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Whether you’re a professional drummer, a passionate amateur, or even a curious beginner, you've come to the right place!

The Drum Center of Portsmouth offers the highest quality drum sets you can find. Our team is in the know because many of us are musicians, too. We gather kits of all types, from advanced to beginner drums, to accommodate everyone. We want drummers, new and experienced, to have various choices. 

When you shop at the DCP, you never shop alone. Our experts love nothing more than pairing up a drummer with their new favorite set and add ons. Ask us for advice, and you can be confident that a team member will walk you through everything and anything you could want on your kit.

We know drummers love to customize their kits; that's why we have add-ons galore. A drum set is only complete when you say it is, and when you shop at DCP, you can experiment and mix and match to your heart's content.

Are you unsure of how to get the right sound? Maybe you heard a drum in a song, and can't the make or model want to emulate your favorite player? Just ask DCP, and you’ll soon be on track to success. Let us lend an ear to get you the sound you want.

Pro drummers at the Drum Center of Portsmouth are standing by to give you a hand. Stop by or check out our online collection today! 

What are the best drum sets?

The best drum set is the one that makes you feel confident and produces the exact sound you want.

That said, for the right price, you can get a kit that will supercharge your playing. One of the best options we carry is the Pearl Masters Maple and Gum 4pc set

Pearl has historically produced some of the best drum tones, and its Masters series made with a maple and gumwood shell is no different. This limited production Masterworks kit is a superb set for pros who demand precision and control over their sound. 

Each kit offers top-grade North American Maple and gumwood shell with 60-degree edges for exceptional tonal depth. The Mastercast Die-Cast hoops and branded CL bridge lugs are quality hardware that you can expect from a leading drum maker like Pearl. 

For a drum set that is a sure investment in your musical future, this kit is the way forward. 

What drum kits do professionals use?

From session musicians to rock stars, the professionals need a kit that is responsive, reliable, and suitable for their playing style.

Sturdy hardware, better wood, smooth finishes, and of course, a clear and consistent sound are some of the qualities that professional musicians seek. Size, material, and design are also factors the experts use when picking out their kit. 

Often, professionals will slowly build their dream kit over many years, picking and choosing their favorite snares, cymbals, and more.

Yamaha makes professional drum sets you'll see on stage very often. For example, the Yamaha Live Custom Hybrid Oak 4pc Drum Set Uzu Natural is an excellent choice for a kit that offers the full range of sound.

But every professional is unique. Start paying close attention to your favorite drummers—read interviews, check magazines, watch them on stage or in video performances—to learn from the best what is the best. And of course, you can always ask us to discover the full range of professional equipment you may want to consider. 

Which drum set is best for beginners?

We all start somewhere; a beginner drum set will ease you into the many moving parts of a complete kit.

We'd recommend the Pearl Roadshow Five Piece to newbies. This set is one of the most affordable on the market, making it great for first-time buyers. It comes with complete hardware and cymbals, so you don't have to stress about customization. You can also angle or lock the tilters to keep everything in position, even when you're playing at full speed. Learning the locations of each drum is essential for a beginner.

This sleek and simple kit is a perfect initiation to the exciting world of drumming!

If you are indeed a green player, anything you can get your hands on is better than nothing—the best advice we can give is to start playing no matter what!

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We want to gear you up!

Buying drums should be fun. At Drum Center of Portsmouth, our goal is to have the most unique and vast selection of boutique drum sets, snare drums, and cymbals, and to cultivate long-term relationships with our customers and clients.