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Evans EMAD Coated White Bass Drum Head, 18 Inch

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Product Description

The Evans EMAD Coated bass drum head gives you unprecedented control over the amount sustain and overtones from your bass drum. Punchy and extremely versatile, the coated ply gives a smooth attack while providing a prominent low-end thud that is ideal across a range of drumming styles. The EMAD Coated Bass Drum Head comes with two different-sized acoustic foam dampening rings which can be quickly mounted to the front of the drumhead. This gives you completely customizable control over your sustain, and is essentially like having three bass drum heads in one! The Evans EMAD Coated head gives you a huge amount of sound options without having to stuff your bass drum full of pillows or blankets. Find this industry standard in stock at the Drum Center of Portsmouth.

  • 18" drum head made using a single ply of 10mil film
  • Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping system allows the player to adjust attack and focus
  • Very versatile head for all music genres; a true working drummer's choice
  • Coated to deliver additional warmth, focus, and depth, plus a unique translucent appearance
  • All Evans drum heads are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA

Additional Information

UPC 019954941918
Series EMAD
Brand Evans
Drum Head Finish Coated
Drum Head Size 18