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DW Hardware at Drum Center of Portsmouth

DW, or Drum Workshop is the foundation of the company. DW's core competencies are desiging and making problem solving hardware for drummers. The legacy started with the DW Canister Throne, and has since been usurped by the DW 5000, arguably the best selling bass drum pedal of the modern era, and complemented with the most robust hardware accessory program on the market. What's notable about DW is that in recent years they have been sensitive to budgets and have designed hardware like the DW2000 and DW3000 lines in an attempt to bring the DW experience to more drummers. From the super popular DW6000 Ultra Light Hardware to the Heavy Duty DW9000 series, there's likely a piece that will meet your needs. Shane began specializing in Drum Workshop around 2000 and is excited to be working with a History in the making" company

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