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10 Of The Best 13 Inch Snare Drums in 2022

10 Of The Best 13 Inch Snare Drums in 2022

When shopping for a new snare drum, most drummers will generally gravitate towards one that is 14 inches in diameter. 13 inch snare drums can oftentimes be overlooked as a novelty, perhaps only suitable when tuned up high and "poppy". At the Drum Center of Portsmouth, we're all about dispelling stereotypes. In our latest video comparison, we're showcasing the tuning range of ten amazing 13 inch snare drums! Here are the snare drums we chose to feature:


Gretsch USA Solid Aluminum Snare Drum 13x6

With its classic Lightning throw-off, diecast hoops, Snap-in key holder, Gretsch Round badge, Permatone coated top head, and 20-strand snare wires, the seamless Gretsch USA Solid Aluminum's beefy aluminum shell projects a ton of focused, articulate sound.

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Canopus 'The Maple' Snare Drum 13x6.5

Sporting a classic Natural Oil finish, "The Maple" by Canopus is a staff favorite here at Drum Center of Portsmouth. This 13x6.5" model is one of those snare drums that will do it all. The 8-ply shell configuration is optimized for maximum projection. 8 premium, brass-plated single point lugs give it just the right balance of openness and tunability. It's responsive and thick at lower tunings, and it screams when it's cranked up. Canopus diecast hoops tame the overtones just enough. This is the ultimate instrument for the serious drummer!

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Mapex Black Panther 13x7 Hydra Snare Drum

The New Mapex Black Panthers follow the tradition Mapex conceived long ago: Create the best sounding and performing snare drums for an attractive price point. They just keep getting better! The Hydra boasts a premium 13x7 Maple/Walnut hybrid shell, with equally premium appointments, including the Design Lab Air Flow Venting, and the Soniclear Snare Beds to provide enhanced sensitivity.

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Sonor Vintage Series Snare Drum 13x6

Like the original Teardrop drums, the VINTAGE series snare drums feature hand-selected premium German Beech shells with rounded bearing edges. Sonor has carefully recreated the look of the 1950s teardrop lug and updated it with Sonors exclusive Tunesafe tuning system. Not overlooking any details, Sonor has redesigned the Superprofil triple flanged hoops, and brought back the timeless Sonor logo and badge used between 1952 and 1961.

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Gretsch Brooklyn Steel Snare Drum 13x7

The Gretsch Brooklyn Steel features Gretsch "302" 3mm/double-flanged hoops, Lightning throw off and butt plate, "Snap-in" drum key holder, 20-strand snare wires and Gretsch Permatone drum heads. The steel shells resonate with classic, musical tones and are extremely versatile. The "302" hoops provide a timbre that is more open and ambient than traditional Gretsch die-cast hoops.

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Yamaha Recording Custom Brass Snare Drum 13x6.5

Traditional Yamaha Recording Custom drummers tend to prefer metal snares on their kit; the brightness rounds out the overall sound of the kit well. This 13x6.5 Recording Custom Brass is relatively new addition to the RC lineup has a full sound with rich mid-range, along with a broad tuning range. Features include a 1.2mm brass shell, 2.3mm DynaHoops, and premium 20-strand wires.

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DW Collectors Series Satin Black Brass Snare Drum 13x7

What a beast! This is one of the meanest looking snares we've had in our showroom. Featuring a thin industry-standard 1mm shell, coated in satin black nickel, and adorned with the premium fittings, this Collector's Series brass is a versatile workhorse snare drum. Suitable for a variety of musical applications, it offers that sought-after "classic studio brass snare sound" for whatever you're into. Bright projection with pleasant metallic overtones. You'll be drawn to this snare for its looks, and love it for its performance.

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Mapex MPX Birch Snare Drum - 13x6

MPX Birch Snare Drums deliver a crisp and bright attack, balanced tone, and a shorter sustain that result in enhanced overall projection, allowing the sound to cut through the rest of the band. This INCREDIBLY affordable drum performs well in a variety of styles, from Funk to Hard Rock.

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Dunnett Classic Titanium Snare Drum 13x6.5 Brushed Black

Ronn Dunnett makes the best Titanium shells on the market. This 13x6.5 model sports a magnificently subtle textured black finish, along with Tube lugs, hypervent, R4 Strainer, and Dunnett triple flanged hoops.

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George Way Aristocrat Acacia Snare Drum 13x6.5 Hot Red

The George Way Aristocrat has a distinct, unique tone thanks to its Acacia wood shell. This particular Aristocrat features old-school George Way Turret lugs, along with a mind-blowing Hot Red lacquer finish.


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These ten 13 inch snare drums opened our ears to their ability to fit nicely into a wide range of musical applications. Check out our full selection of 13” snare drums here - we think you’ll be glad that you did!

2 months ago