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4 Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums in 2023 Reviewed

Electronic drums are the new frontier in drumming. While they're designed to act like traditional acoustic drums, they differ in many ways, from sound to control and ease of recording. 

Another way in which they differ is in the kind of drumsticks you use. You can’t use the same drumsticks you’d use for an acoustic set and expect the same rebound, attack, and other effects that make up your distinct drumming sound.

Thankfully, all the major drumstick manufacturers make sticks that work well with electronic drums. From size to material to model, here is the complete guide to buying drumsticks for your electronic drum kit.

4 Best Drumsticks for Electronic Drums Reviewed

1. Best for Beginners — Promark Maple Rebound 7a Drum Sticks

Promark Maple Rebound 7a Drum Sticks

Promark is known for the comfort and ease of its drumsticks. They recently developed two models, the Forward and the Rebound, that are ideal for electronic drums. 

The Forward has its weight concentrated at the tip, meaning the stick carries a lot of forward momentum. In contrast, the Rebound is weighted toward the base of the stick, which, true to its name, gives you a better rebound.

The Maple Rebound 7a sticks are particularly well-suited for playing electronic drums because they have a softer touch on the drum head. When you're playing electronic drums, you need to pay careful attention to how the stick tips interact with the drum head. Electronic drum heads aren't like acoustic drum heads. They usually consist of a tightly woven mesh that can fray and unravel if beaten repeatedly by sharp or jagged stick tips. 

The Promark Rebound 7a sticks come with a small round tip, which is easy on woven mesh heads. Maple makes for a smooth and comfortable grip as well. The Rebound 7a sticks showcase Promark’s quality craftsmanship—they’re not too expensive or sophisticated. 

They're an excellent starter drumstick for electronic drummers because of the unique taper, the comfortable grip of the maple shaft, and the small round tip all combine. The base-weighted design gives you maximum grip control while taking the weight off the drum head. 

The Maple Rebound 7a sticks enhance the sound of your electronic drums in the recording. Many drummers prefer the sound of electronic drums in the recording booth because of the control and precision they allow. They're easier to mic, connect via direct audio output to recording equipment, and can be pre-engineered before you even get to the mix. The 7a sticks are the perfect accessory in the recording booth because they take control of the drums well.



  • Material: Maple
  • Diameter: .535" (7A)
  • Length: 16"
  • Taper: 3"
  • Tip: Small round, wood


  • These sticks give you a bright, full tone that resonates in any setting.
  • The small round tip is easy on electronic drum kits' mesh heads and gives cymbals a clear, crisp sound.
  • The rebound on these sticks makes them reactive and snappy, meaning you'll get a broader, more complex sound out of your electronic drums.


  • No fancy bells or whistles: the conventional length, taper, and tip mean you'll get a conventional sound. Not ideal for pros who want to experiment.

Who’s This For?

  • The beginner who needs a solid stick that covers all bases
  • The professional in a band who needs new drumsticks for their electronic drum kit for recording

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2. Best for Durability — Meinl Stick & Brush SB109 Heavy 5B Drum Sticks

Meinl Stick & Brush SB109 Heavy 5B Drum Sticks

The first thing you notice about the Meinl Stick & Brush SB109 sticks when you first play them is their weight and durability. These sticks consist of 100% United States-sourced hickory. 

The USDA classifies hickory as winter hardy” with a zone 5 classification. That means hickory is among the heartiest, toughest, and most resilient wood types.

There's a reason that wood floors and wooden furniture often use hickory. It stands the test of time and can take a beating—just like these Meinl drumsticks. 

The thickened shoulder on the SB109 provides incredible durability and a firmer grip for the player. Combined with the classic acorn-shaped wood tip, these sticks give you powerful articulation and a quick response around the kit. 

The Heavy 5B means these sticks have an increased length. A difference of 16.5" over 16" isn't anything to scoff at—you get powerful results from that increased length almost immediately. You also get increased diameter and weight over standard drumsticks. The result is sticks built for power and endurance. 

If you consider yourself a marathon drummer, constantly drumming up a wall of sound, these are the sticks for you.

The classic acorn-shaped tip used to be standard on most drumsticks but has, for some reason, fallen out of popularity. But there's a reason this tip-shape became so popular once upon a time—they give a full, rich sound.



  • Material: Hickory
  • Diameter: .605"
  • Length: 16.5"
  • Taper: Short
  • Tip: Acorn, wood


  • Heavy hitters looking to transfer the maximum amount of power and punch from their acoustic set to an electronic drum kit need these Meinl sticks because of their weight.
  • The durability of these sticks means you can attack your electronic drum kit without any fear of splintering. Because of the mesh heads on most electronic drum kits, you must be extra careful of tears and snags, so these sticks will be your best friend.
  • The thick shoulder gives these sticks an extra secure grip that generates a great response.


  • The acorn-shaped tips aren't for everybody; their bright and clear articulation isn't suitable for all sounds. 

Who’s This For?

  • Drummers who play hard, play often, or both. These sticks are distinct for their remarkable durability.
  • Drummers who want to attack and are looking for a combination of the long length, short taper, and acorn tip can find them in these Meinl sticks.

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3. Best for an Acoustic Sound — Vater 5A Wood Tip

Vater 5A Wood Tip

Vater specially designed these classic, solid-wood sticks to bring an acoustic sound to electronic drum kits. The round and resonant acorn tips combined with the short taper make for a fast attack on an electronic drum set. 

You don't need to thrash away to get a powerful and melodic sound that carries through the most crowded and chaotic rooms on an electronic drum set. It's all about the modulation of the controls. That fundamentally changes the way you play them. 

Usually, the strength of the hit has a 1:1 relationship to the power of the sound. But not so on electronic drums. You can play as light as if you were doing minimalist or jazz drumming and still achieve a rock sound. That, combined with the mesh material used to make most electronic drum heads, changes what kind of sticks you need and how you use them.

These acorn-shaped wood tip sticks from Vater have a slender diameter, a long length, and a short taper. The balance is perfectly calibrated to mimic that rich, acoustic sound. 

If you're playing folk, jazz, or country music, that warm, almost honeyed tone is crucial to the overall sound. They're almost perfectly straight from base to tip, meaning you can get a forceful downstroke without worrying about the taper or the tip.



  • Material: Hickory
  • Diameter: .570"
  • Length: 16.75"
  • Taper: Short
  • Tip: Acorn, wood


  • The unique weight/balance distribution on these sticks produces a sound unlike many others. It's rich and resonant, recalling an acoustic set.
  • The short taper and acorn-shaped tip let you play into the electronic drums with more depth.
  • The long length makes them extra comfortable in big hands for all the tall drummers.


  • The short taper leaves some feeling like the sticks aren't thin or light enough and thus don't generate as much articulation.

Who’s This For?

  • The drum purist who likes the control, precision, and portability of electronic sets but craves that warm and resonant acoustic sound
  • The fast and articulate player looking for responsiveness will appreciate these drumsticks.

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4. Best for Rock Drumming — Vic Firth American Classic Drum Stick 5A

Vic Firth American Classic Drum Stick 5A

This drumstick is the result of Vic Firth's experiment to craft the ultimate stick for playing electronic drums. The long taper combined with the wood teardrop tip makes for a warm and resonant sound with very little kickback. 

The unique thing about these sticks is the slender taper. This construction allows the sticks to slice through the air, landing a punch without causing any wear or tear. It’s great for rock drummers, who want the loudest, hardest-hitting sound they can get while still being sensitive to the unique vulnerabilities of electronic drums. 

The lower weight of these sticks makes them popular with aerobic drummers. Light sticks are best for rock, metal, punk, and all other styles that require fast and precise playing. Some prefer a heavier hold because it feels more secure in the hand. But playing with lighter sticks only takes some adjusting. 

Playing electronic drums is quite different than playing acoustic drums, as the heads of the drums don't respond to the force of a hit any differently. You simply turn the volume knob to increase your volume, not play harder. So a light stick just makes more sense.

Many choose electronic drum kits for their home setup because volume, bass, and frequency are adjustable. You don’t have to worry about penetrating the walls of your apartment complex during practice. They even come with isolation pads to reduce transmission and vibration. But playing with the right drumsticks and the right way with those drumsticks goes a long way in terms of noise control. 



  • Material: Hickory
  • Diameter: 0.565”
  • Length: 16"
  • Taper: Medium
  • Tip: Teardrop, wood


  • Vic Firth prides itself on being a “player-oriented” stick manufacturer, and that's precisely what it designed these sticks for: constant ease of use.
  • The teardrop tip produces focused warm tones.
  • The slender taper makes for a more aerodynamic stick and, thus, the ability to play faster and meaner.


  • The lightweight can lead to a lack of balance, compared with heavier sticks that come with a grip.

Who’s This For?

  • The rock, punk, ska, or metal drummer who wants to thrash away as they do on an acoustic set without damaging their electronic drum heads will love the Vic Firth American classic.
  • The experienced electronic drummer who wants a more advanced stick to achieve a more brilliant sound will also appreciate these.

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What to Look for When Buying Drumsticks for Electronic Drums

Drumsticks are unlike drums in that if you haven't trained your eyes, they can look the same. But it's in the minutest differences where fundamental shifts in sound emerge. 

Tip Style and Material

Drumsticks tips come in five different shapes that affect the overall sound and feel. The difference is especially noticeable in the cymbals.

  • Oval: widest sound spectrum
  • Acro: full, fat sounds
  • Teardrop: warm, focused low tones
  • Round: bright and crisp
  • Barrel: punchy and loud

The two most common types of tip materials are wood and nylon. Nylon creates a brighter sound. It lasts longer and is more durable. Wood tips create a rich and warm sound, which is great if you do a lot of rolls. They’re more dynamic in their sound than nylon tips.


Drumsticks range from 15" to 17.5". Longer sticks give you better articulation, whereas shorter sticks give you better attack.


Weight is also hugely important when it comes to drumstick selection. Weight and diameter are indicated by a number/letter combo, like 7A or 2B. The lower the number, the heavier the stick, and the heavier the stick, generally, the heavier the music, like metal and rock. The 7s are best for jazz.

Searching for the Perfect Drumsticks for Electronic Drums? Shop DCP!

The drumsticks on this list range from heavy to light, from maple to hickory, and from long and slender to short and punchy. If you're a rock drummer, you can't get better than the Vic Firth, but if you play softer music, go with the Vater wood tips. 

Drum Center of Portsmouth has drums and drumsticks for all types of drummers. Shop every brand on this list and then some at Drum Center of Portsmouth.

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