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4 Best Double Bass Pedals Under $300 in 2022 Reviewed

A double bass pedal is an essential component for the modern-day drummer. They allow drummers to be more versatile by creating more complex rhythms that require both feet to play the kick drum. 

These bass pedals eliminate the need to play separate bass drums and produce high-quality sound through performance-enhancing features. Double bass pedals typically range from $100 to thousands of dollars. 

If you’re on a budget, it can be challenging to find affordable options without sacrificing quality and playability. Fortunately, we’ve scoured the market and come up with four undeniably great double bass pedals under $300. We’ll cover their features, pros, and cons and tell you who they’re made for so that you can find one suited for your playing style and budget. 

1. Gibraltar Tour Class Double Bass Drum Pedal - Single Chain Drive

Gibraltar’s Tour Class Double Bass Drum Pedal has all the essential components of a double pedal without sacrificing power or speed. 

The uniquely designed G-class curved pillar frame enhances comfort and playability while delivering exceptional power. A double chain drive enables faster response times, split-second accuracies, and intense power returns. 

A common problem with chain drives is the potential of spring noise. Fortunately, the Gibraltar features a unique spring silence that eliminates noise created from the spring. As a result, you won’t hear any unnecessary ringing noises or after effects from the spring. 

This pedal includes adjustments for the throw distance, beater height, and spring tension. Making these adjustments lets you fine-tune your sound by locating the exact points where the best sound emits from the bass head. It’s a boon for beginners who need plenty of adjustment to help them feel comfortable and improve their confidence. Also, you can customize the pedal tension to what feels most comfortable. 

The kick drum pedal is constructed from solid metal components making it durable and reliable. Its lightweight stabilizing rods provide stability while ensuring the pedals are light as possible. These rods also make it possible for heavy-footed drummers to achieve fast speeds on the bass pedals. 



  • Series: Tour Class
  • Drive: Double-chain cam drive
  • Point of Contact: Single-point beater
  • Hardware: Bass drum pedals
  • Additional Features:
    • Patented spring rocker arm
    • Spring silencer
    • Smooth, fast-touch G branded pedal board 


  • Provides stability and fluid performance 
  • Easy to adjust
  • Silencer removes unwanted noise 
  • Ultra-smooth and responsive 


  • Plastic components not as durable as metal

Who’s This For?

If you’re a beginner or budget-conscious drummer, you can’t go wrong with the Gibraltar double bass pedal. It’s great for metal, hard rock, or any other music that needs loud, fast bass drums.


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2. DW DWCP2002 2000 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

The DW DWCP2022 2000 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal is an entry-level pedal. It's all-metal construction and smooth operation make this pedal perfect for bargain-savvy drummers. 

There are a variety of unique features that make the DWCP2022 pedal a great choice. As a beginner, playability is incredibly important to help develop your skills. The single post casting design on these double pedals allows for ease of movement between the hi-hat and the pedal. You can play the pedals independently or simultaneously. 

The single-chain offset cam lets you achieve a quick response on your strikes. You can find the sweet spot on both bass pedals, developing speed on your hits while doing the least amount of work. As a result, you can stay on top of the beats and achieve your desired bass drum speed. 

Foot slippage can be a problem, especially on carpeted floors, but not with the DWCP2022. The pedal features a steel base plate to eliminate skidding and velcro and adjustable floor spikes to keep the pedal in place. It gives you the floor stability you need to rock on with your music. 

You also get a stroke adjustment allowing you to adjust your stroke's distance and angles, affecting each stroke's speed, volume, and power. If you’re a metal drummer, keep it close to the bass drum for more aggressive power. Conversely, a jazz player might want it further away for a subtler sound. 



  • Series: 2000
  • Drive: Single-Chain Drive 
  • Point of Contact: Two-sided beater 
  • Hardware: Bass drum pedals
  • Additional Features:
    • Dual-adjustable tow clamp 
    • Single-post casting design 
    • Dual-surfaced flyweight beaters 


  • Reputable brand 
  • A firm feeling while maintaining speed 
  • Quick response and recovery 
  • All metal construction for durability 
  • Smooth movement between hat-side pedal and hi-hat 


  • Designed for students, weekend warriors, etc.—not ideal for professional musicians

Who’s This For?

The DW DWCP2022 double bass pedal is an excellent choice for beginners. Thanks to the adjustable strokes, it’s up to the task for jazz, metal, and rock drummers.


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3. PDP 800 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal with Double Chain

One of the best budget double pedal offerings comes from one of the top drum manufacturers in the world. PDP 800 Series offers a simplistic yet highly meticulously designed drum pedal to encourage fast and smooth play on the drums. 

The PDP 800 Series is masterfully designed with a unique concentric drive system and footboard that is lighter, plays faster, and feels smooth to the touch. 

Many drummers who like to play fast prefer the longboard foot pedals. The PDP 800 comes with an extended footboard, which is helpful if you prefer using the heel/toe or rocking techniques to facilitate rapid double strokes. They also provide enhanced comfort for people with larger shoe sizes. 

Also, the double-chain drive design is very smooth compared to many top-range pedals from other manufacturers. Its heavy-weight metal construction ensures weight underfoot and durability. 

The telescoping linkage and spring are adjustable so that you can optimize the height to your desired setting for added comfort. The PDP 800 includes many adjustable options such as throw distance adjusting, spring tensioning with high-quality springs, and beater height adjustments. 



  • Series: Hardware 
  • Drive: Concentric cam 
  • Point of Contact: Two-way beater
  • Hardware: Bass drum pedals
  • Additional Features:
    • Solid base plate 
    • XF extended footboard 


  • Stylish design 
  • Responsive playing
  • Durable construction 
  • Plenty of adjustable options  
  • Feels comfortable and natural to play 


  • Some may prefer direct drive  

Who’s This For?

Metal and progressive rock drummers will enjoy the drive system allowing you to play double beats easily while still achieving excellent power. It’s also great for beginners, funk and R&B musicians, and reggae musicians.


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4. Tama Iron Cobra 200 Double Pedal 

The Tama Iron Cobra 200 delivers power glide technology to ensure powerful impact while maintaining lightweight action. 

At the core of the Tama Iron Cobra 200 is their unique Power Glide cam, which provides a smooth, light, and natural feeling for drummers. This cam accelerates the stroke with ferocious power as it travels to the bass drum head. It streamlines and eliminates the spring friction with a built-in ball-bearing rocker. 

One of the Tama Iron Cobra's best attributes is adjustability. With its beater angle adjustment and spring adjustment, you can modify the angle of the beater along with the height of the pedal. 

A half-moon-shaped spring tension rod prevents loss of power transmission by keeping the spring from twisting. It keeps the tension constant, allowing you to maintain good power no matter the adjustments. These adjustments allow you to customize the double pedal to your liking so that you can play with the optimal speed and precision needed for your playing style. 

Also, their unique Cobra Coil steel spring swiftly returns the footboard to its original position for a smooth playing feel. Adjusting the coil to different positions on the base plate allows you to fine-tune the response. 



  • Series: Iron Cobra
  • Drive: Power glide cam
  • Point of Contact: Single-point beater
  • Hardware: Bass drum pedals
  • Additional Features:
    • Spring tight 
    • Power glide 


  • Pedals are smooth and responsive 
  • Well-made and solid metal construction 
  • Excellent recoil and striking power 
  • Phenomenal speed and variable tension 
  • Stylish design 
  • Many adjustable options to choose from


  • They can be difficult to obtain sometimes.

Who’s This For?

If you’re a drummer looking for massive power with smooth operation, you should consider the Tama Iron Cobra 200. Drummers who will appreciate this pedal include beginners and intermediate players, acoustic musicians, metal and progressive drummers, and jazz drummers.


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Still Unsure Which Double Bass Pedal is For You? Get in Touch.

Double bass pedals elevate the speed and power of your performance, adding more punch to your bass and letting you play more complex rhythms. 

Decades of experience and testing all types of double bass pedals have allowed us to narrow down the selection to four pedals. You’ll be able to find the best pedal suited for your experience, needs, and budget, whether you opt for Gibraltar, DW, PDP, or Tama.

Click the links above to start outfitting your kit, or contact our customer service team at Drum of Center Portsmouth today for more questions!

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