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Evans Power Center Reverse Dot Drum Head, 13 Inch

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Product Description

The Evans Power Center Reverse Dot Coated provides you with versatility and focus in a durable yet sensitive snare drum head. The Power Center Reverse Dot Coated is made from a 10-mil single coated ply with a 5-mil center control dot on the underside. This control dot adds a little more focus and attack when you strike your snare in the center, while playing the edges yields some colorful overtones. With the Power Center dot located beneath the head, you're free to use brushes with no impediment! This snare head gives you solid attack and good projection, which is great for medium or higher volume drumming. This premium USA made Evans snare head is available from 10"-14" at the Drum Center of Portsmouth.

  • 13" white snare drum head made using a single ply of 10mil film
  • The Power Center offers durability and focus in the center via a 5mil patch
  • Unique notches in the 5", 5mil diameter center dot allows it to flex, keeping the head open at the edges
  • The Reverse Dot head moves the dot to the underside, and out of the way for brushes
  • Exclusive Level 360 Technology collar design ensures proper contact between drum head and drum shell

Additional Information

UPC 019954928537
Series Power Center
Brand Evans
Drum Head Finish Coated
Drum Head Size 13