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Ludwig Classic Maple MOD22 4pc Drum Set White Marine Pearl

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Shane Says

“Interesting tidbit: Ludwig has the most advanced and accurate method of manufacturing drum shells with the classic maple line. The tolerance where each ply meets is so tight, it negates the need for any wood filler. The end result is a outstanding, unbridled tone. When it comes to a straight maple shell, these are my favorite in the business. The sound is TIMELESS.“

Product Description

Ludwig Classic Maple MOD22 4pc Drum Set White Marine Pearl

This shell pack includes a 22x18 bass drum, 16x16 floor tom, 10x8 and 12x9 rack toms, as well as two clamp-on tom arms. It features a virgin bass drum, ATLAS mounts and legs, Mini Classic lugs, and cast Keystone badges.

Additional Information

Series Classic Maple
UPC 641064850301
Brand Ludwig
Set Format Shell Pack
Bass Drum Size 22x18
Tom Size(s) 10x8 12x9 16x16
Snare Drum Size Snare Drum Sold Separately
Shell Layup Maple
Mounting Hardware Mounts Are Included. Stands Sold Separately
Hoops Triple Flanged
Hardware Color Chrome