatile amp with plenty to offer any drummer.

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4. KAT 50W KA1 Powered Drum Amp

Sometimes, less is more, and the Kat 50W Powered Drum Amp is the ultimate example. Not all drum kits require booming speakers and truckloads of power supporting them. Sometimes, just a little amplification is more than enough.

With the Kat 50W Powered Drum Amp, you get the extra boost your drum kit may need for smaller performances or studio practice without overwhelming your systems. This amp is the perfect accompaniment for the most accurate acoustic responses with digital drums. 

The 3-band EQ also allows you to tune your kit finely, so although the sound reproduced may not be booming, it will undoubtedly tailor it to your preferences. You're in total control. This amp also features 1/8'' input for external music players, so you have direct access to your favorite tracks at all times. 



  • Wattage: 50 watts
  • Driver: 10” woofer (low frequencies) + ¼” tweeter (high frequencies)
  • Input: ¼” main (2), ¼” auxiliary (1), ⅛” stereo aux (1)
  • Output: ⅛” headphone
  • Cabinet design: Angled
  • Controls: 3-band EQ 
  • Additional features: Input for personal music player


  • Value-choice—reasonably priced, ideal for those on a budget
  • Acoustic and digital drum amp—made for digital drums but also suitable for use with acoustic drums
  • Solo performances—perfect for smaller performances or studio practice


  • Smaller sound—can't provide the same level of amplification as more powerful devices due to a 50w capacity

Who's This For?

Anybody who loves to play the drums but doesn't need to fill an enormous space with sound will appreciate the 50W KA1 by KAT. Not all amps need to take your performance up to a thousand. This product is ideal for hobbyists or those who prefer to play in smaller, more laid-back venues. It's also an excellent option for beginners who want to explore amps without committing to the larger varieties.

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How to Choose the Best Electronic Drum Amps & Monitors

Now you know all about our top four recommendations, let's talk specifics. Listed below are some questions you should ask yourself before saying yes to any amp, no matter how great it may seem on the surface!

Is It Suitable for Your Needs?

As you can see from the four amps we have recommended above, there is a great deal of variety on the market. If you intend to fill concert halls or play in areas with significant noise interference, you will need an amp that can increase your playing volume. 

On the other hand, if you only intend to practice in a studio with your amp or play open-mic at your local coffee shop, you don't need the larger equipment. Consider your own needs carefully before making any purchase.

How Many Inputs & Outputs Does It Possess?

We have mentioned above some of the available XLR inputs, and you may have noticed that certain amps possess more than others. The inputs should be a key consideration before committing to a purchase as it dictates how many external devices you can connect to it at once.

Another consideration should be AUX input, which can set up your play-along music if required or allow you to isolate the sound if you’re in a practice session.

What's its Output Power?

If you aren't already familiar, a watt is a unit of measurement that estimates how effectively electrical power can convert into sound. Some of this electrical power will be wasted by turning into heat rather than sound, which is where more efficient amps excel as they reduce this waste. 

Simply put: the more wattage behind an amp, the louder the sound produced will be. If you want to fill a large space with your drumming, go for an amp with high wattage. 

How Big Are the Drivers and Speakers?

The size of your speaker will ultimately decide how loud your drumming feedback will be. The larger the speaker, the greater the sound produced. On the other hand, drivers are less about volume and more about clarity. 

Drivers break down into two categories: woofers and tweeters. The larger your woofer, the more clearly your amp will produce low-pitch sounds. The larger your tweeter, the better your amp will convey high pitch sounds. 

Make sure they are both appropriately sized for your needs, especially when using digital drums!

Is It the Appropriate Weight?

Last but not remotely least, how much does the amp weigh? If portability is a priority for you, you need to make sure you can lift your amp. If you only intend to use your amp in one location at any given time, then weight doesn't particularly matter. 

Everyone's needs are different, but you need to cater to your own to get the best out of your amp and be ready to play whatever venue.

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