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Our massive selection of drumsticks at Drum Center of Portsmouth is down to them being a necessity for every drummer out there, no matter what set they play. If you visit our website often, you’ll find frequent sales and big bargains to be had, giving you the perfect opportunity to snap up your dream drumsticks at an ideal price.

All the top brands like Vater, Vic Firth, Promark, and Zildijan categorize their drumstick measurements with a letter and a number. As the number gets lower, the stick will get thicker; while the letter indicates the size and intended use. Tips for new musicians: B sticks are in the middle of the sizing options and are best used for Rock music; and A sticks are lightweight and are generally used to achieve fine stick movements at lower volumes, which makes them work well for jazz and orchestra.

Our sprawling inventory at DCP also includes custom drumsticks, which are a great way to add a personal touch to your equipment. Engraved sticks set your kit apart from other bands and add personality to your gear. Enquire today about getting custom-made sticks.

Whether you’re looking for the best drumsticks for beginners or experts, you’ll find them here at DCP. Contact us now with questions, enquiries or to get some advice – we’re always happy to help.

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773 Products

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Stick Type
  1. Drum Sticks 592items
  2. Rods 33items
  3. Brushes 26items
  4. Mallets 52items
  5. Stick Tape 4items
Stick Series
  1. 908 1item
  2. ActiveGrip 14items
  3. Ahead Classic 16items
  4. Ahead Crossroads 3items
  5. Ahead Drumsticks 1item
  6. Ahead Signature 8items
  7. American Classic 7items
  8. American Classic Nylon Tip 11items
  9. American Classic Wood Tip 35items
  10. American Concept 5items
  11. American Custom 7items
  12. American Custom Keyboard 3items
  13. American Heritage Wood Tip 3items
  14. American Hickory Drumsticks 54items
  15. American Jazz Wood Tip 5items
  16. American Sound Wood Tip 1item
  17. Artist 9items
  18. Artist Series 2items
  19. Bebop Series Drumsticks 6items
  20. Brush & Specialty 1item
  21. Brushes 4items
  22. Chroma 4items
  23. Classics 11items
  24. Concert 3items
  25. Concert Ensemble Series Mallets 3items
  26. Corpsmaster Ian Grom 2items
  27. Corpsmaster Indoor Marching 2items
  28. Corpsmaster Multi-application Series 1item
  29. Corpsmaster Multi-tenor Sticks 2items
  30. Corpsmaster Snare Sticks 10items
  31. Cymbal Sticks 4items
  32. Discontinued 1item
  33. Drum Sticks 2items
  34. Eternal Black Drumsticks 4items
  35. Extended Play 12items
  36. Firegrain 10items
  37. Forward Balance 7items
  38. Fulcrum Builder 1item
  39. Goodwood 20items
  40. Gospel Series 3items
  41. Grip Series 2items
  42. Hickory 18items
  43. International Players Design Drumsticks 4items
  44. LA Special 8items
  45. Laminated Birch 1item
  46. Maple 3items
  47. Marching Sticks And Mallets 1item
  48. Meinl Brushes 5items
  49. Meinl Drum Sticks 23items
  50. Meinl Mallets 3items
  51. Meinl Multi-Rods 10items
  52. Meinl Sonic Energy 18items
  53. Modern Jazz Collection 4items
  54. Nova 44items
  55. Nude 3items
  56. Nude Series 8items
  57. Orchestral Series - Xylophone 3items
  58. Players Design 17items
  59. ProMark Accessories 1item
  60. ProMark Concert Sticks 1item
  61. ProMark Hickory 34items
  62. ProMark Maple 3items
  63. ProMark Rods and Brushes 7items
  64. Promark Signature 2items
  65. Promuco 17items
  66. RE.Mix 5items
  67. Rebound 17items
  68. Rute And Tala Wands 4items
  69. Shira Kashi Oak 14items
  70. Signature Series 33items
  71. Soundpower 4items
  72. Specialty Sticks 13items
  73. Stick Shield 1item
  74. Sugar Maple Drumsticks 23items
  75. Tama Signature Series 1item
  76. Vater Accessories 4items
  77. Vater Signature 2items
  78. Vater Timbale Sticks 1item
  79. Vic Firth Accessories 1item
  80. Wincent 30items
  81. Wire Tap Brushes 9items
  82. World Percussion 1item
  83. Wuhan Gong Mallets 1item
  84. Xtreme Design 6items
  85. Zildjian Drum Sticks 1item
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773 Products

per page

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Buying high end drums should be fun. At Drum Center of Portsmouth, our goal is to have the most unique and vast selection of boutique snare drums, drum sets, and cymbals, but to also cultivate long term relationships with our customers and clients.