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Ahead Snare Drums: Premium Value

Ahead Snare Drums: Premium Value

Ahead is primarily known for their drum sticks. You may have heard that they also made snare drums, but dismissed them as being a viable option as your main axe. I mean, how good can a drumstick brand’s snare drum be? The answer certainly surprised us.

A Recipe For Sweet Tone

Just like any delicious meal, the secret to a great snare drum sound is in the ingredients. Like many well-established manufacturers, Ahead snare drums feature a variety of desirable shell types. These shells include single ply maple, titanium, chrome over brass and beefy cast bell brass. What elevates these materials is the quality of the components Ahead adorns their snare drums with.

Every Ahead snare drum features S-Hoops on the top and bottom. S-Hoops are more dense than your typical triple-flanged drum hoop, which help tame overtones, improve tuning stability and allow for a more consistent rim-shot.

For exceptional snare response, you need exceptional snare wires. Ahead snare drums use premium Fatcat wires, which allow for ultimate control over snare response. Fatcats give you separate control of center wire tension via a clever screw-adjustment, allowing for unprecedented (and perhaps unnecessary) incremental levels of sensitivity.

Naturally, your snare wires are only as good as your throw-off. To this end, Ahead snare drums all ship with one of two high-end throw-offs; Trick or Dunnett. Each of these brands represents the pinnacle of their function.

If we were going to choose the heads for any snare drum, it would be Remo USA Ambassadors. Every Ahead snare drum comes stock with Ambassadors, which means these are ready to go, straight out of the box. It’s always an added-value when you don’t have to spend any extra cash on these kinds of upgrades.

Once you get these snare drums dialed in, you can be confident that they will remain so from set to set thanks to all the thought Ahead put into their tension rod choice. Tightscrews are manufactured with a delrin insert that prevents the rods from backing out of tune prematurely. (Literally) on top of that, Danmar Sleeved washers add a second line of de-tuning defense. 

In summation, Ahead snare drums are crafted from the finest ingredients available, which results in a 5-star tonal experience for the consumer. Best of all, you don’t have to pay a premium price for such a bougie experience. These snare drums give you the right kind of sticker-shock, especially after you experience how they feel and sound!

24 days ago