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Gauger 12" 6-lug Flex Frame Isolation Mount

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“The Gauger products are top flight quality. Gary Gauger is one of the pioneers of this industry, and his products are Made in the USA!“

Product Description

The first suspension mount designed to suspend and isolate tom-tom or snare drum mounted on tripod snare stands.

The vast improvement in sound made by RIMS Mounts on "rack" toms is now available for snare stand supported drums. This new product developed by GPI solves the severe "choking" problem associated with the clamping action of the tripod arms that clamp the bottom of a tom-tom or snare drum when held by this type of mount.

GPI has engineered a special part called a "Flex Clip". This unique shaped design attaches under the drum's tension rods connecting to a circular aluminum frame creating a 360 degree support around the drum's circumference.

The ribbon like structure acts as a vibration isolating "buffer" between the drum and the stand preventing resonance from being inhibited or transferred from the drum to the tripod mount. The clamping pressure of the 3 arms of the stand stand grip the frame securely without causing pressure or interference on any part of the resonating drum.

The Flex Frame when used on a snare drum isolates resonance but permits a slight vertical movement or "flexing" of the drum when playing rim shots. This minute amount of deflection allows the lower frequencies of the drum to be heard and felt resulting in a fuller snare sound.

Additional Information

UPC Does not apply
Brand Gauger
Series Flex Frame
Hardware Type Suspension Mounts

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