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High quality drum sets and percussion instruments are the name of the game at Drum Center of Portsmouth. Our huge inventory includes an impressive range of cymbals and an even more impressive array of deals! Price drops and other deals are regularly found both on our website and in the DCP store. Browse our selection to find your perfect drum cymbals today!

Look through this list for the most reputable gear brands and the top cymbals for sale on the market right now. We stock all kinds of different drum cymbal sizes – you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in our inventory. We understand that every drummer has their own personal preferences regarding their equipment, which is why we carry comprehensive cymbal packs – we have something for everyone!

At Drum Center of Portsmouth, we stock equipment from the top drum kit manufacturers out there to deliver our customers with the most durable gear as well as the best sounding instruments. Whatever you are looking for, our knowledgeable team will help you locate it. They know our stock inside and out, so don’t be afraid to ask for their recommendation.

Filter your search by budget, brand preference, or drum series by using the navigation bars that are located on the left of our page. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat music, feel free to give us a call or send our team an email!


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1839 Products

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Cymbal Series
  1. 2002 53items
  2. 30th Anniversary 11items
  3. 457 21items
  4. 900 12items
  5. A Custom 24items
  6. A FX 22items
  7. A Zildjian 62items
  8. AA 23items
  9. Aaron Sterling 2items
  10. AAX 41items
  11. Accessories 1item
  12. Agop Traditional 1item
  13. Alu Bell 3items
  14. ANKH 3items
  15. Artisan 14items
  16. Artist Concept 1item
  17. Avedis 7items
  18. B8X 16items
  19. Bao 1item
  20. Big & Ugly 2items
  21. Bliss 21items
  22. Byzance 38items
  23. Byzance Brilliant 27items
  24. Byzance Dark 23items
  25. Byzance Extra Dry 24items
  26. Byzance Foundry Reserve 25items
  27. Byzance Jazz 35items
  28. Byzance Traditional 30items
  29. Byzance Vintage 27items
  30. Candela 1item
  31. Chau 7items
  32. China 1item
  33. Classic Orchestral 8items
  34. Classics Custom 39items
  35. Classics Custom Dark 34items
  36. Classics Custom Extreme Metal 9items
  37. Color Sound 900 6items
  38. Contact 15items
  39. Crotales 1item
  40. Dark Matter 15items
  41. Eclipse 9items
  42. Effect Cymbals 6items
  43. Effects & Percussion 2items
  44. Energy 11items
  45. Epoch 3items
  46. Est 1931 2items
  47. Feng 5items
  48. Formula 602 39items
  49. FRX 6items
  50. FX 3items
  51. Generation X 2items
  52. Giant Beat 10items
  53. Gongs 54items
  54. HCS 64items
  55. HH 6items
  56. HHX 63items
  57. I Family 15items
  58. Idris Muhammad 1item
  59. Ignition 1item
  60. Istanbul Agop Signature 2items
  61. Joey Waronker 3items
  62. K 34items
  63. K Constantinople 34items
  64. K Custom 21items
  65. K Custom Hybrid 14items
  66. K Custom Special Dry 12items
  67. K Symphonic 4items
  68. K Zildjian Sweet 17items
  69. Kerope 11items
  70. L80 5items
  71. Linear 4items
  72. Mantra 5items
  73. Masters 31items
  74. Mel Lewis 6items
  75. OM 5items
  76. Ora 3items
  77. Paiste 101 1item
  78. Paiste 201 1item
  79. Pang 4items
  80. Paragon 7items
  81. Planet Z 1item
  82. Prototype 74items
  83. PST 3 9items
  84. PST 5 12items
  85. PST 7 18items
  86. PST 8 16items
  87. PST X 16items
  88. PSTX 9items
  89. Pure Alloy 19items
  90. Pure Alloy Custom 3items
  91. Quiet Tone 4items
  92. Rude 23items
  93. S 16items
  94. Sabian Crotales 2items
  95. SBR 8items
  96. SBr 3items
  97. Signature 61items
  98. Signature Dark Energy 12items
  99. Signature Reflector 6items
  100. Signature Traditionals 5items
  101. Sonic Energy 9items
  102. Soundcaster Custom 7items
  103. Special Edition 11items
  104. SR2 24items
  105. Sultan 1item
  106. Supernova 1item
  107. Symphonic Gongs 7items
  108. Traditional 38items
  109. Turk 15items
  110. Twenty 4items
  111. Vintage Bliss 4items
  112. Western 1item
  113. Wind 8items
  114. Wuhan Cymbals 50items
  115. Xist 62items
  116. XSR 10items
  117. Zildjian Prototype Cymbals 4items
  118. Zodiac 1item
  119. Koi 14items
  120. Soundcaster Fusion 5items
  121. Blank 4items
Cymbal Type
  1. Box Sets 94items
  2. Chinese 110items
  3. Concert 47items
  4. Concert Band 2items
  5. Crash Rides 35items
  6. Crashes 520items
  7. Custom & Specialty 1item
  8. Effects 80items
  9. Gongs 88items
  10. Hi Hats 291items
  11. Multi 7items
  12. Other Effects 7items
  13. Rides 411items
  14. Splashes 136items
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1839 Products

per page

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Buying high end drums should be fun. At Drum Center of Portsmouth, our goal is to have the most unique and vast selection of boutique snare drums, drum sets, and cymbals, but to also cultivate long term relationships with our customers and clients.