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Ludwig Club Date 3pc Super Classic Drum Set Silver Mist Sparkle

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Shane Says

“I LOVE the Club Dates! Watch our video - the low end is incredible.“

Product Description

Club Date USA is the new Club Sensation. It features a brand new re-design of the Classic flat imperial lug. Please note that Snare Drum, Stands and Cymbals are Sold Separately.

  • 14x22 Bass - Virgin Kick Drum, Imperial Lugs, Classic Claw Hooks, Club Date Bass Drum Spurs (PC40062)
  • 16x16 Floor Tom - Classic Leg Brackets, Imperial Lugs, Floor Tom Legs (3)
  • 9x13 Tom Tom - Classic Mount w/ Vibraband, Imperial Lugs, Accessory Tom Holder (1)


  • Club Date

Additional Information

Series Club Date
UPC 641064897184
Brand Ludwig
Drum Set Format Shell Pack
Finish Silver Mist Sparkle