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Lightweight Drum Hardware

Light is the new heavy.  More and More, we're seeing that drummers aren't calling for the heavy duty double braced stands, unless someone else is carrying it for them.  Minimalism is hip in the drum world right now, and have customers here at DCP that are using a set of hats, a ride, and a crash or two.  To mount them, they're opting for lighter stands.  When I (Shane) was playing in 2 guitar bands with bass, and we were playing hard driving rock music, I was using double braced stands if I was mounting more than one cymbal.  An example would be the rack tom, which I mounted off of a cymbal stand.  And I used to love using double cymbal stands and then clamping something off of that.  
  Now, I want the lightest stuff I can get.  Recently I did a stint with an 80's metal tribute act that was so much fun.  I had this monster Ludwig Classic Maple set, but I was using a DW Ultra-Light snare drum stand, a Canopus hi hat stand, Canopus cymbal stands (they go just a couple of inches higher) and Axis Vortex stands. I like a sturdy throne, but I want lightweight too.  You'd be astonished at how light the Tama Round Rider is.  It's amazing.  (Also available in black) Another trick was that I used 2 hardware bags.  I didn't mind the amount of trips I was making back and forth to the car, it was the weight of the bag.  
  With the popularity of lighter weight hardware,we've decided to group them together so you can have a better view of the available options. These compliment our offering of compact drum sets nicely.

Lightweight Drum Hardware

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