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Ludwig Classic Maple Aged Exotic 3pc Fab Drum Set Curly Maple

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Shane Says

“Interesting tidbit: Ludwig has the most advanced and accurate method of manufacturing drum shells with the classic maple line. The tolerance where each ply meets is so tight, it negates the need for any wood filler. The end result is a outstanding, unbridled tone. When it comes to a straight maple shell, these are my favorite in the business. The sound is TIMELESS.“

Product Description

Ludwig introduces a limited release of exquisite aged exotic veneers available in our Classic Maple series. Uncovered from a private collection over 30 years of age, these samples of Exotic Wood species capture grain-figures far richer in detail than more contemporary versions of it. Simply breathtaking!

Choose between 4 different Poly-Glass finishes in 4 of our most popular professional outfits. The Aged Exotic Collection features our 10-ply shell construction with a matching interior finished with a light sealer coat. All outfits have Mini-Classic Lugs and Cast Brass badges. Tom toms feature Vibra-band suspension units with Triad Brackets. Floor toms feature Triad brackets with 12.55mm legs. Bass drums beautifly show off the finish with no mount, New Cast claws and Elite spurs.

The configuration consists of:

  • 22x14 Bass Drum
  • 13x9 Tom Tom
  • 16x16 Floor Tom
  • Drums only; hardware/cymbals sold separately.

Additional Information

SKU L84233TXG1
Series Classic Maple
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Brand Ludwig
Set Format Shell Pack