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Joyful Noise Knight Hawk Ferromanganese Snare Drum 14x6.5


The Knight Hawk seamless steel shells are inspired by the vintage German drums of the 1970s, as they are produced using ferromanganese steel. Due to the additional manganese in the alloy, these shells are exponentially harder than conventional carbon steel and produce an extremely vibrant tone. In addition to the enhanced metallurgy, the shells are bright polished to a mirror finish and then the bearing edges and bell flanges are "blued" using a technique that further hardens the shell. This technique was used to produce Armor during the Middle Ages and was highly prized by the Knights who favored the blue hues that resulted from hardening the steel.

The Knight Hawk produces a truly clear and bright tone with a beautiful array of overtones that are not brittle but are very musical and shimmer elegantly in the voice of the drum. The presence of these drums is undeniable, as they project and command a powerful sonic footprint. The open timbale tone alone makes these drums an extraordinary instrument in any portfolio.

Once the Knight Hawk the shell is hand-selected, the bearing edges and snare beds are finished by hand to refine and optimize the sonic performance. Finished with a bright mirror polish and "blued" to specification, the shells are then heat sealed in 100% carnauba wax. The Knight Hawk model design and hardware consists of 2.5mm solid brass bright nickel-plated triple flanged hoops, ten Corder solid brass nickel-plated tube lugs, bell flanged bearing edges, vintage inspired crimped snare beds, and the "One Touch Classic" snare drum strainer system. A certificate of authenticity, serialized lapel badge and a complimentary soft-shell case accompany each instrument.

More Information
UPCDoes not apply
SeriesKnight Hawk
Snare Size14x6.5
Snare ShellFerromanganese
Lugs10 Tube Lugs
HoopsTriple Flanged Hoops
Drum SeriesKnight Hawk
BrandJoyful Noise
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