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Mapex Drum Sets & Add Ons

Mapex Drum Sets at Drum Center of Portsmouth

Mapex Drum Sets are well represented at Drum Center of Portsmouth, starting with the Rebel Drum sets, Mars, Armory, and one of our favorites, the Saturn series. Mapex drums are regarded as the “value” line when compared to the other big names like Yamaha, Pearl, or Tama. The end result is that you get drums of very high quality and sometimes, you may find that you prefer the sound over drums costing 5 times as much! Mapex has a high profile artist roster, and they gather feedback from their artists to help develop their drums. Russ Miller is an excellent designer and has recently come over to Mapex, and the Black Panther Design Lab is his brainchild.

Mapex Drum Sets & Add Ons

Minimal Price: $39.99