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UFIP Cymbals


Buy UFIP Cymbals at Drum Center of Portsmouth

The Unione Fabbricanti Italiani Piatti, or UFIP, is an Italian maker. They are famous for their incredibly high-quality cymbals. They make their products with the company’s unique Rotocasting process. Many in the US aren’t familiar with this sound. However, we encourage all musicians to give these beautifully made instruments a chance.

UFIP shapes sheets of B20 bronze by pouring the liquid metal straight into a spinning centrifuge. This is their patented Rotocasting technique. This is in contrast to more traditional cymbal making processes. Traditional processes generally involve shaping and pressing the bell into a flat sheet. Rotocasting is a way of thickening the bell. This prevents the cracks and stress fractures than can result from hammering away at a bell that isn’t part of the original cast. After spinning each piece into shape, skilled artisans carefully shave away each cymbal to achieve the perfect shape.

Musicians who need real durability in their cymbals will love UFIP products. We like them for their sound purity. At Drum Center of Portsmouth, we have a huge stock of UFIP from almost every series. We carry more than what you’d find at other American drum stores. We have anything from their beefy Bionic series to the hugely versatile Class line. Each UFIP piece is distinct by its characteristic bright look and heavy feel.

If you’re new to UFIP, give us a call and we can help answer any questions. These heavy cymbals may seem intimidating to those who aren’t familiar with them. For us, each crash is heavenly.

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