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Drum Sets & Add Ons

Drum Sets at Drum Center of Portsmouth

Drum Center of Portsmouth is regarded as the leader when it comes to selecting the right sounding drum set for professionals to beginners. What is a shell pack? Do drum heads come with shell packs? What is a drumset with hardware? Why is buying drum sets so difficult? These are questions we get every day at Drum Center of Portsmouth. If you want to buy a drum kit, whether it’s $400 or $40,000; we have you covered. We have the same enthusiasm selling great entry level drums like the Pearl Roadshow, Tama Imperialstar, or Ludwig Element Evolution as we do selling ultra high end drum sets like Sonor SQ2, Tama Star, DW Collectors, or Yamaha PHX. If we can help make your life more enjoyable with drums, then we’ve achieved our goal. Please browse our vast array of drum sets at all price points. Don’t miss our deals page too, which can reveal some significant savings. There are so many details in drum construction that lend to the sound of the drum, and we want to help with that. We specialize in custom orders, and we also have our Yamaha Recording custom Shell Bank, Gretsch Brooklyn Shell Bank, and Ludwig Classic Maple Shell bank, so you can configure a custom drum set on the fly. We offer free shipping, competitive pricing with free service.

Drum Sets & Add Ons

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