Pearl Drum Sets at Drum Center of Portsmouth

Buy Pearl Drum Sets at Drum Center of Portsmouth

Drum Center of Portsmouth is proud to be one of the top premier Pearl Drums dealers in the United States. Our team have decades of experience and expert knowledge when it comes to this premium brand and all they have to offer.

The Pearl Drum series’ come in several designs and models. These include the BCX, Compact Traveler, Crystal Beat, Decade Maple, Export, Export Lacquer, Masters Maple Complete, Masterworks, MCX, Midtown, Music City Custom Masters, Reference, Reference Pure, Relic, Roadshow, Session Studio Classic, Session Studio Select, and Wood Fiberglass. These kits range from drums, drum sets, and snare drums. They also offer a range of prices, making them accessible for any level of skill and any budget.

DCP has been designated as a Pearl Masterworks Concierge dealer. This means we have the ability to help configure and build your dream drum set. For true beginners, we can help guide you towards finding the right set for the style of drumming you wish to pursue. We pride ourselves on both the quality and fair prices of our Pearl Drum sets. For a closer look at each set’s features, check out any of the lines that interest you. You’re also welcome to stop by our showroom to test out and hear the sounds for yourself.

All sets can be purchased directly instore or online. Customers can also link their Amazon account for payment. Shipping costs may vary. If you have any lingering questions, feel free to give us a call at 603-319-8109. We are happy to answer anything in the way of your Pearl drum needs!

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318 Products

per page
  • Compact Drum Sets 2items
  • Pearl Drum Sets 318items
Snare Shell
  1. Birch/Mahogany 1item
Drum Set Format
  1. Complete With Cymbals and Hardware 1item
  2. Shell Pack 57items
  3. Drums and Stands 7items
  4. Mounted Toms 93items
  5. Floor Toms 51items
  6. Bass Drums 108items
Drum Series
  1. Compact Traveler 1item
  2. Crystal Beat 12items
  3. Decade Maple 65items
  4. Export 43items
  5. Export Lacquer 28items
  6. Masters Maple Complete 98items
  7. Masters Maple/Gum 5items
  8. Midtown 1item
  9. President 5items
  10. Reference 6items
  11. Reference Pure 19items
  12. Roadshow 2items
  13. Rocket Toms 4items
  14. Session Studio Select 29items
Bass Drum Size
  1. 16x14 1item
  2. 18 1item
  3. 18x14 7items
  4. 18x16 4items
  5. 20x14 25items
  6. 20x15 1item
  7. 20x16 18items
  8. 20x18 6items
  9. 22x14 2items
  10. 22x16 27items
  11. 22x18 27items
  12. 24x14 34items
  13. 24x16 5items
  14. 24x18 15items
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318 Products

per page

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Buying high end drums should be fun. At Drum Center of Portsmouth, our goal is to have the most unique and vast selection of boutique snare drums, drum sets, and cymbals, but to also cultivate long term relationships with our customers and clients.