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Canopus Drum Sets


Buy Canopus Drum Sets at Drum Center of Portsmouth

Canopus Drums is one of the leading custom drum builders in the world. Founded by Shinichi Usuda in Japan in 1977, Canopus has grown in popularity over time. In part, this is because of the many innovations they have introduced into the world of drumming. We’re proud to offer so many of these innovative Canopus options here at Drum Center of Portsmouth.
Some of the unique products in our selection include the Zelkova, made from a hollowed-out tree trunk. The options don’t stop there, though. They feature ply shells made of birch, maple, and mahogany.  They also offer selections in acrylic and carbon fiber. No matter which Canopus drum you end up choosing, you can rest assured that we’ll be putting into your hands a product engineered for the best sound.
We’re such strong fans of their drums, in fact, that DCP has worked with the company to design some of their now-legendary drum set models. This includes the 8x14 Zelkova and some of their deeper, solid snare drums. If you’re on the fence about Canopus, speak with one of our friendly staff. Our enthusiasm for Canopus is evident, and we’re happy to help any friend who walks in to find the right set for their needs.
At DCP, you can buy a Canopus product in-store with us or online. Either way, rest assured that you’re being offered the best selection possible. Should you have any questions while making your purchasing decision, feel free to get in touch. Our team here at DCP will be happy to help

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