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3 Best Drum Mutes in 2023 Reviewed

We love the drums and all the noise they make; however, your neighbors might not always agree…

Limiting yourself to practice at certain hours of the day can be downright frustrating. 

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution, drum mutes let you practice any time of the day. Supply yourself with mutes, so you’ll never receive another complaint from your neighbors again. 

This guide will cover the three best drum mutes in 2022, so you can spend more time practicing and less time worrying about noise complaints. 

3 Best Drum Mutes Reviewed 

Drum mutes can drastically reduce the volume of your drums so you can practice without all the volume. Here are the three best drum mutes we offer: 

1. Evans dB One Fusion Tom Pack

Evans dB One Fusion Tom Pack

Founded in 1950, Evans is a popular brand that’s impressed many drummers with its accessories, and the dB One heads are no different. 

Built with a single ply of Evan’s proprietary ShockWeave Mesh and Kinetic Transfer Foam technology, this dB One fusion mesh tom pack provides quiet drumming while maintaining a true acoustic feel and tone. They also allow you to play like you normally would with a conventional drumhead without changing your technique, and you’ll receive a similar sonic response and feel. 

These Evans dB One Fusion tom heads are a superior mesh designed to transfer impact energy to vibration. Thanks to its unique impact patches, it enhances the striking surface while reinforcing the audible articulation and attack. Thus, you can practice quietly and naturally, wherever and whenever you want.



  • Series: db One
  • Brand: Evans
  • Included: 10/12/14” heads


  • Affordable
  • Provides up to 80% sound reduction 
  • Retains the tone of the drums
  • Realistic feel 


  • You have to remove your drum heads to use these

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2. Black Hole Drum Silencing Set for 5pc Kit 22/10/12/16/14

Black Hole Drum Silencing Set for 5pc Kit 22/10/12/16/14

The Black Hole Drum Silencing Set is made to solve the struggle that many drummers face – playing their drums at home without driving the people around you crazy. This practice pad set features a heavy-duty mesh head combined with a uniquely designed sound patch to provide players with a realistic feel. The stiffer and thicker mesh helps create the perfect bounce, and the sound patch creates a snappy and audible attack. 

Additionally, there’s a single-point tuning run inside the Black Hole head, allowing drummers to easily tune the mesh head just from a single point to suit their unique playing style. Included is a custom tuning key for each unit. Their self-contained tension system doesn’t require you to remove your drum heads for quiet playing. This silencing set snaps on and off in seconds without any complicated tools. 

Additionally, the Black Hole drum silencing seat features a durable rubber rim crafted to mimic the sounds of the drum rim. It lets drummers practice rim shots without the loud volume that comes with it. 

This revolutionary system lowers the volume of their acoustic drum sets while still maintaining their playing experience and tone. It comes with an abundance of features like single-point tuning, volume reduction, tone integrity, and realistic rebound. This Black Hole set comes in five different mute sizes, including 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, and 22”, meaning it’ll fit the most conventional drum sizes out there. You’ll never have to worry about choosing between low-volume and quality sound again. 



  • Series: Black Hole
  • Brand: RTOM
  • Sizes: 22/10/12/16/14” 


  • The mesh heads snap on and off with ease 
  • Single-point tuning system
  • Durable mesh for longevity 
  • Great reduction in volume 


  • More expensive than other options

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3. Tama Soft Sound Ring Set for 5pc drum kit w/ 22bd

Tama Soft Sound Ring Set for 5pc drum kit w/ 22bd

Dampen the volume from your drums with the game-changing Tama Soft Sound Ring 5-piece drum set. This set features 6mm thick foam rubber outer rings that easily fit onto your drum heads. 

With the open center hole design, it won’t impact your playing. The exposed head of the drums delivers a natural feel and response, so you don’t feel like you’re playing on practice pads. As a result, you maintain the authentic character of your drum shell. Unfortunately, most drum heads sound like practice pads since they cover the entire head and remove the natural tone from the drum set. 

Also, there’s a soft Sound Beater included in this set designed for your bass drum pedal. It’s a high-quality beater that provides a softer sound than most conventional bass drum beaters. All you need is to replace your existing beater with Tama’s Sound Beater to reduce the volume of your bass drum greatly. 

It provides the perfect volume level for an apartment, where it’s just loud enough to be heard yet soft enough so that it won’t disturb your neighbors. The setup to install is extremely easy. Put the Tama Soft Sound Ring on top of each drumhead and play normally. 

The Tama Soft Sound set reduces the volume while maintaining the feel and sound of a normal drum set. 



  • Series: Soft Sound 
  • Brand: Tama 
  • Sizes: 10/12/14/16” 


  • Soft Sound Beater is quick and easy to switch over from your standard beater 
  • Offers excellent sound absorption 
  • Very affordable 
  • Large open-hole design to maintain the natural tone of your shell 


  • Louder volume overall compared to the other options 

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Here are the most commonly asked questions about drum mutes. 

How Effective Are Drum Mutes?

Drum mutes are extremely effective. Drum mutes are the most cost-effective solution to convert your acoustic drum set into a viable practice case you can comfortably use in your home without worrying about neighbors or family members complaining. 

Do Drum Mutes Make Drums Silent?

Unfortunately, drum mutes won’t make the drums completely silent. They certainly help to drastically reduce the sound and make it quieter. You’ll still hear the tapping sounds from your set as you hit the pads. 

If you live in a home with extremely poor soundproofing, thin walls, and family members or neighbors that don’t like your drumming, then the drum mutes may not be enough. However, drum mutes will significantly lower the volume of your drum kit, which should be enough for most situations. 

Need a Drum Mute? Shop DCP! 

If you’re struggling to get enough practice time during the day, you may want to consider buying a set of drum mutes. 

Now that you’ve got our recommended list of the three best drum mutes, you can play the drums in complete confidence without a shred of fear. 

No more worrying about noise complaints or waking your family in the middle of the night. 

At Drum Center of Portsmouth, we have a wide selection of drum sets and accessories to suit your playing style and needs. Whether you need a drum mute for yourself or a gift for a friend, there’s something available for everyone. Shop our drum mutes today and enjoy hassle-free practice sessions.

13 days ago