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Ludwig Supraphonic Brass Hammered Snare Drum w/ Tube Lugs 6.5x14

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Shane Says

“The Ludwig Supraphonic snares are the benchmark for modern and vintage metal snare drum sounds. One can't help but think of John Bonham or Alex Van Halen when trying out Supras. They are the most versatile line of snare drums, use them for light jazz to crushing metal. Every year, manufacturers release drums aimed to duplicate or replicate these, yet they always miss one key thing; the sound! Whether you get the Imperial lugs or tubes, or hammered shell or smooth, it's doesn't matter. They ALL sound great.“

Product Description

The 6.5x14 Ludwig Vintage Polished Hammered Brass snare drum's tone resembles that of the Black Beauty, but with a slightly higher pitch. Ludwig's Brass snare drum models utilize a similar hammering technique that's used on their Timpani, which results in a wider playable range. Because of their unique hammering, no two snares will be exactly alike and vary slightly in tonality. This particular Supra is dressed in 10 tube lugs and sports a P85AC throw off.

Additional Information

UPC 641064780110
Series Supraphonic
Snare Size 14x6.5
Snare Shell Brass
Brand Ludwig