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6 Best Double Bass Pedals for 2022

6 Best Double Bass Pedals for 2022

Bass pedals are great to have in your drum kit because they make doubling up bass rhythms much easier. Double bass pedal playing is a technique most commonly used by drummers in the alternative genre. They're perfect for beginners who need help with their swivel or heel-toe and even for experienced drummers who want the high speeds that a double bass pedal provides. With all of the options on the market, it can be challenging to decide on a model that is well-suited for you. This review will take the guesswork out of your hunt for the perfect double bass pedal, so you can get started on creating well-arranged breakdowns and quick odd time signature grooves. In this comprehensive buyer's guide, we're going to take a close look at 2022's best double bass pedals.

Our Top Rated Product

For those in a hurry, our top-rated pick for double bass pedals is the Yamaha DFP-9C Chain Drive Double Bass Pedal. This model, which is "engineered for your sole," is loved for its swiftness and easy adjustments. With this model, you get even tension, a wide range of pedal movement, and a heavy-duty build. Keep reading to have a look at the complete Yamaha DFP-9C review, or jump ahead to our review table here.  

1 DW 9000 Double Pedal Extended Footboard: Best Option for Beginners

DW 9000 Double Pedal Extended Footboard: Best Option for Beginners



  • Longer footboard than standard 9000 series boards
  • Option to switch between chain drive and nylon strap
  • Easy adjustability


  • N/A

Like the original model, the DW 9000 Double Pedal Extended Footboard brings great features and easy adjustability. One key difference is the 1" extension of the footboard. This model has a Tri-Pivot toe clamp system, an EZ Adjust cam, and a non-slip rubber grip base plate. The EZ adjust cam makes it super easy to switch between turbo drive and accelerator. You also have the option to swap out the chain drive with a nylon strap, which comes with the product. Other features like the free-floating rotor-drive system and rotating swivel spring make it easy to customize this model to your exact preferences, so you can have the most seamless drumming experience. The 9000 series uses world-class hardware like memory looks on the tube joints and the base assembly, large reset handles, secondary tilter locks, cymbal space adjusters, and more. This model is perfect for hobbyists who want to improve their drumming and for experts who want a piece of equipment that can keep up with them. Thanks to the friction-reducing bearings, players get a smooth and comfortable playing experience. This model by DW is made to be powerful, customizable, and well-fitted.



  • Double kick pedal
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • EZ Infinite adjustable cam
  • Switch from accelerator to turbo drive
  • Chain drive or included nylon strap
  • Tri-pivot toe clamp
  • Free-floating rotor-drive system
  • Non-Sleep rubber grip base plate

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The DW 9000 Extended Footboard double bass drum pedal is an excellent upgrade from the original DW 9000 because of the longer footboard. Because of features like the tri-pivot toe clamp system and the Ez Adjust cam, this model gives users a desirable amount of adjustability. If you're into customizability and comfort above all else, give this model a try.


2 DW Pedals: Machined Chain Drive Double Pedal: Best for Experienced Drummers

DW Pedals: Machined Chain Drive Double Pedal: Best for Experienced Drummers



  • Stability
  • Perfect stroke
  • Durability


  • High price

DW has over 30 years of experience making some of the most sought after drums, stands, pedals, and other types of drum equipment. Their double bass pedals are no different. Few pedals are as aesthetically pleasing and well-engineered at the DW Machine Chain Drive Double Pedal. This model is made with boutique-style features and the same build-quality as its direct drive cousin. Although the price is high, you get an incredible response and silent speed with this product. Some drummers prefer the response and feel of a chain drive pedal. This model boasts durability, adjustability, and speed. Few models are a better choice for your drum set.



  • Made from solid aluminum
  • Sprocket-less drive cam with shift lever for switching between cam settings
  • Perforated footboard with contoured heel plate
  • Interlocking Delta hinge
  • Tri-Pivot Swivel Toe Clamp
  • Control beater
  • V.E.R.T Vertical Spring Adjustment
  • Floating Rotor Drive System
  • Includes carrying case

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While this model's price point is high, you get a lot of desirable features if you decide to purchase it. Thanks to the solid aluminum boat, you get a classic look and a smooth feel, The sprocket-less drive cam with a shift lever makes it super easy to switch between cam settings, and the V.E.R.T Vertical Spring Adjustment makes it so you can fine-tune any actions. Overall, this model is a great choice for drummers who want a high-performance double bass pedal that looks and feels great.

3 Tama Dyna-Sync Double Pedal: Best for Customizable Features

Tama Dyna-Sync Double Pedal: Best for Customizable Features



  • Lower chance of false doubles
  • Customizability
  • High-speed


  • Some users say that there aren't enough features for the price point

The TAMA Dyna-Sync Double Pedal was created in collaboration with different TAMA artists, including swing players and metal drummers. Because of Tama's threefold Dynamic Synchronization System, this pedal brings precision, power, and comfort. The angle-aligned Optimized Transmission Design creates a smooth response and makes for extreme power and swiftness. The Dual Linkage design connects the footboards and cam at four different points. This means you won't waste any motion. Non-stepped Slidable Cams makes for a customizable drumming experience in each of your feet. Because of the Conical Dyna Beaters, the chances of unwanted double strokes are reduced. This is because the beaters impact the batter head evenly.



  • Threefold Dynamic Synchronization system
  • Angled-aligned Optimized Transmission design
  • Dual Linkage cam connections
  • Non-stepped slidable cams
  • Para-Clamp II Pro hoop clamp
  • Cobra-series mainstays
  • Motion-maximizing swivel adjustment spring
  • Oiles bearing hinge
  • Adjustable footboard
  • Conical Dyna-Beaters

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This is another model that offers a lot of customizable features, making it ideal for drummers who want a personalized feel. Opt for this model if you are looking for smooth responses, speed, and less wasted motion.

4 Tama Speed Cobra 910 Twin Pedal: Best for Speed

Tama Speed Cobra 910 Twin Pedal: Best for Speed



  • Many features that help players achieve maximum speed
  • Smoother motion thanks to footboard positions
  • No wobbling
  • Fair price


  • Durability issues

There aren't many pedals that rose to popularity as quickly as the Tama Speed Cobra 910 Twin Pedal. It used to be that you couldn't get both speed and power in a pedal, but Tama changed everything with this product. Made for serious drumming enthusiasts, this model has a footboard with an extra-long surface for maximum output with minimal effort. The stability of this model is due to the Super Stabilizer design that uses a wider baseplate and frame. There is a 3-piece Hinge Guard Block at each pedal's heel to make for a more durable hinge point and improved control and speed. One of the most notable features of this model is the recessed setting feature that positions the top of each footboard away from the cams. It's this that gives the pedals their smooth motion. The LiteSprocket Rolling Glide symmetrical cam uses a double-chain. Coupled with the longer footboard, players get improved power and speed. Wobbling isn't a problem with this product because of the Quick-Hook spring attachment. Thanks to the Swivel Spring Tight Tension locking mechanism, players can enjoy free spring movement and a smooth feel while playing.



  • Wide baseplate
  • Para Clamp II Pro
  • 3-piece hinge construction & hinge guard block
  • Fast Foot pedalboard
  • Recessed setting
  • Fastball Bearing
  • Round LiteSprocket
  • Super Spring
  • Cobra Coil
  • Vari-Pitch

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For the low price, these pedals are a dream. They can elevate any drummer's game because of the features that maximize speed and precision. If you're looking for an affordable double bass pedal that is easy-to-use and powerful, this model is for you.

5 Yamaha DFP-9D Direct Drive Double With Case: Best for those on a Budget

Yamaha DFP-9D Direct Drive Double With Case: Best for those on a Budget



  • No secondary pedal lag
  • Stabilizing features
  • Comes with case
  • Simple drum key adjustments
  • Trustworthy brand


  • N/A

Yamaha is a brand that doesn't need any introduction. This pedal is designed with the spirit of Yamaha racing, creating fast motions and allowing for easy adjustability. The easy-access auto-lock spring adjustment makes for instant player feedback. The swivel spring mounting allows even tension through the entire range of pedal movements. Customizability is not in short supply with this model thanks to the calm and direct drive adjustments. To maximize energy output, this pedal uses a ball bearing drive connection. To reduce bass drum and pedal movement, this product comes with stabilizing and anti-skid heel spikes. The Yamaha DFP-9D is a straightforward and powerful bass pedal with easy adjustability and many powerful features.



  • Auto-lock spring adjustment
  • Swivel spring mounting
  • Ball-bearing drive connection
  • All-bearing universal joints
  • Secondary pedal anchor
  • Stabilizing and anti-skid heel spikes
  • Axle-stabilizing bearing chamber with focused beater momentum
  • Heavy-duty casing with subframe
  • Weight-adjustable beater
  • Side-access hoop clamp
  • Racing-inspired semi-hard case

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If you're the type that only wants tried and true equipment, this is the model for you. Yamaha is a reliable and well-known brand that creates incredible equipment. This double bass pedal is no different. Aside from adjustability features, this model reduces lost energy which makes for a superior feel. 

6 Yamaha DFP-9C Chain Drive: Best Overall Option

Yamaha DFP-9C Chain Drive: Best Overall Option



  • Durability
  • Reduced pedal and bass drum movement
  • Minimal lag


  • Requires regular maintenance

The DFP-9C Chain Drive Double Bass Pedal is another product by Yamaha that delivers when it comes to power and feel. This product has many of the same features as the 9D model, but it is a chain drive pedal instead of a direct drive. Chain drives are very durable, but they do not compromise on adjustability. Because they operate using a chain, they are less likely to stretch or snap. Overall, they offer a nice balance of features, but they do require regular maintenance. The DFP-9C uses a heavy-duty frame and ball bearing placement to maximize focused stroke energy and produce the best sound output. Its innovative design makes for fluid pedal movements, reduced drag/resistance, and high performance.



  • Auto-lock spring adjustment
  • Swivel spring mounting
  • Direct drive adjustments
  • Ball bearing drive connection
  • All-bearing universal joints
  • Secondary pedal anchor
  • Stabilizing and anti-skid heel spikes
  • Axle-stabilizing bearing chamber
  • Heavy-duty casing
  • Weight-adjustable beater
  • Side-access hoop clamp
  • Semi-hard case

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Like the DFP-9D, this model comes with Yamaha's promise of high-quality products with desirable features. Choose this model if you want a double bass pedal that is more durable than its direct drive counterpart, but doesn't compromise on power or feel.

Buyers Guide

Before purchasing a pair of double bass pedals, you'll want to understand the features of double bass pedals and consider what you want out of it. There are many company's that create excellent products, so it can be challenging to decide what you want. Each type of pedal has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some features to look for as you begin your search for the perfect double bass pedal:

Drive Type

You have the option to choose between a chain drive, belt drive, and direct drive. Each type has some unique characteristics that are worth distinguishing between.

Chain drive: Chain drive pedals do have a slower response time, but not by much. This type of pedal is durable, adjustable, and usually has a good range of features. However, they are a bit noisy and do have to be cleaned regularly.

Belt drive: Belt drive pedals are sought after because of their speed. They are also easy to transport because of how lightweight they are. However, they aren't as durable as other types and they have a bit more lag.

Direct drive: Direct drive pedals are great because they don't have any lag. Not only are they ultra-durable, but they require little to no maintenance. Unfortunately, direct drive pedals aren't as durable.

Balance and Adjustability

Balance is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a pedal. You have to make sure that the left and right pedals are even on the model you choose. In some cases, you may notice that one of the pedals is looser than the other. If this is the case, one of your feet will be working harder than the other. Some models allow you to adjust the spring tension for each foot. Adjustability is another important factor to consider. Good pedals should allow you to adjust them as much as possible. Make sure you have the ability to adjust the spring tension, the beater height, and the distance between the pedals. Overall, the pedals have to feel right for you. Your comfort is the most important thing, so give every product that you try a test drive before you commit to the purchase. For example, if you purchase a pedal with heavy beaters, you'll have to exert more energy.  


What to consider when buying double pedals?

When on the hunt for double pedals you want to keep a few things in mind. First, consider the adjustability of the pedals. A quality option will allow you to adjust any part of the bass drum that feels uncomfortable for you. You also want to consider accessories and add-ons that are included. These can include drum keys, heel raisers, toe stops, interchangeable drive systems, and carrying cases. Lastly, set a price limit for how much you're willing to spend. You can spend anywhere from $150 to $1000.

How do I know I'm ready to buy double pedals?

It's never too early to invest in double pedals. When you feel like you're playing quickly with one foot, look into some double pedals.

How much should I expect to spend?

Double pedals range in price. You can expect to pay as little as $150 and as much as $1000.

Do I need a double bass pedal?

You don't need a double bass pedal, but they are great to have because they give you an increase in power and allow you to play complex kick drum patterns. In a standard 5-piece arrangement, one foot is used to open and close the hi-hat. If you free up this foot and use it to play another kick part, you can play much more swiftly.

Who uses double bass pedals?

Double bass pedals are used by drummers at all experience levels. Players of the rock genre make up the biggest chunk of double bass pedal users. Certain styles of metal use extreme drumming, which is why the double bass pedal comes in handy.

What are the drawbacks of double bass pedals?

With double kick pedals, low frequencies of air take a bit more time to move. This can lead to a muddled sound. Drummers who use this type of pedal tune kick drums to high pitches and use skins to enhance their drum's attack.  

Bottom Line

Choosing a bass drum pedal can be difficult since there are so many available options. Your first step is to decide whether you want a direct drive, belt drive, or chain drive. All three have similarities and differences, and it's up to you to decide whether you want to prioritize durability or feel. All of the models we reviewed are customizable, powerful, and comfortable to use. Consider factors like your price range and desired feel before you make a final decision. Ultimately, the double bass pedal that you choose has to feel right for you. Few things are as personal as a drum pedal, so make sure you try various options before you pick. The one that you choose should have adjustability features that allow you to make it your own. Whatever you choose, our team at Drum Center of Portsmouth is committed to ensuring you have an excellent customer service experience. We carry the finest products at the best prices. If you'd like to contact us to learn more about any of the products mentioned in this guide, click here.

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