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5 Best Drum Thrones for Bad Back in 2022 Reviewed

Playing the drums can be an invigorating and energetic experience, which means that without the right seating, it takes its toll. Your spine, shoulders, and legs can all suffer if you aren't sitting on an appropriate seat.

But with so much variety in the market, it begs the question  — what’s the best drum throne for a bad back? 

We’re here to answer that. We’ve compiled a list of the best five drum thrones for you to check out, each with their own unique benefits. If you aren't convinced of the importance of the right drum throne, you certainly will be by the end of this. Let's get into it. 

5 Best Drum Thrones for Bad Back in 2022

1. Ahead Spinal-G Drum Throne Red

Ahead Spinal-G Drum Throne Red

Ergonomic and comfort reach maximum capacity with the Spinal-G drum throne. It’s designed to give players all the support they need and then some, no matter how uncomfortable you ordinarily feel when sitting at your drum set. 

The goal with this throne is to eliminate any and all tailbone compression, which will provide you with noticeable relief from the moment you sit down. It provides the utmost flexibility, so you may also notice improvements in your hips, back, and shoulders.

Playing the drums is a highly physical experience, more so than perhaps any other instrument. Paying attention to your needs while playing is enormously important, or you might find yourself off the stage far quicker than expected. 



  • Velour seat top
  • Thick memory foam cushion
  • Split seat to distribute weight
  • Adjustable height

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2. Yamaha 900 Series Drum Throne

Yamaha 900 Series Drum Throne

Next on our list of comfort-friendly drum thrones is the Yamaha 900. At first glance, this seat might look a little basic, but that's precisely its strength. It’s the most affordable on our list while still providing excellent support to your lower back while you play. 

It presents a leather seat supported by a durable, metal stand sat on four legs. The rubber, no-slip feet of the seat will keep you securely in place no matter how energetic your performance gets, while the elevated cushion will keep you comfortable.

Sometimes, less is more, and this relatively simple seat is the perfect example of that. Sure, it isn't making any Earth-shattering revelations in the world of ergonomics, but it doesn't have to. If you’re looking for a more comfortable seat for your set without breaking the budget, look no further. Also, since it is designed by Yamaha, you know it's coming from a name you can trust.  



  • Four-legged stand upholds the seat with no-slip feet for maximum security
  • Seat cushion is elevated at the back to provide even greater support and comfort
  • Affordable price tag, making it accessible for even the newest of drummers

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3. DW DWCP9120AL 9000 Series Heavy Duty Throne

DW DWCP9120AL 9000 Series Heavy Duty Throne, Air Lift, Tractor

If you’re looking for something really goes the distance, the DW 9000 series is the one. This Airlift drum throne is rock solid and designed to survive even the most intense of performances. If you're the kind of drummer that likes to give it their all every time and still possess a working seat at the end of it, this is the throne for you.

This design is aptly named the Airlift thanks to its pneumatic lift system, allowing you to adjust the height almost instantaneously. This is perfect for fast-paced performances where there simply isn't time to be messing around with your seat. You need comfort fast, and the Airlift will supply.

Additionally, the four-legged base will keep you upright throughout your gig, so you can throw yourself into your performance without fear of toppling over. The thick foam-padded seats are perfect for longer plays, providing both your spine and your legs with all the support you could possibly need. 



  • Pneumatic lift system enables you to quickly adjust the height of your seat
  • Four-legged base for maximum support
  • Seat filled with thick foam to keep you comfortable for extended performances

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4. Gibraltar 9800 Series Oversized Throne with Height Adjustable Backrest

Gibraltar 9800 Series Oversized Throne with Height Adjustable Backrest

Both of our final additions to this list come from the brand Gibraltar, and with good reason! First up is the 9800 Series, considered ‘oversized’ due to its wider seat and heightened backrest. It stands out amongst other drum thrones due to how ergonomic it appears immediately on sight. It's clear from the beginning that comfort is key here.

Unlike other additions to this list, the 9800 Series features three feet at the base rather than four. However, this doesn't make it any less sturdy. The patented Gibraltar Super Foot design means that this seat stays in place no matter what, specially designed for maximum security. No matter how much energy you're putting into your performance, you can rest assured you're staying exactly where you are.

Additionally, the Quick Lock clamp makes changing the height of your seat almost entirely effortless. Audience members won't even notice you making adjustments when you need them most, meaning that you can continue to give an excellent performance entirely interruption-free.



  • Adjustable back rest, a unique feature among drum thrones
  • Cordura top and vinyl edges for maximum comfort
  • Patented Quick Lock clamp and Super Foot technology on the base

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5. Gibraltar Pro Throne Oversized Moto Web with Two-Tone

Gibraltar Pro Throne Oversized Moto Web With Two-Tone

Last on our list, and another addition from Gibraltar, we have the Moto Web Pro Throne. If you’re looking for next-level comfort, you have found it here. The saddle seat contours perfectly around you, so you can sit for extended periods and still feel completely comfortable. The dry-mesh top is also perfect for keeping you cool in even the warmest venues. 

In addition to the dry-mesh top, the seat also features a centered vinyl patch to keep you securely in place. No one wants to fly off their seat mid-performance, but you can rest assured that will never happen with this aptly named Pro Throne. Similar to the other Gibraltar throne on our list, this seat benefits from the Super Foot technology, with the benefit of an incredibly sturdy double-braced leg base. 

All this, paired with the threaded and memory lock height adjustment, makes this drum throne both highly versatile and effective. It is designed with professional players in mind but is a viable option for any drummer of any skill level who wants to elevate their comfort. 



  • Adjustable from 20'' to 28'' with memory lock technology
  • Double-braced leg base for maximum durability and strength
  • Seat features both dry-mesh and vinyl for increased breathability and comfort

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What To Look For in a Drum Throne for Bad Back

Adjustable Height

A huge component of any comfortable seat is how easily it can be adjusted to meet your individual needs. What is completely comfortable for one person could be entirely impractical for another. Before purchasing your drum throne, check to see how easily it can be adjusted. You might be surprised by the difference something as simple as seat height can make, especially to your spine and shoulders

As you’ve seen throughout our recommended products, height adjustment is a priority for many manufacturers. There’s even patented technology designed exclusively for this purpose. You need to be able to quickly and securely change your seating position the moment it becomes uncomfortable. The best drum thrones provide you with that ability. 

Seat Material

It isn't just the look or the features of your drum throne that matters, you also need to think about what it's made from. You’re probably going to be sitting on your drum seat for extended periods of time. The last thing you want is cheap material ruining your comfort. 

When reading the product description for your drum throne, make sure to double-check what material is mentioned. If it isn't mentioned at all, it's likely because it isn't a selling point, which begs the question of why. The answer is usually because the quality isn't that high, so always do your research. Breathable material is especially beneficial, so foam and mesh are popular. 


Only you know how much you can spend on your drum throne, but it isn't something to underestimate. For newer drummers, it can be tempting to throw your entire budget into your drums and forget all about what you're going to be sat on while you play. Trust us, you’ll come to regret this decision later.

We get it, it's exciting to browse all the different varieties of drums out there and add the best to your kit, but you need to think about how you're going to feel during the performance. Even the best drums won't sound that great if you're dying for the set to end just so you can give your back a break. Don't overlook your drum throne, it's more important than you may realize. 

Need a Supportive Drum Throne? Shop DCP Today!

While it might not sound like the most rock and roll thing to worry about, back support during your performance is crucial. You can't give it your all if your distracted by intense discomfort, so invest in the right seat! 

At Drum Center of Portsmouth, you’ll love our wide range of products. Still not sure what’s best for you? Get in touch with us. We love talking drums and we’re ready to help.

22 days ago