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Where can you find the best deals on drum sets, cymbals, snare drums, bass drums, gongs, and everything in between? The Drum Center of Portsmouth, of course! Here, you’ll find the lowest prices on a wide range of percussion instruments and accessories. Our prices may be low, but our quality is always high - that’s because we work with the best drum manufacturers in the world to bring you deals on gear from top brands like Yamaha, Pearl, Gretsch, Ludwig, and more. You won’t find a better value anywhere else! If high price tags have been holding you back from picking up the drums, you’ve come to the right place. With our amazing blow out deals, you can save thousands of dollars on masterfully crafted 4 pc drum sets. Not hundreds of dollars, thousands. So what are you waiting for? With deals like these, there’s never been a better time to pick up a pair of drumsticks and start playing. With sales on both new and used equipment, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at a price you didn’t expect. And if you don’t, keep checking back! New markdowns are being added all the time. If you never want to miss a sale, sign up for our email newsletter so that you can stay in the loop! At the Drum Center of Portsmouth, we know our gear - give us a call or stop by the store if you have any questions, and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction!
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164 Products

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Drum Set Format
  1. Shell Pack 8items
  2. Mounted Toms 16items
  3. Floor Toms 7items
Hardware Series
  1. Atlas 1item
  2. Factory Accessories 1item
  3. Gon Bops Hardware 1item
  4. Paiste Gong Stands 5items
  5. Sakae 20 4items
  6. Sakae 200 7items
Snare Size
  1. 14x5
  2. 14x5.5
  3. 14x6.5
  4. 14x8
Snare Shell
  1. Brass 4items
  2. Maple 12items
  3. Steel 1item
  4. Vectorcast 1item
Drum Head Series
  1. Bass Drum Logo Heads 1item
  2. Double A 1item
  3. Emperor Colortone 3items
  4. Gretsch Bass Drum Logo Heads 1item
  5. Marching 2items
  6. Powerstroke 77 Colortone 1item
  7. Powerstroke P3 Colortone 3items
  8. REMAD 1item
  1. DW 3items
  2. Zildjian 1item
Drum Head Size
  1. 13 2items
  2. 14 1item
  3. 15 3items
  4. 18 1item
  5. 20 1item
  6. 24 2items
  7. 26 3items
Drum Head Finish
  1. Black 1item
  2. Clear 2items
  3. Coated 1item
  4. Colortone Blue 2items
  5. Colortone Orange 1item
  6. Colortone Smoke 1item
  7. Colortone Yellow 3items
  8. Ebony 1item
  9. Smooth White 1item
Stick Type
  1. Drum Sticks 1item
  1. Shirts 3items
  2. Phone Cases 1item
Cymbal Series
  1. 457 2items
  2. ANKH 3items
  3. Chau 2items
  4. Est 1931 1item
  5. Experience 1item
  6. Gongs 7items
  7. Prototype 1item
  8. Rude 1item
  9. S 1item
  10. Signature 1item
  11. Soundcaster Custom 8items
  12. Wuhan Cymbals 4items
Cymbal Type
  1. Box Sets 2items
  2. Chinese 4items
  3. Crashes 7items
  4. Effects 1item
  5. Gongs 9items
  6. Hi Hats 4items
  7. Other Effects 1item
  8. Rides 5items
  9. Splashes 2items
Drum Series
  1. 12th & Vine 1item
  2. Almighty Birch 11items
  3. Almighty Maple 3items
  4. Black Beauty 2items
  5. Catalina Club 1item
  6. Collectors 2items
  7. Concept Classic 1item
  8. Design 2items
  9. Full Range 2items
  10. Hybrid Exotic 1item
  11. Marching and Concert 1item
  12. Marquee 7items
  13. Players Stave 2items
  14. Saturn V 1item
  15. Storm 1item
  16. Trilogy 11items
Stick Series
  1. Accessories 1item
Hardware Type
  1. Accessories 1item
  2. Cymbal Stands 4items
  3. Gong Stands 5items
  4. Hi Hat Stands 3items
  5. Percussion Hardware 1item
  6. Snare Drum Stands 3items
  7. Tom Mounts 1item
  8. Tom Stands 1item
Cymbal Size
  1. 10 3items
  2. 12 3items
  3. 14 2items
  4. 15 2items
  5. 16 5items
  6. 17 1item
  7. 18 2items
  8. 19 1item
  9. 20 6items
  10. 22 2items
  11. 26 1item
  12. 28 2items
  13. 36 1item
  14. Set 2items
Bass Drum Size
  1. 18x14 2items
  2. 20x14 1item
  3. 20X16 1item
  4. 22x14 1item
  5. 22x16 2items
  6. 22x18 1item
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164 Products

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