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Evans Minemad Tom And Snare Damping

Evans Min-EMAD snare and tom dampeners are part of the company's respected EMAD group of products, which are well-known for helping drummers achieve the perfect balance of tone and sustain. The Min-emad is comprised of an innovative Velcro strap and adhesive dots to do the job. By linking the vibrating head with the counter hoop, frequencies are eliminated by resisting the motion of the head. At the Drum Center of Portsmouth, you'll find the entire line of Evans USA-made EMAD products.
More Information
Feature 1Removes unwanted frequencies, but retains the desired attach, tone and feel of your toms or snare
Feature 2Removed overtones by resisting the motion of the head by linking the vibrating head to the counter hoop
Feature 36 qty. per package
Feature 4Use multiple min-EMADs on a single drum to offer further damping
Feature 5All Evans drum heads are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA
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