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Drum Center Portsmouth Blog

  • Hand Drum Jams @ DCP!

    African Drum Circle Jam Session
    Facilitated by:
    Dawn Lake – Drum It out*
    Presented by:
    Drum Center of Portsmouth
    No experience needed!
    Every Tuesday Night!
    Time: 6-7pm
    Place: Drum Center of Portsmouth
    144 Lafayette Rd [Rte 1], N. Hampton, NH
    [12 minutes from downtown Portsmouth]
    Admission: $10 at the door

    Drums provided or please bring your own!
    *Drums for sale at 10% discount

    *Dawn Lake [26-year Army veteran] is a certified Group Empowerment and HealthRhythms drum circle facilitator.

    * Drum it Out is the new drum circle provider for the Seacoast Area, featuring drumming for fun, group-empowerment, wellness, healing, team-building and special events.

    "It was way more fun than I imagined it would be!"
    -Dusty Knight, New Castle

    For more information or questions please call: 603-319-8109

  • Check out the Drum Buying Advice Video from DCP!

     “A strong relationship with a well respected retailer is one of the most valuable tools a drummer can have in his arsenal"

    We have so many different types of customers, many of which have the same issues.  Buying Drums should be FUN.  We're here to help with that, and save you money at the same time.

    There are many myths about purchasing drum gear, we want to help you weed through the nonsense and make the right choice, the first time! At DCP we are not salesmen, we are drummers. Check out the testimonials from our friends Adam Nussbaum, Todd Sucherman, Dave DiCenso, John Tempesta, Dave Mattacks, John "Bermuda" Schwartz, John "JR" Robinson, and Stanton Moore!


  • Walk Through Wednesday Wrap Up for 2017

    Due to the briskness of the holiday season, we had to back off our Walk Through Wednesday videos, which we will resume doing in 2018.  For now, we figured we'd put a little page together featuring highlights of them.  Enjoy!






  • William Ludwig III at DCP!

    Without a doubt, if you say the word "Drums" to anyone, the first name that comes to mind for most is "Ludwig."
    William Ludwig or "Bill" has a rich history in the industry, renowned for his ability to coordinate the business of Artist Relations and Marketing.  He will be here to answer any questions, show off his latest WFL III Snaredrums, and just hang and talk drums!
    This will be on on Saturday, September 30th from 12-5.
    Bring in any Ludwig gear that you would like signed, there is no charge for this event!

    f8c31358-78e7-4a95-94e1-e571c77befe3 dedf012d-0362-42c2-8f8c-78743fccced7 77bd52e1-b18e-42e4-90d5-80d3bad37210

    Check out our WFL III Snare Drums Here!

  • The New Names in High End Snare Drums

    I'm VERY passionate about drums. I love everything about them: the way they sound, the way they feel, the way they track, everything! I love the little nuances that differentiates each drum from the next. There are so many variables that add up to create that "magic" - a sound that becomes associated with greatness. I feel it was easier to associate "greatness" to particular snare drums in the past than it is now. Early on, everyone coveted the Black Beauties and Radio Kings. Then the Tama Bell Brass happened. Then Noble & Cooley appeared. Then we saw the names which I feel set the standard for "high end"; Brady and Craviotto.

    Brady employed block (or stave) shell construction, whereas Craviotto used a steam-bending process to craft their solid ply drums. Both had differing yet enviable sounds. Troubles at Brady occurred, and they were forced to close up shop. And as nice as the Craviotto snare drums were, the prices of the drums eventually climbed to a point that seemed to be aimed solely at collectors, not players.

    Other independent, high-end builders like Dunnett, Joyful Noise, AK, Longo, Montineri, Canopus, GMS, and Keplinger (among MANY others) have maintained their profiles and have continued to push the craft of making drums to the highest level. With so many to choose from, it really is the best time to be an enthusiast of the centerpiece of your kit : the snare drum!

    But I can't help but wonder: what's next? With this newly-formed void in the high-end drum market, who is going to step it up and establish the new pedigree?

    Well, we at DCP have been carefully considering this. We are regarded as an authority on high end snare drums, and many professionals and enthusiasts rely on our expertise in this matter. We have been actively seeking out and familiarizing ourselves with the sounds and tones of some of the newer names in high-end drums. That said, I really feel the time is right to introduce some of these snare drums as the new pedigree of craftsmanship and sound. Today, we will feature four, though one isn't new at all ... it's the oldest drum company in existence!

    No, they aren't the new kids on the block, but there's a renewed spirit at Noble & Cooley, and the drums sound better then ever. They've tweaked their specs a bit, and this has resulted in some truly amazing sounding drums that cater to players and collectors alike.

    From N&C:
    Founded in 1854 by Silas Noble and James Cooley, Noble & Cooley has been sustainably producing hand-crafted drums for over 160 years. Our wood is and always has been grown in our own back yard, and harvested right here in New England. As a company with great antiquity, we have evolved and perfected our products over time while preserving the importance of family tradition. Continuously owned and operated by direct descendants of James Cooley, the Noble & Cooley Company of today is still operated in its original location in Granville, Massachusetts.

    Noble And Cooley Solid Ply Cherry Snare Drum 14x7 

    Noble And Cooley Solid Ply Cherry Snare Drum 14x7 Oil/Brass w/ Burned Logo : Cherry produces a rich, projective midrange and balance without favoring the bass or treble frequencies. These drums have a more focused, crisp fundamental than maple.

    Video Demo of this Noble & Cooley Cherry

    We've carried an assortment of Unix drums for a few years. I was very intrigued by their drums the moment I saw them. The quality was outstanding, but the attention to detail was what really stood out to me. I've never seen such fine woodworking on drums in my life. Unix specializes in stave construction drums, and they've now released their steam-bent offerings (which fly out of here as soon as they land). The drums sound and look exquisite, and they have attractive pricing.

    Unix Drums Solid Ply Curly Maple Snare Drum 14x7 Wicked Blue Lacquer

    • 14x7 solid steambent curly maple shell w/ matching reinforcement hoops
    • Clear gloss lacquer
    • Flanged hoops
    • Dunnett R4 throwoff
    • Remo heads

    More Info Here

    Unix Drums Solid Ply Curly Maple Snare Drum 14x7 Natural Lacquer

    • 14x7 solid steambent curly maple shell w/ matching reinforcement hoops
    • Clear gloss lacquer
    • Flanged hoops
    • Dunnett R4 throwoff
    • Remo heads

    More Info Here

    Nearly everyone at DCP owns an Acoutin snare drum (even without any additional discount from Acoutin)! We've all bought one because they are invariably among the best sounding snare drums that we've ever heard, and we have over 400 snare drums in stock ... I think that says something! Combining lush tone woods with a thin stainless shell center, the Acoutin snares offer the best of both worlds. From brush playing to rimshots, these drum shine. If you want to get a different sound and a different feel, get an Acoutin. But be warned; these are VERY addictive!

    Have a look at this lovely Mahogany Stainless. Incredible sonic contrast.

    Watch The Video!

    Rhett Hendrix is one of the most tenacious, hard-working builders I've ever met. And I love his snare drums. He's the inventor of the sleeved washers, which many of you may already use. (For those not yet in the know, they replace your regular tension rod washers and help the drum stay in tune.) Rhett includes these washers on each of his drums, and all other appointments are of top quality. His drums, be it Bubinga, Maple, Ash, or Padauk, all have a unique but unifying character. There's a certain "confidence" to the sound of Hendrix snare drums, and that really appeals to the people that own them.

    Hendrix Stave Ash Snare Drum 14x6 Gloss

    My principle with drums has always been that the SOUND has to come first. There are a lot of great wood workers who have crafted some beautiful drums, but many of them haven't created a really great sound. I've watched the Hendrix drums for years, and they've proven themselves. They're boutique drums at a kick-butt price.

    Hendrix Snares with Video Demos

    We've reinstated our Just Arrived  page on our website, so the products will be added there as they become available.  Please bookmark this page and check it often.  We're constantly adding products!


    We have three different flexible options to help you get the gear you need.  We currently offer 0% in-store financing for visitors of our New Hampshire store. For our web customers, Paypal credit is available, offering 6 months with no interest, or you can get financing terms up to 60 months by applying here.

  • Drum Center of Portsmouth 8th Anniversary/Grand Opening Event - Saturday June 3rd!

    We are combining 2 BIG milestones : our 8th Birthday, and our GRAND OPENING event in our NEW location! So this means MORE FOOD, MORE SALES, MORE FREE STUFF! As many know, this is our biggest event of the year and it never fails to disappoint.



    144 Lafayette Road
    North Hampton NH

    To celebrate our 8th anniversary, as well as our new location, we will be offering a 15% discount on all regularly-priced, in-stock items!*

    We also have the craziest list of free giveaways that we've ever had!

    From the beginning, my intention with these giveaways has been to give back to our customers who support us, and we've found that each year, the list of items we raffle off grows and grows, and so do the crowds! That said, due to the vast number of items we have to give away, we've decided to separate the stash into two categories:

    - Small accessories and swag will be raffled off to everyone in attendance; no purchase necessary.

    - Giveaway items that have a retail value of $299 or more will be reserved for customers who have spent $199 or more this year with us. This will include any purchases made during our anniversary event (even at the sales price, which is our lowest price of the year).

    Please note: Giveaway winners will be selected and announced at 3:00PM on Saturday June 3rd. Winners must be present to claim prizes.


    If you win an item that is valued at $199 or more and you do not wish to keep it, you can opt to donate it back, and DCP will then donate it to a local music education program. Should you opt out of keeping your prize, this will lock you in to an automatic 10% discount on all purchases of any regular-priced items for the remainder of 2017!

    Not local, or just can’t make it to the event? No worries! We will have a special for you too; look for an email on Saturday morning (or perhaps even Friday afternoon).

    *Some brand restrictions apply. Special prices are for in-stock products only. Sale price is not retroactive on prior purchases - no exceptions. (I’m sorry that we have to put this in here, but based on experiences, we have to: Please don't be upset and tell us that we're awful people and that you'll never do business again with us because we won't refund you the discount price for an item you purchased earlier.) Discount does not apply to used, consigned, or blowout/clearance items. Transaction needs to occur in our store or on our website. Sale price will be 15% off our web price, or it will be our already-discounted in-store price - whichever is lower.


  • DW Drums at DCP - We've Moved - Grand Opening

    Here to Stay.

    Drum Center of Portsmouth has found our new permanent home; a 20,000 square foot building with tons of charm and character,and we've already filled it with drums!

    Our goal is to be your sole percussion supplier.  We want you to have confidence in us to know that we can make the right suggestions when you order with us.  We know that selling you the item is just a small piece in our relationship.  We want to be able to display the items well, be able to tell the story of the product, or brand, or both, and we want to be able ship it the same day, at the right price.  This is why we've taken on this massive undertaking of moving to this big location.  This is just the beginning.   It's only going to get better from here!

    When we opened in 2009, it was in an 800 square foot shoebox that was half empty.  Because of your support, we've been able to create one of the largest independently owned drum stores in the United States, creating jobs for several drummers, and becoming a significant benefactor for several music education outlets.
    Our mission is to create the best possible experience - I hope we can do that for you.

    Financing Available!

    zero_percent_financing_4773 We've been hearing from customers that they want the option to split their payments up.  We have 2 options, for customers that are not near us, we have it on our site, click this link and you can apply there.  For customers nearby, come in and apply and receive your own DCP Family card with a revolving line of credit!

    DW Drums are now available at DCP!images-1

    DW has been the one major line we haven't carried, and we have a lot of customers wanting to buy them.  Shane visitied the factory in January and decided the time was right to bring them on board once we had more space.  That time has come, and we have nearly 40 snares that we're preparing to film and upload, and several kits too.  We're a full line dealer, we can get you what you need.  

    DCP 8th Anniversary/Grand Opening Event is June 3rd!


    Mark your calendars - our Anniversary events have become legendary with the deals/giveaways/celebrity visits - and FREE FOOD!  Be sure to be at this one.  It will be the best yet.  We'll send details soon.

  • Drum Center of Portsmouth is Closed 4/1 and 4/2

    We are closed during the move on Saturday, April 1 and Sunday, April 2.  We will Re-Open for phone orders on Monday, April 3, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be open for the public as anticipated on Monday.  We will be opening later in the week.  Please keep your eye on our facebook page (www.facebook.com/drumcenternh) or Twitter, (https://twitter.com/drumcenternh) for updates.


  • DCP is Moving!

    Key Dates:
    April 1: Closed
    April 2: Closed
    April 3rd: Open in our new location!
    144 Lafayette Road
    North Hampton NH

  • Black Friday at DCP!

    Black Friday at DCP!

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