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Yamaha Drum Sets & Add Ons

Buy Yamaha Drum Sets at Drum Center of Portsmouth

Drum Center of Portsmouth is proud to be the number one dealer of Yamaha Drums in the country! We carry several series from the line including Absolute Hybrid, Live Custom, PHX, Recording Custom, Stage Custom Birch, and Tour Custom Maple.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, Yamaha has a line for you. Although they have a range of styles and prices, they are known for consistency and reliability. Yamaha are a massive name in the music world not only for percussion but pianos, keyboards, and many other instruments. They carry that legacy and quality over into every one of their drum sets.

For a closer look at any of their sets, stop by our store or check out our online selection. We’ll help you out with the finer details like design, tonal quality, and all the necessary components.  Yamaha drums offer a wide variety, made to serve any style of drumming and skill level. Their brand comes with a satisfaction guaranteed. If any part does not meet your standards, they will replace it free of charge.

If you are unsure which series is best for your rhythm and style, feel free to contact us today. We can match you up with the best Yamaha drum set for your needs. We strive to provide a diverse range of drumming products to suit any style and level of musicianship with sets that range in several different colors and designs.

All sets can be purchased in-store or through the website. For convenience, we’ve also set it up so that customers can link their Amazon account for payment. Shipping costs may vary.

Yamaha Drum Sets & Add Ons

Minimal Price: $83.99