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Maxonix CymTone Drumstick Impact Rings 10pk

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Product Description

Don't change sticks, upgrade; make your favorite sticks even better! Maxonix CymTone Drumstick Impact Rings are like an effects pedal for your cymbals. They even let you create layered sounds with double impact hits. They are also black-light reactive, so they glow under black lights (and some types of blue LEDs). Great for cool looking live performance visuals, and in videos too. CymTone rings are made from a very special premium-quality, non-marking, and acoustically reactive silicone polymer blend - custom made exclusively for Maxonix, not available anywhere else.

  • Keep using your favorite sticks
  • Easy to add
  • Instant Results
  • Create unique sounds
  • Get double impact FX
  • Fits all sticks size 5A & thicker
  • Non-marking
  • Glow under black light

Use & Placement:

To maintain your usual cymbal playing style, place cymTone rings onto sticks just below the spot where your sticks normally impact cymbals, so you can continue to play as usual. When you want the added cymTone sound, simply adjust your stroke a little so that the ring makes contact with the cymbal. With a little practice, you can target and vary the amount of wood and cymTone ring(s) that hit, or combination of both to create varied sounds. Alternative placement; put onto stick below where your hand grips the stick (the "butt end" of the stick). Then, switching stick ends provides the opportunity to get cymTone ring impact sounds. This technique may be combined with other placements at the same time. Try cymTone rings in different configurations & combinations to create varied sounds or to get your ideal sound results, such as: 
  • single
  • double (tight or spaced apart)
  • triple (tight or spaced apart)
  • quadruple (tight or spaced apart)
  • separated single & double pairings
  • stacked or intertwined multiple rings

Hitting cymTone rings against the sharp edges of cymbals may damage & cut the rings. For best results & long product life, impacts against the upper surface of cymbals are recommended -- basicly, anywhere except the edges. Not recommended for use on sticks thinner than 5A, such as 7A sticks, since the rings may not hold firmly onto the stick.

Additional Information

Series Accessories
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Brand Maxonix
Stick Series Accessories
Stick Type Drum Sticks

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