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Evans G14 Coated Drum Head, 14 Inch

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Product Description

The Evans G14 Coated Drum Head is a good choice if you're searching for a warm, ultra durable 1-ply drumhead,The G14 Coated is a great compromise between the articulation and character of thinner drumheads, and the volume and durability of thicker heads. Constructed from a coated single ply of thick 14-mil film, this head is well balanced, with warm tone, sharp attack, and a good amount of sustain. Because this is a single-ply coated head, it retains decent articulation at lower volume, even with brushes. These premium Evans USA heads are available in sizes ranging from 6" to 20". Find a wide selection of Evans Heads in stock at the Drum Center of Portsmouth.

  • 14-inch drum head crafted with a single ply of 14mil thick film
  • Quick response at all dynamic levels
  • Increased durability over 10 and 12mil single-ply heads
  • Dark tonal response with strong mids for maximum tone and projection
  • Exclusive Level 360 Technology collar design ensures proper contact between drum head and drum shell

Additional Information

SKU B14G14
UPC 019954974732
Series G14
Brand Evans
Drum Head Finish Coated
Drum Head Size 14