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7 Best Drum Hardware Packs in 2023 Reviewed

Drummers often overlook drum hardware when it comes to their equipment. However, good hardware is integral to your setup. Whether you’re recording in the studio, practicing at home, or performing live quality hardware is essential. 

Without reliable drum hardware, you can’t perform your best or feel comfortable behind your kit. This guide will cover the best drum hardware packs in 2022 and what to look for when making your purchase. 

7 Best Drum Hardware Packs Reviewed

The best drum hardware packs on the market today optimize your playing experience—and even enhance your performance. 

1. DW 3000 Series Hardware Pack

DW 3000 Series Hardware Pack

The DW3000 Series hardware pack includes a hi-hat stand, two boom cymbal stands, and a snare stand. All components are medium-weight with double-braced legs, memory locks throughout, oversized anti-slip rubber feet, and high-quality tube joints, including plastic insulators to eliminate rattling noises.

The hardware is constructed with meticulous detail and uses robust components. Double-braced legs and hinged memory locks support the stands along with strong tripod bases. Besides its sturdiness, each component is highly adjustable, and the mechanisms function smoothly, making the setup and packing a breeze.

Overall, the DW 3000 Series hardware pack is perfect for most situations providing reliable functionality. It’s not overly heavy but offers features you’d usually find with higher price tags. The only downside of this hardware pack is that it doesn’t come with the bass drum pedal. You’ll have to purchase it separately.



  • Brand: DW
  • Series: 3000
  • Inclusions: 3500 hi-hat stand, 3700 boom cymbal stand, 3300 snare drum stand 


  • DW’s reputation for durability and quality 
  • Highly adjustable 
  • Medium weight for balance between portability and sturdiness 


  • Bass drum pedal sold separately


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2. Mapex Armory Hardware Pack—Black Plated w/ P800 Single Pedal

Mapex Armory Hardware Pack Black Plated w/ P800 Single Pedal

The Armory series of high-quality hardware features memory locks, double-braced legs, and heavy-duty tubes. It offers the adjustability required for even the most advanced players. 

The Mapex Armory hardware pack P800 single pedal comes in chrome and black-plated options. Also, the two boom cymbal stands provide excellent flexibility in cymbal positioning and fold up for transportation and compact storage. 

With the double-based construction, you’ll have plenty of stability. The Omni-ball lets you get the angle of your cymbals or snare to exactly the right angle.



  • Brand: Mapex
  • Series: Armory
  • Inclusions: 2 x boom stand, 1 snare stand, 1 hi-hat stand, and 1 pedal 


  • Beautiful finish 
  • Excellent value for money 
  • Easy to adjust 
  • Extremely reliable and stable 


  • Black finish won’t work with every drum set


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3. Yamaha HW-780 700 Series Hardware Pack

Yamaha HW-780 700 Series Hardware Pack

As a drummer, you need reliable hardware. The Yamaha HW-780 700 Series Hardware Pack offers perhaps the best combination of quality, design and no-nonsense usability on the market. 

Made with high-quality, durable materials, the Yamaha HW-780- 700 Series can withstand the rigors of the most hard-hitting drummers. 

This drum hardware pack includes a single-braced hi-hat stand, two medium-weight boom cymbal stands, a medium-weight snare drum stand, and a single-chain drive bass drum. 

The SS-740 medium-weight snare drum stand offers sturdy support for your snare drums. The gearless tilter allows you to get the drum in the perfect position as well.

The CS-755 medium-weight boom crystal stand is perfect for the modern drummer. The high-quality and sturdy components make these stands the perfect choice for your in-home practice or taking them with you on the road. It features single-braced legs, 17” hideaway boom arms with memory lock, tube caps to prevent the stands from rattling, and solid rivets GREATLY improving the strength of the stand. 

Lastly, the HS-740 hi-hand stand is tough. It can withstand the rigors of hard-core drummers and tolerate extreme situations. It has rotating legs, tension adjustability, and a medium-weight design. 



  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Series: 700 Series
  • Inclusions: Two CS-755 boom/straight cymbal stands, HS-740A hi-hat stand, SS-740A snare drum stand, FP-7210A bass drum pedal 


  • Highly adjustable
  • Very durable, almost indestructible
  • Incredibly easy to use 
  • Very affordable 


  • Geared tilters on cymbal stands means you may not be able to get exactly the angle you want


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4. Gibraltar 4700 Series Hardware Pack

Gibraltar 4700 Series Hardware Pack

Finding lightweight, affordable, reliable hardware can be a tough challenge for some drummers. Fortunately, Gibraltar makes it simple with their unique 4700 Series hardware pack. This set includes a 4711 single chain-drive pedal, 4710 straight cymbal stand, 4709 hideaway boom cymbal stand, 4707 hi-hat stand, and 4706 adjustable snare drum stand. 

The snare stand offers the perfect balance between mobility and stability. It stays put while you play but is also easy to transport. 

The 4711ST is a strap-drive bass pedal that is exceptionally smooth and quiet. 

All the stands come with hinged height adjustment mechanisms with a memory lock for easy setup. 



  • Brand: Gibraltar 
  • Series: Gibraltar 4000 
  • Inclusions: 4706 adjustable snare drum stand, 4707 hi-hat stand, 4709 hideaway boom cymbal stand, 4710 straight cymbal stand, 4711 single chain-drive pedal  


  • Perfect for beginners and hobbyists 
  • Comes with everything you need 
  • Easy setup 
  • Smooth and responsive pedal


  • Advanced drummers might want something more robust


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5. Gibraltar Hardware Packs: 5700 Series Hardware Pack

Gibraltar Hardware Packs : 5700 Series Hardware Pack

The Gibraltar 5700 Series drum hardware pack is a medium-weight set. It comes with an abundance of solid and robust features. This hardware set is a nice step up from the previously mentioned 4700 pack. 

The five components in this quality hardware set are all robust, durable, and solid. The cymbal stands are supportive and stable, with plenty of adjustment options. 

The bass drum pedal is an outstanding part of the bundle, with smooth action and a solid base plate. 

The hi-hat stand is responsive and smooth and will accurately translate the subtleties of motions of your foot. 

Their snare drum stand is easy to use, sturdy and doesn’t rattle. 

These heavy-duty stands make this pack ideal for practice space, recording studio, or touring. 



  • Brand: Gibraltar 
  • Series: Gibraltar 5000
  • Inclusions: 5706 snare stand, 5707 hi-hat stand, 5709 boom cymbal stand, 5710 straight cymbal stand, 5711S single bass drum pedal 


  • Includes a bass drum pedal 
  • Heavy-duty double braced legs 
  • Outstanding durability 
  • Easy to use 


  • Lack of gearless tilters and heavier weight may not be ideal for some drummers


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6. Gretsch G3 Hardware Prepack

Gretsch G3 Hardware Prepack

The Gretsch’s G3 hardware pre-pack provides drummers with more than just a solid foundation. These value-packed pedals and stand sport some high-end features such as premium brass bushings, secure memory locks, and double-braced legs. 

The cymbal stands offer positional freedom and stability at a steal of a price. Its double-braced legs prevent movement, even with hard-hitting drummers. Furthermore, the memory locks and graduated tube joints offer slip-free performance, allowing you to lock things in place. 

One of this pack’s highlights is the smooth single-chain bass pedal. Its adjustable beater angle and pedal height let drummers customize the resistance and stroke length. 



  • Brand: Gretsch 
  • Series: G3 
  • Inclusions: Straight cymbal stand, boom cymbal stand, hi-hat stand, snare stand, bass drum pedal  


  • Highly customizable 
  • Strong and sturdy 
  • Bass drum pedal is very responsive 


  • No gearless tilters


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7. Ludwig 400 Series Complete Hardware - L4HPACK

Ludwig 400 Series Complete Hardware - L4HPACK

The Ludwig 400 Series Hardware Pack is one of the most value-packed hardware sets on the market. It boasts solid build quality, high specification, and upper-price range features. You receive five quality hardware components designed for practicality and ease of use. 

Despite its low price tag, this hardware is built to last. Each component features large gear tilters and hefty steel tubing for high durability. All the pieces can withstand frequent use without letting you down. 

The hi-hat stand offers a high level of responsiveness and feel, while the bass drum is equally solid and feels great to play. The bass drum pedal has a solid metal base plate for strength and extra stability. 

The Ludwig 400 hardware pack delivers a tremendous level of performance. All the components and mechanisms are rock-solid and perfect for drummers of all levels. 



  • Brand: Ludwig
  • Series: Ludwig 400
  • Inclusions: Hi-hat stand, snare stand, cymbal stand, boom cymbal stand, and bass drum pedal 


  • Lots of pro-level features 
  • Great responsiveness and feel
  • Affordable price tag 
  • Sturdy construction 


  • Hi-hat stand could have more adjustability


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What to Know Before Buying a Drum Hardware Packs 

Drum hardware packs are a great way to save some money when outfitting your kit with new hardware. Having high-quality hardware is essential. We’ll cover what to know before purchasing a drum hardware pack. 


Arguably one of the most vital factors to finding the right drum hardware pack is durability. The hardware must be supportive and strong enough to mount your drums and cymbals without the potential risk of damage or falling over. 

Some key features are oversized rubber feet, quality steel tubing, double-braced legs, sturdy base plates for hi-hat stands and bass drum pedals, and overall build quality. 

Expensive drum hardware features higher quality materials and components, such as sturdier base plates and thicker steel tubing, along with more adjustment options and ergonomic features, such as oversized adjustment handles, quick-release cymbal wingnuts, and memory locks. 

Ease of Use 

Drum hardware must be easy to use and live with on a day to day basis. 

Hardware adjustments and smooth working mechanisms make your life easier when setting up your drumset and prevent unwanted movement as you play. 

Investing in better quality hardware contributes to a more enjoyable and comfortable playing experience. Expensive hardware will always be smoother to operate, more supportive, and feel more solid. 

Included Pieces 

Drum hardware packs provide all the hardware you need in one convenient package. Most hardware packs include a single kick drum pedal, snare stare stand, a hi-hat stand, and cymbal stands for your ride and crash cymbals. 

Need a Drum Hardware Pack? Shop DCP!

Quality hardware inspires confidence, while wobbly thrones, bad clutches, and broken stands can kill the vibe. 

Fortunately, now you’ve all the information to make an informed decision. Best of all, you can find the best drum hardware packs here at Drum Center of Portsmouth. Shop your favorite drum sets and accessories and enhance your drumming experience!

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