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10 Of The Best Brass Snare Drums in 2022

10 Of The Best Brass Snare Drums in 2022

10 Of The Best Brass Snare Drums in 2022

When it comes to metal snare drums, no metal is more prolific than brass. There is a huge variety of brass snare drum shell types on the market - cast, spun, beaded, chrome or nickel plated, and more! In our latest comparison video, we’ve curated a well-rounded list of 10 diverse, yet equally amazing sounding brass snare drums!


Ludwig Supraphonic Raw Brass

The striking Ludwig Raw Brass snare drum puts a new spin on an old classic. At the core is a 1.2mm seamless center-beaded brass shell of the same quality as Ludwig's legendary Black Beauties. The raw unfinished exterior is impactful both visually and sonically - with a natural patina and completely unfiltered top end. This handsome Raw Brass snare has sensitivity and tone that begs to be recorded on your next studio project. Other notable features include a throwback Keystone badge, Imperial lugs, and a sensitive P88 throw off. We are big fans of this drum!


Tama Signature Series Snare Drum John Tempesta 14x7

There are some big John Tempesta fans at Drum Center of Portsmouth. His signature sound can be described as tight, loud, and aggressive. The 7x14 Tama John Tempesta Signature Series Snare Drum is the personification of his style. The combination of a 42-strand snappy snare with a 2mm thick, 7" brass shell gives the JT147 a loud, powerful sound that has a unique depth of tone. The brushed black nickel finish, with black nickel hardware and beefy die-cast hoops give the drum an appropriate aggressive look. This is one signature model snare drum from Tama you need to check out.


DW Collectors Black Nickel Over Brass Snare Drum 14x6.5

What a beast! This is one of the meanest looking snares we've had in our showroom. Featuring a thin industry-standard 1mm shell, plated in black nickel, and adorned with the premium fittings, this Collector's Series brass is a versatile workhorse snare drum. Suitable for a variety of musical applications, it offers that sought-after "classic studio brass snare sound" for whatever you're into. Bright projection with pleasant metallic overtones. You'll be drawn to this snare for its looks, and love it for its performance.


Keplinger Brass Snare Drum

No frills. No nonsense. No badge. Not fragile. Keplinger snare drums have made such massive waves in the industry that they don’t need a badge to be identified. Those with a trained ear can pick out the massive, raw tone of a Kep from a mile away, and his Brass Models are no exception. Ideal for both stage and studio.


Yamaha Recording Custom Brass Snare Drum

The newest addition of the metal snare lineup to the Recording Custom series represents the addition of Yamaha's finest snare drums, using Steve Gadd's valuable input to its maximum. It adds a superb consistency, allowing drummers to fully utilize the sound functionality of the kit. This Recording Custom Brass features full sound, rich mid-range, and a wide tuning range at an affordable price.


British Drum Company Bluebird Snare Drum 14x6

A classic chrome-over-brass with a difference. The Bluebird shell is 14" x 6" deep with double-beads to focus the sound and combined with BDC’s Palladium hardware create subtle nuances that boost the synergy between the shell, the heads and the snare wires to produce a musical rather than metallic sound.

The Bluebird also delivers superb response sensitivity across the whole batter head meaning you can play well defined rimshots, while side-sticking will be tight and cutting. This broad response sensitivity also means accuracy brush work takes on a fuller and richer dimension - digging in delivers more punch - rolls are articulated and cut clearly - and accents can be seriously ripping.

Above all the Bluebird is designed to cut through in any situation. Even raging guitars can't bury this drum. And it's not a matter of having to play harder to be heard; this chrome beauty cuts through the chaos with ease.


Pearl Duoluxe Inlaid Chrome over Brass Snare Drum

In celebration of 75 years of iconic drumming sounds and sciences, Pearl’s DuoLuxe is a modern take on a legendary, interplanetary snare drum sound. With dual inverted shell beads, Pearl takes the chrome over brass alloy shell of their classic Jupiter snare and inlays it with two finish bands of Nicotine White Marine Pearl. This gives the shell a singular look and adds tonal control to its unbridled sound. The classic BSL Battleship Lugs, smooth SR017 Strainer, and solid 2.3mm SuperHoop II triple flanged hoops balance out the package, for classically graceful drumming charisma.


Mapex Black Panther 14x6.5 Persuader Snare Drum

Few drum manufacturers are able to compete with Mapex Black Panther Snare drums value proposition. The quality of this hammered brass “Persuader” is top flite. The shell, the hardware, and most importantly the SOUND are equal to (or better than) many snare drums that cost much more!


Gretsch USA Bell Brass Snare Drum 14x6.5

Bell brass snare drums are sought after for their smooth, pure timbre and controlled overtones, not to mention their powerful cut. The Gretsch 3.0mm cast bell brass shell shares the warm characteristics of wood with the powerful cut of a metal drum. Additional features include Lightning throw-off, die cast hoops, ‘Snap-In’ key holder and 20-strand snare wire.


Dunnett Chrome Over Brass 2N

Dunnett Snare Drums are quite simply the industry standard. This innovative, moderately heavy, beaded chrome over brass shell features patented hybrid edge design with a straight edge on the snare side and a flanged edge on the batter side. This gives the Dunnett 2N COB maximum dynamic range with supreme sensitivity.

That’s our list of 10 of the best brass snare drums currently available here at Drum Center of Portsmouth. If these don’t suit your fancy, check out our entire inventory of brass snare drums at!

21 days ago