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6 Best Drumstick Brands in 2022 Reviewed

Drumsticks are often overlooked when, in reality, they’re one of the most important components of your overall sound and performance. 

Since they’re the extension of your body, making sure you have gear that feels comfortable in your hands and can perform the way you need to is key to producing good music. Buying a good pair of drumsticks is not just beneficial for your music — it can also help you look more professional. 

When picking your sticks, it’s important to consider your drumming style, the weight, and length of the drumstick you choose because it can help you avoid arm injuries and tearing through your drum heads. A durable pair can also save you money and time from constantly having to replace broken sticks. 

We've compiled a list of the best drumstick brands on the market so you can find a great pair of drumsticks, no matter your skill level, budget, or genre. Keep reading to find your perfect fit.

1. Vater Drum Sticks

Vater Carl Palmer 2022 ELP 50th Anniversary Model Drum Stick

Veterans to the business and one of the better-known brands in the world, Vater maintains their reputation by consistently delivering durable, quality drumsticks at affordable prices. 

One thing that separates Vater from other brands in the market is their manufacturing process. Vater implements a higher amount of moisture into their wood, which in turn affects the density and grain size. 

Vater drumsticks are a favorite for celebrity drummers. Big names like Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Stewart Copeland from The Police have used their sticks. Slipknot's, Jay Weinberg has also collaborated with the brand in the past to produce the Vater 908, a stick that could sustain the weight and power of the band's music while still delivering fast attacks. 

Although these will work with any genre, Vater drumsticks are best suited for those that tend to be more heavy-handed but don't want to compromise speed. For those that prefer maple sticks, their Sugar Maple Series is regarded as one of the best on the market.



  • Durable
  • For heavy-hitters
  • Suits various genres
  • Great Maple Wood Selection


  • Not light-weight

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2. Promark Drum Sticks

Promark Hickory Glenn Kotche ActiveWave 570 Wood Tip Drumstick

A big player in the industry, Promark was initially the first company to successfully produce and sell oak sticks in the U.S. They were also the first ever brand in the US to begin introducing Japanese oak to their drumsticks. Now, most but not all Promark models consist of hickory wood, a more popular choice amongst drummers for its classic feel, durability, responsiveness, and resilient nature.

If you choose to go with one of Promark's various models, know that you're reaching for the same brand of sticks that have helped produce top hits by Slipknot's Joey Jordison and Phil Collins from Genesis! 

These pioneers were founded in 1957 by Herb Brochstein in the city of Houston, TX. Today they are run by D'Addario after taking over in 2011, but although the face of the company has changed, the top quality and sturdiness of their sticks remain the same. 

Known for producing long-lasting, comfortable sticks with precise yet heavy hits, it's no surprise Promark remains a top manufacturer after 60 years. For those looking for a pair of solid sticks with a great feel, Promark has a great selection worth checking out.



  • Long-lasting
  • Consistent across models
  • Reputable Company
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable
  • Great American Hickory Selection


  • Overwhelming selection

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3. Promuco Drum Sticks

Promuco Drumsticks American Hickory 2B

Founded in 1964, Promuco short for Professional Music Company was started in Thorne, Yorkshire in the UK. This brand quickly made a name for itself back in the states after receiving approval from the legendary Buddy Rich. Today, the quality of these sticks remains the same and continues to deliver the sounds that brought it fame.

A favorite for John Bonham, drummer of Led Zeppelin, these medium-weight Promuco drumsticks quickly became a trademark to deliver his clear sound without going through several new pairs of sticks. Formerly known for going through at least 3 sticks a night, Bonzo became a fan of these sticks for their durable nature and increased brightness in drum response. 

Crafted from premium hickory oak, a dense wood, these sticks are suited for any genre. If you're looking for sticks that have contributed to music history, Bonzo's sticks are available to you at their original weight and dimensions and also bear the celebrity's original signature logo.



  • Durable
  • Premium Oak
  • Clear Sounds
  • Deliver Fast Attacks


  • Medium Weight

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4. Vic Firth Drum Sticks

Vic Firth American Classic Drum Stick 5A - Barrel Tip

For seasoned drummers, Vic Firth needs no introduction. As the number one manufacturer of drumsticks in the world, this reputable brand is one that many hail as having the best sticks in the industry. In fact, the world's best-selling stick is the Vic Firth American Classic 5A. It features a deep back cut for a teardrop tip that conveys a richer cymbal response and is crafted from premium American Hickory.

After Evereth Joseph Firth, a dedicated drummer in the Boston Orchestra, created two prototype designs from hand-whittled sticks and sent them to a wood turner, the demand for these sticks became so high that Vic Firth was launched to meet manufacturing needs. What started as a necessity and desire for better sticks became the creation of what we know now as the famous SD1 and SD2 models.

The love and commitment to drumming that founded the company back in 1963 are what continue to evolve the brand today. With an impressive catalog of various models, many bearing signatures from collaborations with famous drummers, Vic Firth drumsticks are ones you can rely on for flexibility, perfect balance, and technique development. 



  • World's Best Selling Drumstick
  • #1 Drumstick Manufacturer in the World
  • Well Balanced
  • Amazing Finish
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Great for Technical Development


  • Not the Best for Heavy Hitting

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5. Ahead Drum Sticks

Ahead Heavy Bamstix

Ahead drumsticks have a distinct feature that sets them apart from other brands and it's all in the name, literally! An acronym for Advanced High-Efficiency Alloy Drumsticks, the company AHEAD was the first to launch all-aluminum drumsticks to the market.

An engineer who also had a passion for the drums, Rick Grossman, came up with the groundbreaking concept in 1992. His previous work with aerospace-grade aluminum led him to create what are now the long-lasting Ahead drumsticks. Although the manufacturing of these sticks comes at a higher price, the investment is well worth it as they are certified to last up to 6 to 10 times longer than their wooden counterparts!  The durability of these sticks is exactly why they have become a staple for drummers like Metallica's Lars Ulrich and White Stripes' Jack White.

These drumsticks also carry other unique features that further add to the longevity, like polyurethane replaceable tips, covers, and rings. Each stick is also produced with a vibration reduction system inside that absorbs half the shock of wooden drumsticks yet 5% more rebound. Perfect for powerful players tired of spending money due to broken sticks, Ahead is so confident in the workmanship of their drumsticks that they even offer a 60-day warranty.



  • Extremely Durable
  • Replaceable Tips, Covers, and Rings
  • Meant for Heavy-Hitting
  • Vibration Reduction System
  • High Precision Alloy Core
  • 60-Day Warranty


  • Relatively Expensive

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6. Meinl Drum Sticks

main product photo

Started in Guttenstetten, Germany by Roland Meinl in 1951, this brand's catalog has continuously evolved throughout the decades. Famous for their outstanding cymbals, Meinl has used their industry expertise and modern influences to begin producing drumsticks, and great ones at that.

Known for their percussion products, Meinl nabs continued to provide a quality sound for any music between rock and reggae. Meinl's hybrid line of Stick and Brush is a versatile set that attracts new beats and instruments day by day.

Commonly known for being a perfect weight and matching eight, Meinl is a company that tops even rival percussion products, spending time together and searching for sessions anywhere from scenery like rock to dance music.



  • Versatile
  • Balanced Weight
  • Great Percussion
  • Matching Height


  • Modern takes

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Want the Best Drum Sticks? Shop DCP!

Although drumsticks may seem like a simple component of your drum kit, don't underestimate the importance of this gear! 

No matter the genre you play, drumsticks play an important role in your performance. Using quality sticks can save you from physical injuries and have a major influence on the sound you produce. 

When choosing the right sticks for you, it's crucial to consider the type of music you play, the reputation of the brand you want to choose, and also the durability that you're looking for. Features you'll want to pay attention to when making your drumstick investment are the tips, length, thickness, and taper of each stick. 

Still can't decide? Contact our team of experts at Drum Center of Portsmouth to get started and help you with any questions.

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