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13 Best Drum Stick Bags in 2022 Reviewed

A drumstick bag isn’t just an empty sack that you throw all your sticks into—it’s so much more than that. Drum stick bags keep your sticks safe and your gear organized. Even though they might feel like a minor detail compared to the instruments, making the right choice is essential. 

Whether you’re looking for a new bag or your first one, you've come to the right place. A good or insufficient bag can make a difference for your equipment. 

But what makes a good drumstick bag, and what makes a bad one? We've reviewed the top 13 drumstick bags to put that to the test. 

Our top picks:

  1. Best waterproof: Ludwig Pro Drum Stick Bag - Black
  2. Best mallet bag: Tama Powerpad Stick / Mallet Bag
  3. Best drum stick bag with extra space: Vic Firth Classic Stick Bag
  4. Best compact drum stick bag: Tama Powerpad Stick Bag Black 

13 Best Drum Stick Bags Reviewed

1. Ludwig Pro Drum Stick Bag - Black

Ludwig Pro Drum Stick Bag - Black

Founded in 1909, Ludwig is a well-established drumming company. Their Pro Drum Stick Bag in black is a classic choice. 

The best thing about this bag is the waxed canvas material. Waxed canvas is an excellent material with all the strength and flexibility of standard canvas, with the addition of being waterproof.

This reasonably priced item is a dependable, economical solution to transport and house your drumming accessories. 



  • Waxed canvas exterior
  • One exterior zipped pocket
  • One interior zipped pocket
  • One interior quick-access pocket
  • Foldout design
  • Hanging straps


  • Superior material and waterproof thanks to waxed canvas
  • Organization made easy with multiple pockets
  • Easy transportation thanks to the hanging straps


  • It could have thicker straps for better durability


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2. Tama Powerpad Stick / Mallet Bag

Tama Powerpad Stick / Mallet Bag

The Tama Powerpad can store an incredible 24 pairs of sticks and mallets, with room still left for any other accessories you have. 

The large pocket on the front is ideal for storing sheet music, notes, set lists, etc. Plus, the bag's innermost central pocket holds two pairs of sticks, so you'll always have your spare on hand and easy to grab.

The strap on this one is conveniently padded, so you can easily carry everything you need, no matter how heavy the load. 

Tama's built-in hooks make for convenient use. Just attach the bag to your floor tom by clipping the hooks onto the tension rods. 



  • Large interior pocket
  • Room for spare sticks
  • Exterior pocket for accessories
  • Foldout design
  • Padded strap
  • Built-in hooks


  • Comprehensive storage for sticks, notes, and accessories
  • Padded strap for comfortable carry
  • Hooks let you attach it to your kit


  • Could have a better separation between interior pockets for improved organization


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3. Vic Firth Classic Stick Bag 

Vic Firth Classic Stick Bag

Today, drummers require storage that will hold much more than just their sticks, and the Vic Firth Classic Stick Bag rises to the challenge. 

It’s full of storage compartments, enabling you to carry in-ear monitors, music sheets, and even your keys. A carabiner hook makes it easy to attach anything else you need. 

Plus, they've used heavy-duty zippers and a removable shoulder strap. So, not only can the bag carry all your accessories, but it's also convenient and easy to secure to your kit.

Another fantastic aspect of the Classic bag is the 600D nylon construction, making this a durable choice. 

The interior features a tom attachment system. The hooks let you attach it to your floor tom, and they’re adjustable, meaning they'll fit on any drum diameter you may have. 



  • Interior and exterior storage
  • Carabiner hook
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • 600D Nylon
  • Tom floor attachment hooks


  • Zipped pockets for improved security
  • Adjustable hooks for your Tom Floor for easier access while playing
  • Carabiner offers secure attachment options 


  • Central compartment only built for one pair of sticks


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4. Tama Powerpad Stick Bag Black 

Tama Powerpad Stick Bag Black

The Powerpad Stick Bag collection is a compact choice with room for six pairs of sticks. 

You do have inner pockets allowing for the storage of additional accessories. But the feature that makes this drumstick bag stand out is the chic design. The wrist strap and leather trim give this bag a sophisticated, designer appeal. 



  • Interior and exterior pockets
  • Space for 6 pairs of sticks
  • Wrist strap
  • Black denim with leather trim


  • Zipped pockets for utmost security


  • Limited storage not suitable for drummers who need several backups


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5. Vic Firth Essentials Stick Bag Red

Vic Firth Essentials Stick Bag Red

The Vic Firth Essentials bag in bold red is an iconic choice from a leader in drumstick manufacturing.

This bag is space-saving and includes two hooks for convenient attachment to your floor tom. The compact size makes it suitable for carrying your sticks to practice. 



  • Branded exterior
  • Interior pockets
  • Bold cherry red


  • Bold cherry red stands out
  • Brand assurance from a leader in drumstick manufacturing 
  • Slim in size for compact carrying
  • Floor tom hooks for easy access to your sticks as you play


  • Limited storage
  • No exterior pockets for extra accessories


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6. Promark Transport Deluxe Stick Bag

Promark Transport Deluxe Stick Bag

The Promark Deluxe makes transportation when going to practice or playing at a gig. 

The durable ballistic nylon combined with synthetic leather makes it a solid weatherproof choice, built to withstand the rough and tumble of the road. Not only that, but it features magnetic secured leather carrying handles. 

You'll find interior and exterior pockets with zippers for additional security and a leather business card slot for absolute professionalism. There’s room for keys, a pencil slot, your wallet and mobile, and last but not least, plenty of room left over for your drumsticks. 



  • Interior and exterior pockets
  • Ballistic nylon and synthetic leather
  • Magnetically secured handles
  • Tom mounts


  • Extra storage capacity lets you carry everything you need 
  • Designed for touring and playing gigs
  • Durable nylon and leather materials you can trust


  • Deluxe design more suitable for professionals than students


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7. Tackle Instrument Supply Compact Stick Bag Forest Green 

Tackle Instrument Supply Compact Stick Bag Forest Green

This drumstick bag is for drummers who appreciate handcrafted, artisanal goods.

The imported Tackle Compact bag features waxed cotton canvas, making it a versatile and durable choice. Plus, the leather trim, lace string ties, metal buckle, and handstitched appeal offer a rustic appeal that you won’t find with most drumstick bags.

The compact size makes it best for drummers who only carry the bare essentials.



  • Waxed cotton canvas and leather
  • Leather lace string ties.
  • 18" x 6.4"


  • Chic, artisanal design for those who want to stand out style 
  • Durable canvas material to increase the lifespan


  • Limited storage
  • Pricey


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8. Meinl Stick Sling Bag

Meinl Stick Sling Bag

The Meinl Stick Bag is on the larger side. With eleven interior pockets of differing sizes, it’s big enough to carry any size of stick, mallet, brush, or accessory. 

This choice is ideal for drummers who need something to accommodate all the drumsticks and gear necessary for an extended tour. It’s also suitable for marching band drummers who require extra storage for extra-large sticks or percussionists who need more than a couple of mallets.

A large exterior pocket holds music books, sheets, metronomes, and more. A reinforced handle accommodates all the extra weight. 

Last but not least, the Meinl Sling Bag features heavy-duty clips to hang your open bag from floor drums. Everything is at your fingertips.



  • Large interior and exterior pockets
  • Black nylon material
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • 19” x 13” x 2”
  • 2-year warranty


  • Extreme storage for XL sticks and more  
  • Durable material keeps drumsticks safe from damage
  • Heavy-duty clips for easy access to your kit while playing 


  • Oversized design may take up valuable space on a touring van


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9. Gibraltar Sling Style Stick Bag

Gibraltar Sling Style Stick Bag

The sling design of this Gibraltar stick bag makes it look more like a regular bag than a drumstick bag. But it’s an excellent choice for over-the-shoulder carrying, and the length is perfect for your drumsticks. 

You'll find an inner separator that forces the top of your sticks out of the bag when hooked onto a floor tom. It makes access to your sticks easy, even during play. 

Much like a backpack, there are a variety of accessory pockets and pouches to keep other items secure. Pack your mobile phone, keys, and wallet alongside your drumsticks. 



  • Sling-style backpack design
  • Exterior pockets for accessories
  • Inner separator 


  • Comfortable transport 
  • Room for drumsticks and personal belongings 


  • Sling-style might not be as comfortable when carrying sticks


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10. Tackle Bi-Fold Stick Bag Black 

Tackle Bi-Fold Stick Bag Black

The Bi-Fold bag made of cotton waxed canvas prioritizes style and durability. With multipurpose leather laces, you can attach the bag to your drums or use the laces as carrying handles. 

The stylish design doesn't stop there. There's room to store sticks, mallets, and brushes in the interior pockets. 

You'll find rivets for reinforced strength at the bag's weakest areas, meaning this bag is made to tackle rough conditions.



  • 16" x 18"
  • Cotton waxed canvas and leather
  • Bifold design
  • Leather carrying laces
  • Reinforced with rivets


  • Multi-purpose laces
  • Leather and waxed canvas give the bag a rugged, cool look and waterproof capability


  • No shoulder strap


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11. Tackle Instrument Supply Leather Stick Bag Black

Tackle Instrument Supply Leather Stick Bag Black

Tackle has featured another stylish choice with its Supply Leather Bag. You'll find a leather buckled pocket on the exterior, two main compartments inside, and a small additional one for accessories. 

The feature that makes this especially exciting is the integrated free-standing ‘stick stand.’ You can achieve an easel-like effect by putting the thickest end of your drumstick in the small leather pocket on the exterior spine of the bag and the tip on a flat surface.  



  • 18" x 16"
  • Solid brass zippers
  • Copper rivets
  • Leather material
  • Stick stand


  • Stick stand feature lets you grab your sticks without using hooks 
  • Detachable leather shoulder strap so you can lessen the bulk for smaller sessions 


  • Expensive


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12. Meinl Designer Stick Bag Black

Meinl Designer Stick Bag Black

This classic, simple design makes transporting your accessories easy. It's made from heavy-duty nylon and features internal and external pockets to keep your kits secure. 

Plus, the shoulder straps are extendable. 



  • Heavy-duty nylon
  • External pockets
  • Shoulder strap
  • 2-year warranty


  • Durable material ensures a long-lasting bag 
  • Adjustable straps for a comfy fit
  • Great value for the durability and price
  • A 2-year warranty means a quality guarantee


  • No floor tom clips


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13. Ahead Drumstick Mallet Tower by Ahead

Ahead Armor Drumstick Mallet Tower - AASMT

The Ahead AASMT takes storage to a new level, with room enough for 50 pairs of sticks or mallets. The removable lid makes access easy, with interior divides allowing for better organization. 

Despite its large volume, you can still attach the bag to your floor tom using its two buckle straps. The bag features interior and exterior pockets and a weatherproof bottom enforced with PVC plastic. 



  • Buckle straps
  • Interior and exterior storage
  • Removable, zipped top
  • Stores up to 50 sticks/mallets
  • 17.5” x 7”


  • Durable and waterproof to keep your sticks secure wherever you play
  • Large capacity lets you pack all the sticks you need


  • The bulky utilitarian design might not suit all drummers


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What to Look for in a Drum Stick Bag 

Whether you play live tours or in a marching band, you want a drumstick bag worth your hard-earned bucks. Here’s what to look for to ensure a quality investment.


Material is essential because it’s the critical element determining how long the product will last. There are lots of options to make durable stick bags. 

Leather is a popular choice that appeals to drummers who lean towards more stylish designs. Waxed canvas is also an increasingly popular material as it looks rustic and artisanal while offering excellent waterproof capabilities. 

PVC is another durable and weatherproof material, but it does raise controversy. The U.S. Plastics Pact put it on the list of non-environmentally friendly materials because it is plastic. 


Storage is vital in your considerations too. If you overestimate the amount of storage you require, you'll be stuck lugging around an oversized bag that takes up too much space. Underestimate, however, and the purchase itself will be pointless. 

The best advice here is to consider where you’ll be using it, whether it’s to go on a nationwide tour or to carry your sticks to practice and local gigs.

A good drumstick bag will have pockets inside and out, allowing you to carry more than just your sticks. 

Additional Features

When so many drum stick bags are going beyond the basics, why not make a more exciting choice? Good features to look out for include waterproofing, adjustable shoulder straps, floor tom clips, and zipped pockets. 

Waterproofing is necessary for some drummers, like marching band percussionists. They know that when it rains, it’s more than your marching drums getting wet that you need to worry about—the drumsticks are also a critical part of your equipment.

Adjustable straps ensure that you'll be comfortable no matter the load you're carrying. Then, without floor tom clips, it's going to be a real pain to access the contents of your bag while playing. Clips let you attach your bag to your kit. If you need to switch sticks, they're conveniently right there. 

Finally, zipped pockets mean your drum stick bag can hold other belongings, like keys, phone, etc. 

Need a New Drum Stick Bag? Shop DCP!

A drumstick bag is an essential part of a drummer’s kit. Find the best drumstick bags reviewed here and shop at the Drum Center of Portsmouth for all your drumming needs.

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