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Getting the sound you want out of your drum depends on getting the right type of drumhead. At the Drum Center of Portsmouth, we stock a wide variety of high-quality skins so that you can find the perfect fit for whatever type of music you play. Simply choose your preferred brand, finish, series, or size from the navigation bars on the left to get started! Browse hundreds of bass drum heads, resonant drum heads, snare and tom equipment, and much more. Whether you’re a jazz musician or a rock musician, play primarily outdoors or in your garage, we can help you find something that suits your style from our selection of high-quality skins. Any seasoned musician knows how important the type of drum head is to the sound and texture it produces, which is why we offer so many different types and sizes, from tiny 2.5” styles to our huge 32” products. All products come in a variety of finishes, so whether you’re looking for something clear or coated, black or white, Calftone or Fiberskyn, you find the exact style and sound that you want at prices you just can’t beat. Let’s face it, getting the sound you want isn’t always easy. Especially if you’re just starting out, choosing the right gear can be confusing. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at DCP for some friendly advice!
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1224 Products

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Drum Head Series
  1. - 1item
  2. 200 1item
  3. 300 5items
  4. AF 1item
  5. Ambassador 55items
  6. Ambassador Classic Fit 9items
  7. Ambassador Vintage 4items
  8. Ambassador X 6items
  9. American Vintage 15items
  10. ArtBEAT Artist Collection 2items
  11. Bass Drum Heads 8items
  12. Bass Drum Logo Heads 35items
  13. Bass Drum Patches 1item
  14. Black Chrome 10items
  15. Blast Beat 1item
  16. Broadkaster 5items
  17. Calftone 28items
  18. Classic Clear 29items
  19. Coated Clear 1item
  20. Controlled Sound 6items
  21. Controlled Sound X 1item
  22. Deep Vintage 13items
  23. Diplomat 16items
  24. Diplomat Classic Fit 1item
  25. Double A 18items
  26. DW Drum Heads 27items
  27. EC 2items
  28. EC Resonant 9items
  29. EC1 2items
  30. EC2 21items
  31. EMAD 15items
  32. Emad 1item
  33. Emperor 38items
  34. Emperor Colortone 6items
  35. Emperor Vintage 13items
  36. Emperor X 1item
  37. EQ 4items
  38. EQ3 15items
  39. EQ4 4items
  40. Felt Tone 1item
  41. Fiberskyn 1item
  42. Focus-X 2items
  43. Force Ten 10items
  44. G1 21items
  45. G12 12items
  46. G14 13items
  47. G2 21items
  48. Genera 11items
  49. GMAD 1item
  50. Gretsch Bass Drum Logo Heads 8items
  51. Guardian 2items
  52. Heavyweight 2items
  53. Hi-Energy 3items
  54. Hi-Frequency 22items
  55. Hi-Impact 3items
  56. Hi-Performance 1item
  57. Hi-Velocity 1item
  58. Hybrid 1item
  59. Hydraulic 47items
  60. Ice White Reflector 17items
  61. Jack DeJohnette 5items
  62. Kit Upgrade 3items
  63. Limited Edition 1item
  64. Logo Heads 7items
  65. Ludwig Bass Drum Logo Heads 1item
  66. Marching 1item
  67. Micro Flex 1 9items
  68. Modern Vintage 31items
  69. Muff'l 5items
  70. New Orleans 1item
  71. Onyx 15items
  72. Orbit 6items
  73. Orchestral 2items
  74. Parts and Accessories 3items
  75. Performance II 8items
  76. Performance Reverse Dot 1item
  77. Permatone 6items
  78. Pinstripe 7items
  79. Power Center 5items
  80. Powerstroke 3 36items
  81. Powerstroke 4 4items
  82. Powerstroke 77 3items
  83. Powerstroke 77 Colortone 2items
  84. Powerstroke P3 Colortone 2items
  85. Powerstroke P3 Felt Tone 4items
  86. Powerstroke P3 X 1item
  87. Practice Pad Heads 1item
  88. Pro Flex 1 38items
  89. Propacks 6items
  90. R Class 1item
  91. Reflector 18items
  92. Regulator 11items
  93. REMAD 3items
  94. Res-O-Tone 9items
  95. Res-O-Two 6items
  96. Reso 7 7items
  97. Resonant 9items
  98. Response 2 12items
  99. Royal 1 22items
  100. Royal2 13items
  101. S-Series 1item
  102. Silentstroke 14items
  103. Silver Dot 11items
  104. Single Ply 11items
  105. Snare Side 5items
  106. SoundOff 12items
  107. SS14T 1item
  108. ST 2items
  109. Studio X 11items
  110. Super 2 24items
  111. Super Blast Beat 1item
  112. Super Kick 22items
  113. Super Mesh 11items
  114. Tama Bass Drum Logo Heads 1item
  115. Tama Mesh Heads 3items
  116. Texture Coated 22items
  117. Thin Skin 2 15items
  118. Tone Ridge 2 9items
  119. Triple Threat 1item
  120. UV1 21items
  121. UV2 11items
  122. Vintage 1item
  123. Vintage Emperor 1item
  124. Weather Master 3items
  125. Weathermaster 1item
  126. ORA 9items
  127. Logo 1item
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1224 Products

per page

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Buying high end drums should be fun. At Drum Center of Portsmouth, our goal is to have the most unique and vast selection of boutique snare drums, drum sets, and cymbals, but to also cultivate long term relationships with our customers and clients.