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Ludwig Keystone UpBeat Drum Set 20/12/14 Red Pearl - LK7203KXRP

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Shane Says

“The Keystone line is marketed towards the hard rock segment, but the truth is, these drums work for ANY style of music. At the end of the day, these have that unique Ludwig sound.“

Product Description


Three-ply Classic Maple core with 1/16" inner and outer plys of American Red Oak.

Keystone's 5-ply combination of a Classic Maple three-ply core between inner and outer 1/16" plys of American Red Oak creates a thin, dense shell that speaks loudly with quick, even decay. To draw further resonance from this unique hybrid, the dual 45-degree bearing edge is pulled to the center of the shell to seat perfectly into the head.


Dual 45-degree inner/outer with slight flat at the apex.



Sizes are 15x20, 8x12, 14x14 with a mounting clamp.  Stands and Cymbals are Sold Separately. 

Additional Information

Series Keystone
UPC 019954516406
Brand Ludwig
Drum Set Format Shell Pack
Finish Red Pearl