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Evans G1 Coated Drum Head, 8 Inch

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Product Description

The popular Evans G1 Coated drumhead is extremely versatile, projecting full round tone when tuned high, a deep rumble when tuned low, or a nice fat thud when dampened and tuned low. The Coated G1 is made from a single ply of 10-mil coated film which reduces brightness, and dulls the attack just a little bit. This drum head has a full and open sound, with a lot of sustain at low to medium volume. It's also functional as a resonant head, giving a smoother and warmer sound compared to a clear resonant head. We proudly carry the full line of Evans USA made drum heads at the Drum Center of Portsmouth.

  • 8" drum head made using a single ply of 8 mil film
  • A single ply offers an open and expressive sound
  • Very versatile head for all music genre applications, a true working drummer's choice
  • Coated to deliver additional warmth, focus, and depth.
  • Exclusive Level 360 Technology collar design ensures proper contact between drum head and drum shell

Additional Information

UPC 019954516314
Series G1
Brand Evans
Drum Head Finish Coated
Drum Head Size 8