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Mapex Drum Sets


Buy Mapex Drum Sets at Drum Center of Portsmouth

We always feature a strong representation of the Mapex Drums brand. They build one of our very favorite series, the Saturn. They have several other great collections as well, including the Rebel, Armory, and Mars drum sets.

Even though Mapex may been seen as a “value” line of drums, the quality is in fact remarkably high. We’ve even seen drummers who prefer Mapex to some of the more luxury brands with price tags upwards of 5 times the price.

To support this finding, Mapex also has a big roster of high-profile artists that use their brand. Plus, they constantly solicit feedback from these artists to fuel their continual improvement. Over the years, we’ve seen the improvements they have made with each new model. Their innovations like the SONIClear Bearing edge and hybrid shells have allowed the brand to take sound to new levels.

With designer Russ Miller coming onboard the Mapex team, this excellence has been amplified even more.

If Mapex’s reputation as a “value” brand has you doubting, come in and hear for yourself how great these drums sound. Our floor models will show you that this line is capable of booming sound and clear pitch. We’ll be happy to talk up the brand for you as well, as we’re big fans over here at DCP.

Even if you don’t think Mapex is for you, we urge you to give them a try. You may be surprised to find that you’ll change your mind. Many famous artists already have.

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