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Evans dB One Drum Head/Cymbals Complete Pack


The Difference between Silent and Loud is the dB One Drum Heads and Cymbals from Evans

For the first time in history, you can hit hard and play naturally while keeping it down. Take in the unmistakable crack and buzz of the breakthrough Snare Sim technology, the authentic bounce and feel of dB’s impact patches, the true-to-kit tones of Kinetic Transfer Foam, and the first cymbal set to sport dBalance technology!

dB One Drumheads offers you the unprecedented freedom to play how you want at manageable, conversational volumes. These heads benefit from a convergence of several breakthrough technologies that generate an 80% reduction in volume while remaining faithful to the kit’s full-volume tone. Experience authentic bounce and attack with ShockWeave MeshTM, KTF (Kinetic Transfer FoamTM), and dB One’s innovative Impact Patch striking surface. Additionally, the wire-free Snare SimTM treatment tackles the impossible-to-fake buzz, crack, and excitement of acoustic snares at the same reduced level.

dB One Cymbals, the first cymbals to support the Evans logo and dBalance technology, feature a spiral-perforated volume reduction system, punched into a nano-plated stainless alloy surface. This precision-approach to attenuation achieves a chime and resonance as articulate as many full volume sets, but at 1/5th the noise level.

This Set Includes:

  • 14" Hi Hats
  • 16" Crash Cymbal
  • 18" Crash Cymbal
  • 20" Ride Cymbal
  • 22" Bass Drum Head
  • 10" Tom Head
  • 12" Tom Head
  • 16" Tom Head
  • 14" Snare Drum Head
More Information
Seriesdb One
Drum Head FinishBlack
Drum Head Size10/12/14/16/22
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