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Buy Drum Sets & Add Ons at Drum Center of Portsmouth

Virtually any kind of drum set or drum kit you can think of can be found here at Drum Center of Portsmouth. Our extensive inventory of electronic drum sets and percussion instrument selections has quickly grown into the huge warehouse it is today, with online and in-store sales being a regular thing – just take a look now to find a bargain! Find your ideal drum set and addons today at DCP.

We carry equipment from most of the top drum set brands out there such as Mapex, Gretsch, Ludwig, Yamaha, Pearl, Sakae, and so many more. Select your perfect drum set by searching for your preferred brand or asking our team for their recommendations – they’ve been tinkering with percussion instruments for years. While many people opt for classic and slick matte black sets, others prefer natural-looking wood finishes – all this and much more can be found in our store or online.

One perk of working with the top manufacturers out there, aside from the obvious benefits of high-quality equipment and sound, is that our online store is packed with some amazing and hard-to-find gear: like limited edition styles and instruments made from rare woods. If you find yourself struggling to pick, simply filter out some options by using the menu on the left of the page, or feel free to contact us with any questions or for some advice.

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1089 Products

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Drum Set Format
  1. Complete With Cymbals and Hardware 12items
  2. Shell Pack 498items
  3. Drums and Stands 10items
  4. Mounted Toms 243items
  5. Floor Toms 138items
  6. Bass Drums 179items
Drum Series
  1. 110th Anniversary 1item
  2. Absolute Hybrid 8items
  3. Accessories 2items
  4. Almighty Birch 6items
  5. Almighty Maple 2items
  6. AQ2 18items
  7. Aristocrat 3items
  8. Armory 41items
  9. Ash 1item
  10. Birch 1item
  11. Black Panther 1item
  12. Breakbeats 1item
  13. Broadkaster 8items
  14. Brooklyn 54items
  15. Catalina Club 29items
  16. Catalina Maple 21items
  17. Centerstage 4items
  18. Classic Maple 14items
  19. Classic Oak 7items
  20. Club-JAM 9items
  21. Collectors Series 6items
  22. Compact Traveler 1item
  23. Concept Classic 5items
  24. Concept Exotic 3items
  25. Concept Maple 36items
  26. Copper 1item
  27. Crystal Beat 13items
  28. Decade Maple 60items
  29. Deco Gold 1item
  30. Design 28items
  31. Element Evolution 4items
  32. Energy 1item
  33. Evolution Maple 1item
  34. Export 56items
  35. Export Lacquer 28items
  36. Generations 1item
  37. Horizon 1item
  38. Imp 2items
  39. Imperialstar 6items
  40. Legacy Mahagony 1item
  41. Legacy Maple 1item
  42. Legend 9items
  43. Legend SE Club 1item
  44. Lounge 8items
  45. Mars 14items
  46. Masters Maple Complete 95items
  47. Masters Maple/Gum 5items
  48. Metalworks 3items
  49. Midtown 4items
  50. Performance 81items
  51. Player Date II 1item
  52. President 5items
  53. Questlove Breakbeats 1item
  54. Recording Custom 9items
  55. Reference 6items
  56. Reference Pure 19items
  57. Renown 2items
  58. Renown RN1 2items
  59. Renown RN2 63items
  60. RFM 3items
  61. Roadshow 2items
  62. Rocket Toms 4items
  63. Saturn 99items
  64. Select Force 1item
  65. Session Studio Select 29items
  66. Silverstar 1item
  67. SLP 6items
  68. Spectrum 2items
  69. SQ1 7items
  70. SQ2 3items
  71. Stage Custom 1item
  72. Stage Custom Birch 30items
  73. Stage Custom Hip 2items
  74. Star 6items
  75. Starclassic Maple 4items
  76. Starclassic Performer 2items
  77. Starclassic Walnut/Birch 18items
  78. Superstar Classic Maple 13items
  79. Trilogy 3items
  80. Union 2items
  81. USA Custom 9items
  82. Vintage 4items
  83. Walnut Club 1item
  84. Yaiba 12items
  85. Legacy Mahogany 1item
  86. Brass Series 1item
  87. Bronze 1item
  88. AQX 2items
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1089 Products

per page

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Buying high end drums should be fun. At Drum Center of Portsmouth, our goal is to have the most unique and vast selection of boutique snare drums, drum sets, and cymbals, but to also cultivate long term relationships with our customers and clients.