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4 Best Drum Cases in 2022 Reviewed

If you are going to play the drums anywhere other than home, then a set of drum cases or drum hardware bags will be an essential part of your kit.

Drum cases protect against the obvious—scuffs, knocks, and scratches—but many quality brands do more. Some are also damp-proof and waterproof; their color is treated to repel UV and prevent sunlight damage and fading. 

Even if your drums never go anywhere, cases and bags can protect against dust and any damage in the home. 

Drum cases and bags vary, and it’s crucial to land the right one, whether you are an occasional drummer who never leaves home or a professional musician who has invested big bucks in his drum set.

This drum case review looks at the options available and has narrowed down the top four choices for drum cases in 2022. There is something for every drummer and every drum.

4 Best Drum Cases in 2022

1. Gator Protechtor Standard Padded Snare Bag 14x6.5

Have no worries about your precious snare drum with this bespoke-designed snare bag. It is rugged and durable and will always protect your equipment during transportation.

This collapsible bag will accommodate a snare drum, and it delivers confidence, coming from a well-known brand with a reputation for quality. A durable and tear-resistant nylon exterior opens to reveal a 10mm padded and lined interior. Your snare drum will travel in style!

There are comfortable carrying straps, and the compact bag is collapsible for easy storage when not in use.



  • Type: Softcase
  • Size: 14x6.5 in snare bag
  • Material: Nylon
  • Pads: 10mm padding + lining
  • Handle: Carrying straps
  • Additional features: Collapsible


  • Rugged and durable – designed to last the course in tear-resistant nylon and to protect your snare drum in the toughest of situations
  • Ultimate protection – 10mm padded and lined interior protects snare from bumps and scratches
  • Space-saving storage – designed to collapse and take up little room when not in use


  • Water-resistant - Not wholly waterproof

Who’s This For?

  • Beginner drummers
  • Musicians playing local gigs

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2. SKB 14X5.5 / Snare Case w/Padded Interior

Designed for protection, durability, and portability, the SKB snare drum case delivers exceptional quality. The heavy-duty polyethylene offers maximum strength and security for your snare drum.

The revolutionary roto-molded D-shaped design with integral feet offers the next level in stability with a patented Roto-X pattern that allows for reliable stacking. The padded interior adds that essential extra layer of protection.

Sure-grip handles with a 90-degree stop are designed to make transportation easy and comfortable. It may be on the upper end in price, but the cost is worth it.



  • Type: Hardcase
  • Size: 14 x 5.5 in snare case
  • Material: Heavy-duty polyethylene
  • Pads: Padded interior
  • Handle: Sure grip handles with 90-degree stop
  • Additional features: Molded-in feet for increased stability, roto-molded D-shaped design


  • Easy stacking – the lid is designed with indents to make stacking easy and super secure
  • Durable and protective – the tough polyethylene shell protects against rough treatment and knocks during transit
  •  Revolutionary design – roto-molded D-shaped design with integral feet offers the ultimate in stability and hugs the contours of the drum


  • Costly – The price tag means this is a case for a serious drummer who likes to gig

Who’s This For? 

  • Serious amateurs
  • Professional drummers

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3. Ahead Armor 14x6.5 Standard Snare Drum Bag Case – AR3006

This practical snare drum case has innovative features designed by people who understand how to look after drums. The TruForm design corresponds to the drum's actual shape, including the mounting hardware.

The reinforced 600-denier double-stitched polyester exterior is rip-proof, durable, and water resistant. Inside, two layers of high-impact foam padding offer stiffness and resistance to impact, finished with a super soft lining of quality Sherpa fleece.

The DynaZip is an innovative feature. The cutaway design travels along both sides of the cut-out and the case diameter, making it much easier to take the drum in and out of the case without compromising the fit. 

This drum case is part of a stylish range designed to protect without being cumbersome or awkward, making it the ideal setup to look after all your drums.



  • Type: Softcase
  • Size: 14 x 6.5 in snare bag
  • Material: Reinforced 600 denier polyester
  • Pads: High-impact foam + Sherpa fleece lining
  • Handle: Carrying handle
  • Additional features: DynaZip 360 zipper


  • Optimal protection – with a robust nylon exterior and a DX-Core and high-impact foam and fleece interior, it will keep your snare safe from drops and collisions
  • Super snug fit – shaped to the drum so that the foam padding and fleece lining hug the contours without gaps
  • DynaZip– unique zipper system which makes taking the drum in and out easy


  • Higher price range — For a soft case, there are cheaper alternatives

Who’s This For?

  • Keen amateurs
  • Teachers and students
  • Regular gig players

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4. Hardcase Individual 16” Floor Tom

This durable drum case makes the perfect choice for the professional musician who is regularly out on the road. The ultra-tough design is constructed in one single piece, meaning there are no weak spots. It also features a soft grip handle for comfortable carrying.

Made from medium density polyethylene, this stylish drum case from Hardcase is tough and resilient at ambient temperatures and can also withstand high impacts at low temperatures. 

The black color is mixed with base opaque plastic before molding, providing high resistance to sunlight degradation and fading. The polyethylene will not absorb moisture, so this drum case is damp and waterproof and will repel most usual chemicals and oils.

A telescopic lid clamps the drum securely in place, thanks to the ultra-strong webbing and clips. A handy ID badge keeps the drum connected to its owner.



  • Type: Hardcase
  • Size: 16” floor tom case
  • Material: Medium density polyethylene 
  • Pads: Foam pads A
  • Handle: Soft-grip handle
  • Additional features: UV resistance, moisture-repellent


  • Superior protection – completely resistant to poor handling, wet weather, sunlight, and low temperatures
  • Comfortable carry handle – soft grip handle for comfort and secure carriage
  • Snug fit – bespoke internal foam grip pads to keep the drum stable
  • Waterproof and unbreakable — polyethylene repels moisture


  • Costly — At the upper end of the price range because of the high-quality material

Who’s This For?

  • Professional musicians
  • Touring bands

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What to Consider When Buying Drum Cases


Check your drum dimensions and match them with the corresponding drum cases. It sounds obvious, but the configuration may not be quite the same as the drum cases you have your eye on.

Pay attention to the shape of the drum and whether the bag or case can accommodate the current dimensions, including hardware.

Hard cases are bulkier, and many people find the drum bags easier and more flexible. The size in terms of fit and portability is crucial, especially if you are squeezing in and out of small spaces for gigs.


There is no doubt about it. Hard drum cases offer much more protection than a soft drum bag or case. If you are a drummer who regularly travels to different gigs or spends a lot of time on the road, a set of hard drum cases is your best option.

Hard cases are the go-to choice for professional drummers as they can withstand the rigors of constant gigging and touring. 

Because they are rigid, they offer more protection. Remember, the drums are not always under your control. Think about how handlers treat your luggage in your average airport.

Drum cases are also completely waterproof because of the durable plastic outer shell.

That said, there are advantages to soft cases when it comes to protection. Drum bags are a non-rigid covering, but they can have a soft inner lining, which some hard cases lack. The lining also keeps the drums dust-free, protecting the drums with thick padding.

If you are worried about the drum moving inside, look for a lined case for a more snug fit.


Unless you have a team of roadies, you will be carrying your drum kit. Drums contained in hard cases can be heavy and awkward. Soft cases are a more lightweight option.

Handle or Shoulder Strap

Some soft cases don’t have a carry handle, only a long shoulder strap. Many people prefer these as it allows you to carry several drums at once, which is ideal if you are regularly gigging.

You will need an adjustable or long shoulder strap if you want to carry several cases or bags over one shoulder.

Travel Space and Storage

Soft cases may be preferable if you don’t have much space for the drums in your vehicle or are traveling with other band members. They are softer and more flexible than hard cases when it comes to packing. 

Drum bags are also easier to store as they can fit within each other when not in use and don’t take up much room. The bags are also a great way to keep your kit dust free and protected at home if you are an occasional player.


Soft bags are more affordable than hard cases, but generally, the more you spend, the better protection your drums will have.

You can get away with a budget set of cases or bags if you rarely gig or rehearse away from home and have an entry-level kit. However, if you have an expensive professional set, invest in the best quality drum cases you can afford.

Don’t Forget the Cymbals!

A drum case set or drum hardware bag may not make any provision for the cymbals. There are dedicated cymbal cases available for storage and transportation.

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