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Zildjian Cymbals


Buy Zildjian Cymbals at Drum Center of Portsmouth

Zildjian is the most trusted name in cymbals. This historic company has 400-year-old roots in Turkey. Nowadays, they are an American company based in Norwell, MA. Centuries of honing their craft mean Zildjian cymbals are undeniable in the quality of their sound. Their rich history is heard in every crash. But classic doesn’t mean stale. This company openly embraces innovation to develop brand new sounds and technologies as the generations roll on.

We stock everything from the company’s bright A Family, the deeply rich K Family, and the modern S Family. We carry all these series for musicians who value variety, versatility, and dependability. There’s even a wide selection of options for every type of budget. Here at the Drum Center of Portsmouth, we carry the DCP Sweet Set. This is an exclusive pack that comes with a 23” Zildjian Sweet Ride cymbal. It also includes a pair of 15” New Beats, as well as two Thin Crashes. The crashes are at 18” and 20”.

Regardless of your musical style there’s a Zildjian cymbal out there for you. You can play smooth, swinging jazz or bombastic rock ‘n’ roll on these cymbals. To hear how they souhnd, check out our HQ video demonstrations of our Zildjian stock. Or, you could just take a listen to most any cymbal-laden tune from the past century. Chances are there’s a Zildjian voice in it.

The Zildjian factory isn’t too far from the DCP showroom. As such, we’re more than familiar with their cymbals. If you have any questions, need more information, or even want a recommendation, please contact us! We’re happy to help in any way we can.

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